Mere Angne Mein 31st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 31st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi telling Kaushalya that they always had money problems, and not Kaushalya will get 10000rs every month, she can fulfill every wish, not like before. Preeti says we get glad seeing you happy. Nimmi says we will open your bank account. Kaushalya refuses for bank account, and says I will open account in post office. Nimmi says these days, bank accounts are opened. Kaushalya tells about ATM, which she has seen. Nimmi says yes, you can withdraw money from ATM too. Kaushalya asks who gives notes. Preeti says money comes from machine. Kaushalya says no, I m scared, if I get electrocuted then… Preeti and Nimmi laugh and explain her that its all new technology. Kaushalya says open my bank account, but I will get money by signatures on cheque, I get happiness by signing, you

both can take money. The girls laugh. Kaushalya says you both are making fun of me and goes. The girls go after her.

Inspector beats up Mohit and asks him not to act like mad lover again. He gets Mihir’s call and talks to him, saying your son will not do anything such again. Mohit hears him and smiles. He comes out. Nandu sees Mohit and asks him what happened and smiles. Mohit asks him not to show filmi style. Nandu argues. Mohit says my dad got my arrested for loving Preeti, everyone hates me, you also see my pain and get glad. Nandu says you made your love an issue, you just fell in love and did not keep love right way. Mohit scolds him angrily.

Rani and Prabha come to the agency and look for Amit. Rani hears Amit’s voice. Amit asks someone to find a lawyer, as he wants divorce from his wife Rani. Rani asks Prabha is she hearing Amit’s voice. Prabha asks her not to be so mad in love. Amit hears them and hides. He thinks why did Rani get Prabha here.

Mohit asks Nandu to give money for wine. Nandu says wine is bad, I won’t give money. Mohit slaps him and takes money from him. Nandu says I kept it to buy gift for Preeti, I mean everyone. Mohit asks him what did you say, you said Preeti ji, you will buy gift for Preeti. He slaps and beats Nandu. Mohit scolds him and asks Nandu whom does he love, I will support you whomever you love, but don’t think of my Preeti. He warns Nandu and sends him.

Mama gets his GF and shows off the house. He boasts about his family. He flirts with her. Pari looks on. She thinks to have fun by calling Sujeev home, as Mama called his GFS. She says why did Sujeev go to meet manager today. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks shall I get ginger tea for her. Shanti says don’t break my Dharm, fine get the tea. The man comes and says contract papers are ready, its written about the tower being fixed by your wish, but nothing else will be company’s responsibility, once out sign this, you can’t move back.

Amit waits for Rani to go. Prabha tells Rani that she will apologize to Amit and leave now. Rani says I will wait here, I can’t leave shop open. Prabha asks for products. Rani scolds her. Prabha takes the products and runs. Rani asks her to stop. Prabha takes lift from someone and leaves. Rani says where are you running, I will take the soaps back. A man flirts with Rani. Amit looks on. Rani scolds the man. The man says I m your shop customer, and asks her to give a good soap. She asks him to stay away. He tries getting close. Amit calls someone and asks him to kick that man, who is flirting with Rani. Rani tells the man that she will give the products but he has to stay away.

Kaushalya asks Shanti shall I sign. Shanti says you don’t ask me anything. Kaushalya says I will ask Raghav. The number does not connect. Nimmi asks her not to worry and sign on contract. Kaushalya says I will call Riya. Nimmi says what is there to ask, you will get money, Raghav is also agree, he will not scold you, sign on it. Kaushalya signs on the forms. Nimmi gets glad. The man gives her 12 post dated cheques from company. He thanks them and leaves. Nimmi says you can contribute your earnings in finance minister box. Shanti thinks even Kaushalya is doing as she wants, its good if everyone go either sides, I will show Riya the way out of this house.

Mama asks Pari to serve food to the lady. The lady asks is this your maid, I don’t like her, fire her before our marriage. Mama says yes. Pari says let marriage happen, then we will see. She warns Mama. Nimmi asks Kaushalya where did Nandu go. Kaushalya says he had some imp work. Nimmi says its good, what you did is really nice, 10000rs fixed money every month.

Kaushalya says I have to save money for your and Preeti’s marriage, I used to be jealous seeing my friend’s car, but I wasted 3000rs when I got money in hand, you make the clothes fine by your designs. Nimmi says now you recalled that you have designer at home, I have condition, once 10000rs comes, I will open designer shop by it. Kaushalya says I will open new shop, just convince Shanti once. Nimmi says learn from Riya, its not 6 months and how she took home in her control. Shanti hears them and says great Nimmi got feathers, I will cut all feathers of everyone’s dreams.

Mama eats food by his GF’s hands. The lady feels unwell. She says she wants to go to bathroom. He asks Pari to take the girl to bathroom. Pari takes her. Mama calls pandit and asks him to come and do his marriage rituals, I will get the girl. She thinks now the lady looks agreeing to my proposal. He goes to see her.

Rani asks the man what he wants. Raju comes and she asks about Amit. She says I heard his voice, but did not see him. Raju says its Amit’s voice, he is not here, I recorded Amit’s voice and kept here to make bad customers go. Rani says great idea. Raju asks her to go home. Rani says no, I will not go. The man asks Raju why is he forcing Rani to go. Raju gets angry and beats the man. The man runs. Raju tells Rani about such bad men. Amit comes and asks whats happening, I have come here, now leave Rani, go home. Rani leaves.

Mama waits for the girl. The girl asks Mama what did he add in food, it made her unwell, I will not leave anyone. Mama says you will be fine. He says don’t worry, you do shopping, marriage mahurat is at 4pm. The lady runs to bathroom. Pari smiles and says second part starts.

Nirmala asks Ashok to keep the papers. He says I told you I can’t keep it till I show it to Sarla. She says stall has people here, keep it safely. He keeps the papers. She fixes her bindi on his sweater, and says show this to Sarla as well. She smiles. Pari calls Sujeev and tells him that Mama called two ladies at home. He says I will come there, don’t worry, how can Mama do this. Mama asks the girl can she hear him. The lady scolds him. Mama says maybe Pari added something in the food, even the second lady will come now, what to do.

Sarla comes home and does not see Rani. She gets angry when Rani comes. Sarla asks where did she go and argues. Rani says I have gone to see Amit. Sarla says I will get second bride for Amit. Rani asks her to think about her husband. Sarla asks what. Rani says nothing, I will make ginger tea and goes. Sarla says what was she saying about Ashok. Pari smiles as the second lady Biji comes home. She thinks Mama ji, see what happens next. She welcomes Biji. Pari says Mama told me to welcome you well, I have made tasty food. Biji asks where is he. Pari says he is stuck in some problem, he will come, you have food Mami ji.

Shivam and Riya are on the way. Anupam calls Riya and says I was busy since few days. Riya asks are you fine. Anupam says there is network problem, I m fine. Riya says I know you are lying. He says I have fever. She says you always hide things and even Bunty did not tell me, I will come home. She asks Shivam shall we meet my dad. Shivam agrees and says I will drop you, I will talk to Kaushalya. She says I will ask Kaushalya once and calls her. She says Papa is not fine, so shall I go to meet him.

The man shows contract to Riya. Riya tears the papers, shocking Kaushalya and everyone. Riya throws the papers. Shanti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. I like this changes. today kusiya act was 2 much funny.plzz don’t spoil mohit image.plzzz expose sarla & reunite mohit & episode.

  3. Ha ha ha.Joker Kusiya.Gade ko bhi tumse jada akal hai.In the case of Makdi mama,i can’t stop my lough.Uska chehra kitna ugly hai.But 2 ladkiya phir bhi uske piche bhagg ti hain.Real life mein it is impossible.I love sujeev & pari’s acting.Pari Ki English language Ki new version is awesome.

  4. Mere angne mein serial is better than other serials.thoda realistic approach h..serial jese namune real lifeein bhi mil jate hain.

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