Mere Angne Mein 31st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Pari taking a taxi. They leave and have a talk on the way. Raghav says we will inform relatives and seek help. Kaushalya says none will help, Shanti went to solve problem, I m worried will she have food on time or not. He says we will go to police station. Kaushalya says why are you doing this, no need to say anything to police, trust Shanti, everything will get fine. Shanti and Pari get glad seeing the places in Bangkok. They see a place and think its temple. Pari jumps happily seeing the city. Shanti says we will go by taxi, as we have paid full fare, come. They pass by Shivam and Riya, and do not see. Shivam finds Riya upset.

He asks what happened, did you not like this city. She says no, its good, I m thinking of family, we came without telling

anyone, I want to call them once. He says no, you won’t call them. She asks will these people be with us always. He says don’t know, I will be with you. She asks him to focus on boxing and lovely wife. No need to see here and there. He smiles.

Sarla hears Babloo talking to someone on phone. He asks Sarla why is she hearing him. Sarla asks will you teach me. He says yes, I have to teach you if you act like kid. She asks whom were you talking, show me phone. She pulls his ears. Lallan comes there and scolds her. Sarla cooks up a story. She says I m going to Shanti’s house, and Babloo wants to come along. Lallan asks her to take him. She says no, its tough to take kids out.

He asks whom will Babloo say to take him out, you are his Dadi. People gather there. Sarla agrees to take Babloo and leaves. Shanti and Pari reach the hotel. Pari smiles. She sits doing makeup. Shanti says we will call Shanti Prasad and say we reached. A man waves to Pari. Pari smiles seeing him. Shanti says I will tell Shanti Prasad that we are waiting for kidnapper’s call. Pari says don’t worry, I did all arrangements. Shanti gets a call from kidnapper. Shanti scolds him.

Pramod asks Shanti to free him any way. Shanti says don’t worry, I have come to get you free. The man says we will tell you when to come and where. Shanti asks him to tell fast and end work. The man says you have run away from airport by fooling my man. Shanti says you get Pramod, I will give you money.

Pramod asks kidnappers to leave him. They shut his mouth. They feed him some medicine. Pari sees the man getting flowers for her. Shanti asks why is he seeing us. The man compliments Shanti and gives her flowers. Shanti smiles and says I was more pretty when I was young. He goes. Pari gets upset. Shanti asks why are you upset. Pari says he said you are not beautiful. Shanti says no, he said I m beautiful. Pari says he said no, it means you are not beautiful. Shanti says I understand what he said, come we will go to hotel now.

Raghav calls someone and asks for some money help. The man ends call. Raghav worries. He makes more calls. Kaushalya says no one will give money. Sarla says its big amount, Amit went to jail because of Shivam. Babloo says no, Amit went for some other matter. Sarla asks Babloo to go and play. Sarla argues with Nimmi. Raghav asks why did Amit go jail. Sarla lies that Shanti Prasad had done this, he trapped Amit in fake note fraud case. Raghav says we will go and free Amit. Sarla says no need, just think of Shanti Prasad, even my house peace got ruined. Kaushalya worries.

Shivam asks what’s this. The man says its death agreement, you have to sign on it, if you did during the fight, we will handover your body to the person with whom you came here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is literally a total waste of time and money! No offense though, but the writers are running out of ideas! This show is getting boring everyday! Who else agrees?

  2. Kia bakwas story hain

  3. Nonsense story, I don’t know why they are not stop

  4. Gotta agree…it’s getting ridiculous. Needs some substance.

  5. Yes this show is getting worse day by day! It’s repetitive with ass Sarla and characterless Pari!

  6. Nothing interesting not even Bangkok,,,,,,,,plz give some good story to Shivam Riya stop glorifying Dadi we like Krutika as Dadi but with fact that she is vamp not lead better you show Dadi separating Shivam & Riya but they stays stronger

  7. Sarla always blame her mistakes to others and try to cover cunning children I hate that and she blame nimmi Shivam and riya right now sarla chacter is so annoying that irritates me when I see her she is thinks bad for own family’s even though she get everything from her mom and her brother so annoying sarla she is .


  9. was very good when started…now it seems that writer dont know how to extend story so chep things aded and an dmaking audiance super fol.
    This bankock story is super odd no relevent to actual drama story.
    All what I beleive is extremely annoying drama
    stupid thoughts. all characters are good to play their role but they donot get proper story to show their talent.
    I belive its all writter fault who is writting such a stupid story now.

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