Mere Angne Mein 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla shutting the door. Everyone ask her what is her new drama. Sarla packs Nirmala’s bags and says I m packing Nirmala’s bag. She throws Nirmala’s bag from balcony and kicks out Nirmala. Nirmala says I won’t leave, this is my house. Sarla says I will die if Ashok opens the door. Ashok asks her to stop. Sarla says no paper can break our relation. Ashok says I know, you got greedy and got me remarried. Sarla says so what, it does not mean our marriage will break. He says when you have done mistake, you have to pay for this. Sarla says I will end this chapter.

She opens the door and sees Nirmala gone. She says I will not leave Nirmala. Rani and Pari praise her and hug. Shanti is upset. postman comes. Nimmi takes the courier. She says its register post from

house tax department. She reads it and tells Shanti that they have to pay house tax 50000rs, its not paid since 2 years. Shanti gets shocked and says we will pay it, you go and do your work. Shanti cries and worries.

Sarla is happy that Nirmala is gone and asks Amit to go fast and lock Nirmala’s house, where shall I keep this money, its big amount. Amit asks how much money is it. Sarla says 7-8 lakhs. Amit says you have hidden it and not given me anything, I want money, I don’t know anything, I want commission. Sarla beats him and says after I die, you will get everything, you go and get that bungalow. Ashok hears them and says you won’t keep anything from Nirmala, return it to her, else we won’t get free of her. Sarla says no, I won’t give, she cheated us. Ashok says family’s happiness is important. She says you don’t need to go on food stall from today, I will open a big hotel for you, you work there and cook.

Sarla asks Rani to check the door, if its Nirmala, make her leave. Nirmala comes with police. Nirmala tells inspector madam that Sarla got divorced from Ashok, make her leave. Inspector says I know them well. Sarla starts lying. Nirmala bribes Amit and makes him give statement in her favor. Nirmala then bribes Pari and asks her to say truth to madam. Pari says lady police, its true my daddy got married to Nirmala and got divorced from Sarla. Nirmala says you heard the truth, take Sarla. Sarla says no, I won’t go. Rani says don’t take Sarla, its true Ashok married Nirmala, but Sarla is also his wife. She scolds Nirmala and says I know the pain when husband gets away, I m with my mum in law. Sarla thanks Rani for standing with her and says I will not forget this. Ashok says its enough Nirmala, we know that divorce papers are fake, Sarla won’t go. Nirmala says I can’t do anything, sorry. Sarla says I won’t go. Nirmala says fine, Sarla is my sautan, don’t take her. Sarla says Nirmala’s heart is big. Inspector scolds them and leaves.

Sarla thanks Nirmala for saving her. Nirmala says I wanted to show you your place, now you know who has lost on Ashok. Sarla says I will not leave you. Rani asks Sarla not to get angry, inspector will come again. Sarla scolds Amit and Pari for not supporting her for money. She cries. Riya thinks how will we run home without income. He calls Shivam. He says I will come late, you sleep. Shanti says I have to tell everyone that Shivam lost the job, how to pay tax, I have to do something. She goes out.

Kaushalya tells Raghav that Sarla has created a big problem herself, she got Ashok married to Nirmala, how to tell Amma ji, I thought to tell you first. Raghav slept and does not hear her. She says he did not hear and worries. Raghav wakes up and asks what do you have to say. She says nothing. He sleeps. Kaushalya worries.

Its morning, Shanti tells Shivam about house tax and asks him to pay tax by taking loan from office. He says I will ask my boss and tell you. She says tell him today, I was thinking to meet your boss. Shivam and Riya get shocked. Preeti thinks to eat something, but its Teej, I can’t eat. Nandu looks on and smiles, thinking you understood it lately. She says who will keep fast for this clerk, I have to keep fast for Lucky. Nandu says no, you will keep this fast for Nandu and we will do puja together. He leaves.

Shivam says no, I will talk to boss, you don’t need to come. Shanti says he is not saying truth. She calls Kaushalya and asks her to keep fasts, Raghav will get job, modern girls don’t keep fast, you pray for Shivam. Kaushalya says yes, Riya wants freedom but won’t do anything for husband, I won’t like if you don’t keep fast. Riya says I have kept fast for Shivam, I pray for his bright future. Shanti says yes, then your future will be bright, tell Preeti also, did Nimmi keep fast…. Nimmi gets sad.

Shanti Sadan gets locked. Shanti asks the man to listen to them. He leaves. They all get homeless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maybe now this serial will get real. Now shanti will go to sarla and find out what she’s done . Maybe now shanti will realise what her daughters like, she can do anything for money. Please show some positive changes in this show and get sarla exposed to shanti.

  2. Why is shanti sadan locked???

  3. I like the way shanthi is tackling the problems..may be riya should learn from her. She has such a great commanding power.

  4. Not paid tax. Let’s see if sarla will help her now. Shanti tries sorting problem but she doesn’t tell anyone in the family, nobody does if anything happens. All they do is pass taunts, especially shanti.

  5. Shanthi Sadan locked because of the lack of 2 years tax or Raghav gave his Railway allotted house to Sarala was found and went through an inquiry Shanthi should learn a lesson. Now she will learn about Sarala, Pari, and Amit’s true colors.

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