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Mere Angne Mein 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Kaushalya telling Ranu about police arresting Sarla. They have a talk about Sarla. Renu says she will leave soon, but come back to get the drama going on here by Sarla. Kaushalya asks her not to say anything, else Shanti will send police to your home. They laugh. Preeti says she has kept Riya’s bags in the room, shall I take her. Shanti says no, she will get ready when she wants. She sees Shivam coming and says Riya has saved her today. Riya comes and looks on. Shanti praises Riya. Shanti tells how Nimmi refused Riya to call doctor. She says she is just joking. Nimmi asks Shanti how does she remember this when she was unwell. Shanti says she is very fit and hear a needle dropping. Raghav scolds Nimmi for arguing with Shanti.

Sarla troubles Rani and asks her to go to

Prabha’s house. Sarla makes Rani rest in balcony. Prabha argues with Sarla. Rani asks Prabha to wait, she will manage it on own. Kaushalya gives tiffin for Sarla. Shanti says she will go and get Sarla home. Kaushalya asks Shivam to help her in work and asks Riya to rest. Riya says she will help her in kitchen. Shivam smiles seeing Riya.

Anupam talks to Bua. Bua tells him to get ready for puja in Shanti Sadan. Suman taunts Bua and they argue. Sahil comes and says Bunty’s idea was good. Bua says Bunty did not come till now. Anupam says she came in morning. Sahil says she gave great idea to Anupam. Anupam signs him not to tell and says she just said about her company scheme. Riya could not chop vegs right and thinks dad used to do this, what will they think. Renu asks her to chop small pieces. Kaushalya looks on worried and smiles. Renu teaches Riya. Kaushalya says Renu taught even her, she can learn anything. Riya cuts right and says she did it, can she go outside now.

Ashok scolds the canteen staff. He gets inspector’s call and thinks did Sarla do anything again. He laughs talking to quality control inspector Geeta and says she is sending some new officer. Sarla sees Shanti. Shanti says she will take Sarla today. The rickshaw man asks where will she take Sarla. She says she is talking to herself. Sarla acts annoyed and stops Rani from opening the door. Rani greets him. She says its her first rasoi today. Shanti asks how did she go in kitchen before puja.

Shanti asks everyone to get ready and come in puja. Sarla refuses to come. Shanti takes her to room. Rani wishes Shanti beats Sarla. Riya apologizes to Nimmi. Nimmi says its fine, this happens daily. Shivam looks on and gets glad seeing them hugging and laughing. Riya says she has to cut vegs and goes. Rani tries to hear Shanti scolding Sarla. She asks Shanti which purse to take. Sarla scolds her. Shanti asks her to sit, she will take her. Shanti explains Amit and Sarla. Rani says she has come, and asks her to come. Amit says she is my Nani. Shanti asks Amit to come. Amit says he respects her a lot, but he can’t come.

Shanti sends Rani to get juice or water for her. Shanti convinces Amit and Sarla. Sarla argues and says my son will not go in puja. Shanti says fine, don’t come and reminds her of Ramayan. She says she will make Rani sit with Amit’s mud idol and then do the puja, then I will give 5 lakhs nek to temple from your name. She says no, I will give money to Rani, as Amit is not coming. Amit asks Sarla to come in puja. He tells Shanti that he can’t make her sad, he will get ready and come.

Ashok talks to someone and gives the food order. Ashok gets shocked seeing double rates. The man says he wants some profit. Ashok answers him well and asks him to go. The man threatens him about Geeta madam. Ashok tells his doha. Ashok says he will buy vegs from market and submit the bill. Pari waits for Vyom and calls him. Vyom says sorry, I can’t come today. She says she is waiting outside coffee shop. He says he messaged and ends call. Pari says is there anything wrong. Sarla says she won’t come in puja and starts acting that she is dizzy.

Shanti says take her like this, make her sit in rickshaw and you come on bike. Sarla opens eyes and sees them. Amit asks Sarla to come. She says lift me. He lifts her and takes her. Amit finds Sarla heavy and asks Rani to take rickshaw fast. Sarla says she can’t stop acting so soon. Shanti leaves taking them. Amit holds his back and yawns in pain.

Pari sees her ex BF and stops, taking lift from him as Vyom did not come. She says she is hungry and they will go to any nearby restaurant. Shivam fills wheat grains in the box. Riya comes there and holds his hand. Music plays………………….They have an eyelock and out the grains on the floor. Raghav comes and asks them to focus, grains are falling, what are they doing. Shivam and Riya sit and pick the wheat grains. Raghav goes. Kaushalya, Renu and sisters smile seeing them.

Shanti tells Rani that Sarla has gained much weight. Sarla puts her weight on Shanti. Shanti says her shoulder got dislocated. She asks Rani to give boiled food to Sarla. Rani says yes, I have come and will make her fine. Sarla hears them and gets angry. Riya and Shivam argue for the wheat grains falling. She says she was helping him. He says I got disturbed as you held my hand, whom will he see, grains or her. She smiles. Music plays……………..

Amit asks Sarla to do drama. Shanti sees them and asks whats going on between them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmm….. Sarla villain

  2. The episodes are going very slow. When will you show us that sarla and her mom are so wrong!
    Why is Raghav not thinking about his wife and children.
    And why is Rani such a beautiful lady not confident?
    Give Sarla a tight clap. She really deserve this. And this has to be done by her husband.

  3. Really it’s a very slow going but interesting
    Now the great drama will start
    Shanti try to apply her divide and rule
    & cheap star sarla now creates horrible drama……

  4. nice drama. But very slow

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