Mere Angne Mein 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Shivam to help her and tell Riya about it. Shivam says yes, I will help you, I told Riya. He leaves. Shanti asks what help are you talking about. Kaushalya says nothing and goes. Riya looks on and thinks to do something to go out of home. Shanti laughs. Sarla tells Ashok that its her fast and come home soon. Ashok says yes, okay. Nirmala asks Ashok to break her fast first, she also kept Karwachauth fast. Ashok asks why did you keep fast, I don’t regard you my wife, I just believed Sarla is my wife, what you are doing will lessen my life, not increase. Nirmala says you will feed me water. He says my bad days did not come and leaves.

Riya tels Shanti that she did all work. Shanti asks why is she saying she did all the things, what is the need.

Nimmi says yes, I made Rangoli. Riya says I helped Nimmi. Kaushalya asks do you have to go anywhere. Shanti says Riya always wants to go out. Riya says I m saying that i did all work, and tell me if there is anything else. Riya says sweets man did not come. Shanti asks Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I forgot. Shanti scolds her. Riya asks shall I get sweets, give me money. Shanti says you got excuse to go out, go and come fast. She gives money.

Nirmala gets call from saree centre. The lady asks are you Ashok’s wife. Nirmala says yes. The lady says Sarla ji, Ashok gave a saree for pico, ask him to come and take it. Nirmala says I will come and pick it. She says I will wear that saree, I m his wife. Riya meets Shivam as driver Pappi Singh. He hugs her. She asks him to give bouquet to Nirmala. He calls her Bahenji. She says my name is Nirmala, not Bahenji. He says sorry, you did not give me number. She asks why, I don’t give number to strangers. He asks am I strange, we are friends, take this friendship gift. She throws the bouquet and says I won’t give you number. He says I think I have to sing and convince you to give number.

Sarla, Pari and Rani come to Shanti Sadan and meet Shanti. Sarla says plants are good, and thinks to ruin them as the house peace. She asks about Riya. Shanti says she went to have sweets. Kaushalya says she would have gone very far so that she does not have to do work. Sarla says you should have got bahu like Rani, she is illiterate and does all work. Preeti acts sweet and makes the mehendi applying girl write Nandu’s name on two hands. Rani thinks to find out what’s happening between Pari and Preeti. Sarla says I will be glad to see their peace and happiness ending. Pari says don’t take tension, even I have to see that. Sarla washes hands. Pari asks Sarla why is she throwing water as Shraddh. Sarla says yes, its Shraddh of their happiness and peace.

Shivam sings what is your mobile number and tries to get Nirmala’s number. Sarla says Riya will come home tired. Kaushalya says what will she get tired by going out, I roam around here. Shanti says I roam more than you. Sarla says I m upset seeing Kaushalya, both daughters are in Maayka, bahu is for namesake, Riya does not think for anyone, poor Kaushalya did not get any happiness in this house, she is always working. Kaushalya gets sad. Shanti waters the plants. Sarla says enough, plants will not be fine by extra water and happiness won’t come. Shanti asks her to stop it. Sarla asks Rani to help Kaushalya. She says I know Kaushalya is missing Raghav. Kaushalya says nothing like that. Sarla says Kaushalya did not get any happiness. Shanti asks her to stop it, else she will break her mouth. Sarla says I m worried for Kaushalya, Raghav is not here to break her Karwachauth fast. Shanti too feels sad. Riya says Shivam should break Nirmala’s fast today. Shivam makes Nirmala have juice. Nirmala drinks juice. Riya dances happily. Nirmala realizes and says my Karwachauth fast got ruined.

Shanti asks Riya where are the sweets for which she went to market. Riya gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Always Raghav is not at home……from 1st day of Navratri till Duserra……and now not will be seen in Karwacauth…..CV plz specify Raghav is doing which duty? Is he a solders too?

  2. Shivam has ruined Nirmala’s fasting then who will break Riya’s fasting? This is all nonsense how the story goes…. I mean really…. Riya is trying to make a Jodi of Normal and shivam to get the data of SHANTI SHADAN….!!?


  4. Nonsense episode

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