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The Episode starts with Sarla crying and lying to Riya to cover up her mistake. She says you think I have seen Shivam’s name in mehendi and even then took you to marry Amit, I was not in my senses being in full stress. Riya calms her and says I was mistaken. Sarla thinks she fooled Riya and leaves. Mama’s GF asks him to marry him. Mama asks why will I marry you. Another woman comes and says he will marry me. Mama lies to both of them and fools them that he loves only her. The women start fighting. Maya ji and Vyom look on and call him. Mata ji asks him to come inside fast. Mama asks the women to go, he will meet them later.

Shanti asks Riya to sing song. Riya says I can’t sing. Shanti asks her to dance, as she has seen her dancing in marriage. Everyone dance with Riya. Shanti goes

to dance and screams of scorpion bite pain. She curses the person who got scorpion and Sarla worries. Mata ji beats Mama. She ties him. Sujeev calls Mata ji and asks where is she. Mata ji lies that she is in temple and Vyom is not with her. She ends call and asks Mama not to make any mistake to ruin her plan. Mama asks her to go and do puja, he will see Pari.

Sarla prays to Lord. She thinks she is giving saree to Shanti, don’t accept Shanti’s prayers. She takes Shanti’s blessings and says she got a saree for her. Shanti gets glad. Sarla gives her saree. Shanti sees the yellow saree and gets shocked. She goes to her room. Sarla asks what happened.

Shanti cries seeing her husband’s pic and sees the same identical saree he has gifted her. She shows the saree Sarla gifted her and hugs both of similar sarees. She cries happily as Sarla’s choice matched exactly with her dad’s choice. Nimmi sees through window and sees her crying. She tells everyone that Shanti is crying. She asks Riya to go and see. Raghav comes with Shivam. Nimmi says Dadi is crying. Raghav asks what happened. Kaushalya says nothing, Sarla gave her new saree and she went to her room. Raghav and everyone go to Shanti and ask what happened.

Shanti tells them that her husband gave her same saree, her love was not strong and she could not stop him from dying. She says Sarla gave me same saree, its sent by my husband on Karwachauth today. She shows Sarla and Raghav to her husband. Sarla and Raghav hug her. Shanti gets emotional. Raghav says your love has this strength, she managed the home alone, if dad wants you to wear this saree, then wear it. Shanti says I can’t. Sarla hugs her and asks her to please wear it. Shanti agrees.

Shanti taunts Kaushalya that her daughter is Sarla, and bahu can’t become daughter. Raghav says right, one Sarla is enough here, let bahu be bahu. Sarla asks is he pulling her leg. Raghav says its truth and hugs Sarla. They all smile. Raghav asks Shanti to get ready. Shanti hugs him and cries. She says she sometimes misses her husband a lot. Raghav consoles her and leaves.

Shanti gets ready and comes out. Everyone like her and smile. Preeti kisses Shanti and sings Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum………. They all hold hands and dance. They all take a family pic and smile. Sarla asks Nimmi to see did moon come. Nimmi jokes on Sarla. Shanti runs to beat her. They all smile seeing Shanti happy and normal again.

Sujeev asks Pari why is she upset. Pari says its Karwachauth today, I kept fast and have to do puja. He asks her to do puja at her home, she shall leave now. She asks can I do puja here. He says fine, do it. He asks are you married. She asks do I look married. He says but married ladies keep this fast. She says unmarried girls can also keep it if they like some guy, I like someone and kept fast, I want you to help me. He says sure. She says I have to do puja sighting moon and tells what all she wants.

Nimmi says moon has come. Ashok comes there and Sarla asks her to come for puja. He asks did Pari come. Nimmi says no. Sarla says Pari said she is busy in parlor. Ashok says she got ready at home and left to come here. He calls Pari’s friend and Sarla calls him spy. He says he is concerned father. He gets to know Pari is not with her friends. Mata ji does Karwachauth rituals at terrace and sees her husband’s pic to break the fast, as her husband is not present. Sujeev gets Pari there. Pari slips and he holds her. Mata ji gets shocked seeing them.

She quickly hides. Pari says my leg slipped. Sujeev says its fine. Pari makes him hold the items. She does the rituals. Kaushalya asks Ashok will he have tea. He says no, Sarla has kept fast. Kaushalya says she has seen Riya and Shivam to Anupam, as he is unwell. Shanti asks what happened. Raghav says Anupam is unwell, so they went. Shanti says they went without puja. Raghav says Riya can do puja all the year, leave it, her dad is important.

Rani asks Nimmi to call Amit. Nimmi calls Amit. Amit is playing carom with his friends. He asks why did Nimmi call. Nimmi asks how can he talk like this, the phone is on speaker, Rani is waiting. Raghav takes phone and asks him to come soon, Rani is waiting. Amit says I m coming in 5mins and obeys him.

Mata ji puts water on Mama and beats Vyom. She scolds them. Pari says she has seen Sujeev after seeing moon, now he has become her husband. Sujeev asks what and laughs. He says marriage does not happen like this, you are very funny Pari. Sarla calls Amit. Amit says I m coming. Sarla calls him and asks him not to come here. Raghav comes to her and asks is it Amit, ask him to come soon. Amit asks did she go mad, does he have to come or not. She says don’t come, come soon. Amit asks her to say final. She says come soon, everyone is waiting and ends call.

Raghav asks how can he be so late. Sarla says he is working. Raghav asks don’t I work. He says Rani is hungry and Amit did not come till now. Shanti says he will come. Rani tells Sarla that she will break her fast with Amit. Nimmi sees Preeti doing the fast rituals and seeing the radio through the net. She laughs silently. Preeti does puja of the radio, as she likes RJ Mohit.

Preeti drinks the water and smiles. She calls Rj Mohit. He says you are my fav caller, tell me. She says she was seeing moon and called him. He says I don’t live on moon. She says I know this humor, I thought to talk to you. She ends call. Nimmi laughs and gets tensed seeing Shanti coming. She tells Preeti Dadi is coming and collides with Shanti. Shanti sees the radio hanging. Preeti stammers to say. Shanti says leave it. Rani makes excuse infront of Sujeev.

All the ladies do the rituals and break their fast by their husband’s hand. Sarla signs no to Amit. Amit does not care and is about to make Rani drink water. Sarla falls on Rani and makes the water fall. She says she is getting dizzy and acts. She signs Rani. Rani fumes. Everyone worry for Sarla. Sarla asks Rani will she make her lose and taunts her. Sujeev calls Vyom and asks him to come. Pari adds something in water. Mata ji says she is such a clever player. Vyom says I will come soon.

Pari makes Sujeev have food and thinks now this sleeping medicine will act on him, and then I will play my final game. Sujeev eats food and says I was feeling sleepy, I m going to sleep. He sleeps. Pari applies lipstick marks on his shirt. Mata ji, Mama and Vyom look on and get shocked.

Mata ji asks Vyom to kick out Pari, else she will give her in police. Pari says no, I will die. Mata ji shuts the door and asks Vyom not to meet Pari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not necessary to drag each and every issue; too slow; loosing interest in watching the serial.

    1. What to do.. They do not have anything much to show for an hour. Thats how they drag.?

  2. beautiful characterization of pari, dunno what will happen if this serial is not there, nic and super …carry on like dis…this is only serial that draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggssssss from day 1….awesomeee…

    Star plus : Is serial se angne main koi aur telecast karo pls

  3. what a rubbish seriel it is beyond me how they can allocate one hour for it

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