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The Episode starts with Riya and Shivam arguing. He asks for his support. He says your problem is you don’t listen to anyone, its tough to understand her. She holds his hand and stops him, saying she is his wife. He goes. Sarla asks Rani to massage her legs. She says she will not let Amit come in her hands, so she has sent Amit out to have breakfast. Rani argues with her. Sarla scolds her.

Pari says I want to say something to Sujeev. She asks how can Vyom slap on you, you work hard and he spends like this, you can beat me. He asks what is she saying. She says talk like to Vyom, I m your wife, you are my husband, I can’t see you getting insulted. He says I love you. She replies I love you too and smiles.

Prabha comes to Sarla’s home and asks for water. Prabha and Sarla get

into an argument. Prabha asks Sarla how will she run home now, after Shanti broke relations with her. Prabha says Pari is staying as maid in the rich home. She says wish Sarla gets cancer as she can’t see Pari is bad state. She laughs. Sarla runs after him to beat her. Prabha taunts her and leaves. Sarla says Shanti ended relations with me, so I m in bad state. She asks Rani to just shut up and scolds her.

Kaushalya wishes Shanti and Sarla’s distance ends. Vyom calls someone and asks for a file. Pari comes to him and says she wants to say something. She asks him not to bear Sujeev, she could not see when he was beaten up, she got sad. She says she loves him, she is namesake wife of Sujeev, she just loved Vyom. She says see my state, I don’t have good clothes and jewelry, I did not go parlor, Sharmili is not giving me enough food, what shall I do. She cries. He gives her some money. She asks from where did this come. He says just keep this. She says she loves him and hugs him. He says move away, don’t hug like this. She asks why. He says this is wrong. She says there is nothing wrong in love.

Rani arranges her clothes by keeping the bag on Amit’s bed. Sarla throws the bag in balcony and scolds Rani asking her to be away from Amit’s bed. Riya gives tea to Kaushalya. Kaushalya refuses. Riya asks her to take it, she made elaichi tea. Shanti looks on. Riya does her work. Kaushalya blesses Riya. Riya smiles. Kaushalya drinks the tea. Shanti thinks Riya has few days left in this house.

Pari gets close to Vyom to kiss him. Sujeev calls Pari. Vyom hides. Pari says she came here looking for him. He says he wants to take her out. She asks him to get gift for Sharmili, Sharmili will be glad. Rani cries and asks Sonal to let her stay with her, if she can sleep in her room at night, Pari is not here. Sonal agrees. Rani says I will sleep by hiding from Sarla, else Sarla won’t agree. Ashok asks Rani to pack her tiffin.

Sharmili calls out Pari and thinks where did she go. Sharmili sees Sujeev and Pari gone, and asks Vyom and Mama. Mama says Sujeev will be at home. Sharmili slaps Mama. Mama asks why did she slap. Vyom says they will be here. Sharmili says Pari is very clever, she has gone out with Sujeev. Vyom goes to see out. Mama says I will go and see. Sharmili thinks where did they go. Sujeev is taking auto to go Pari’s home. They leave.

Rani gives tiffin to Ashok. Sarla says canteen is shut now, where do you go daily with this tiffin Ashok, what are you doing now. Ashok says I just eat outside, I go to find work. Rani thinks Sarla is right, where does Ashok go daily, I have to find out. Vyom and Mama tell Sharmili that Pari and Sujeev are not here. Sharmili worries and says did Pari get property on her name by fooling Sujeev.

Shanti asks Riya for a pen. Shanti thinks she has to make Riya leave from this house, and this way is good. Riya gives the pen to Shanti. Shanti marks the date and says its surprise. She says I m thinking of Raghav, if we keep any stranger guy here, it won’t be good, we have young daughters and bahu here. Riya says yes, it won’t be good. Shanti asks her to talk to Shivam and sends her. Kaushalya sees Riya with Shanti. Riya leaves.

Nimmi and Preeti come to Sarla’s house to give tiffin. Nimmi calls out Rani. Sarla asks them to call her by love also. Preeti says Kaushalya has sent tiffin. Sarla gets glad and says I know Shanti loves me. Nimmi says Dadi did not send tiffin, Maa has sent this. Sarla refuses to take it, if Shanti did not send by her wish. Nimmi says Dadi has sent us, she did no say but she wanted us to give you tiffin. Sarla then take tiffin. Preeti gets Mohit’s call and disconnects. It rings again.

Nimmi and Preeti lie. Preeti goes out to meet Mohit. She asks him not to meet her like this. Nimmi keeps Sarla busy and asks her to check her fav food. Mohit asks Preeti to come for lunch with him and talks romantic. He holds her hand. She asks him to go, she will come. Riya talks to Shivam about that guy coming to stay. He agrees with her. She say she spoke to Dadi. He asks her not to follow Dadi. Shanti lies to Kaushalya and says what Riya said about her daughters, she will talk to Raghav. Kaushalya says she will ask Raghav to get rented home for that guy and worries. Shanti sees Kaushalya did not fall in her trap and thinks what to say.

Nimmi tells Preeti that she is daring to meet Mohit outside Sarla’s house. Preeti says Mohit wants to take me for lunch, you also come with me. Nimmi asks her to go alone. Preeti removes the sweater. Preeti leaves. Kaushalya tells Shivam about the guy coming to stay here. Shivam says yes, Riya told me, don’t you think it will be good, it will be strange for Nimmi and Preeti. Shanti says see what Riya told him.

Riya says I just asked to give opinion. Shivam says yes, I don’t find this right. Shanti asks shall we fix cameras then and monitor that guy. Shivam says I mean, we can find any other house. Shanti says then talk to Raghav. Riya says I will tell Raghav. Kaushalya says no, I will talk to him. Shivam and Riya leave. Shanti fills Kaushalya’s ears against Riya. She says I get weak infront of Raghav. Kaushalya says I will not get weak infront of Shivam. Shanti smiles.

Sarla acts infront of Sujeev and says she is very poor. Sujeev gives her a gold chain. The bangles sound make him angry. Pari worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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