Mere Angne Mein 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti trying sarees and coming to Shanti. Nimmi jokes. Kaushalya says you will forget Charni when I come. Pari says you said Charni looks good. Shanti asks Rani why did she get ready, she won’t look pretty as Charni. Rani says I will be real bahu. Shanti says Amit won’t get trapped by you. Rani says I got ready for myself, a guy is coming to see me. Shanti thinks Pari and Nimmi can also find a guy. Rani says they will also get some guy today, don’t worry. Shanti slaps her.

Aarti cries and says I don’t want all this to happen, I just asked for Ajay, I don’t deserve all this, just Rani has right on all this, I did this as she told me, I don’t want to do this marriage, save me from this sin. Amit massages Golu’s hand and says this money is for welfare. Golu

says don’t worry, it will be useful for us. Amit says you look like me, shall we keep a wine party. Golu says you said right, we should party, come. He throws keys and goes. Amit thinks he has great style, I have to control him.

Rani says you did not care while getting Amit remarried, you slapped me when I just said. Shanti asks her to leave. Kaushalya comes. Shanti asks her to get Raghav remarried too. She gets angry. She asks them to get ready and come fast.

A little boy stares at others having icecream. Golu stops and smiles. Amit asks Golu why did he stop. Golu asks Amit to tell hotel owner to feed food and icecream to poor people. Amit tells the hotel owner to feed poor. Golu pays money to hotel owner and asks them to feed poor daily. He gets a call from ASP. He says minister’s son’s marriage is there, take constable and go there, one who obeys my order, I keep him in heart border. Amit thinks Charni is coming there, I will surely go. He leaves.

Everyone come in the marriage function. Kaushalya sees pandit and asks Nimmi to show the photos in her phone. Pandit hides. Kaushalya looks for him. Nimmi asks her to come, else Shanti will scold. Amit comes there and picks a bouquet. He asks Aarti to take it, he got it by love. She says I have baby in lap. He says fine, I will hold this for you, I m glad you came in my life. Kaushalya says why is pandit hiding from me and looks for her.

Pari asks Preeti from which sale did she buy the saree. Preeti says I got this from designer and laughs. Amit stops Aarti and gives her a juice glass. Aarti says thanks, but I don’t want. Rani comes and drinks the juice. She takes Aarti along. Pandit runs and hides. Kaushalya says I know you got hidden in women’s bathroom, did you find any girl for Shivam. Shanti comes and asks what happened, did your stomach get upset, you had free food, I will not spend money on doctor. They go. Pandit comes out and says this woman got after me.

Kaushalya shows a girl to Nimmi and asks how is she for Shivam. Shanti says you want any girl for Shivam. Shivam comes and talks to guests. Kaushalya goes to him and says there are beautiful girls, like someone and I will get you married. He says I don’t want to marry. She says I will choose someone if you refuse. He says do anything, I won’t marry. She tells lady about Shivam, he is handsome and earns well. Shivam goes.

Nandu comes in marriage. The man asks for dance. Nandu says I refused that day. Preeti asks him to dance a little, it will be good for his publicity. Nandu agrees to dance on one song. Nandu performs in the marriage. Everyone clap. They all dance with Nandu on Tamma tamma…… Aarti stumbles. Shivam takes baby from her and asks are you mad, if anything happened to Raina then. She looks at him. Baby calms down seeing him. Shivam sees Raina and gets thinking.

Shivam asks Aarti are you blind, you always fall. She says my slipper broke. They argue. People assume them to be husband and wife. Shivam and Aarti get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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