Mere Angne Mein 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti smiling and staring at Riya. Pari tells Vyom that she is ready to bear his child, but he should not get a child by Nimmi. She warns him to be away from Nimmi. He asks her to stop this nonsense and go, if Nimmi sees them, it will be problem. Sharmili hears them and goes to them. Pari gets tensed. Vyom asks Sharmili to see what Pari is saying. Sharmili sends Pari and asks Vyom to remember Nimmi is his wife. Bunty asks Riya why is she leaving job. Riya tells her about Chanda getting close to Shivam, and right now she has to focus here. Bunty gives her a tiffin and says my mumma has sent this.

Shanti comes and asks whats happening. Riya says Bunty’s mummy cooks really well, and eats the food. She asks Shanti to come and eat. Shanti says no need, Bunty now leave,

you come to have free tea always. Bunty says I was going, I came to take resignation letter. Shanti asks Riya why is she leaving job, Shivam will not pay her expenses, no one will give you money or food here. Riya asks her not to worry, I will manage. Shanti asks Bunty to go, and throws water on Bunty. Riya and Bunty what are you doing. Shanti slips by water and Chanda holds her. Shanti says look at Chanda, she is brave and works a lot, Riya just knows to trap guys.

Shanti asks Chanda to buy some clothes. Chanda says I m fine, I don’t want anything. Shanti says I will ask Sarla to buy clothes for you, what kind of clothes you want. Chanda says I will wear anything you get for me. She gives earrings to Chanda. Chanda says its beautiful, I will keep this as blessings and wear on auspicious day. Shanti says Shivam got this for me from his first salary, you wear this now. Riya hears them. Chanda goes to make tea.

Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to get few new clothes for Chanda. Sarla asks how will I get. Shanti says get it, I will give money. Sarla says fine, I will buy some clothes for me also. Shanti says if Chanda passes in test, then Chanda will make Riya from here.

Sharmili tells Mama how Pari is threatening Vyom. Mama asks her not to worry. Sarla and Amit shop for Chanda. She thanks him for helping in her shopping. He says I will come and pick you. She says no need, I will come back on my own, why are so getting so sweet. She goes. Riya recalls Shanti’s words and cries thinking of Anupam. She says I m sorry Papa ji, I had to leave job for my house and happiness, when everything gets fine, I promise I will stand on my feet again. She hugs best employee trophy and keeps it in her bag.

Riya calls Bunty and cries. Bunty asks why are you crying. Riya says I m feeling very low, I m sorry to trouble you with my problems, but who is with me now. Bunty says I m always with you. Riya says I know, Papa ji is angry with me but he is still with me, I need you and Papa ji in this fight. Bunty asks do you really want to resign, tell me, I have letter with me. Riya says give resignation to boss, I have to leave job for my family, I don’t regret, give resignation to boss soon. Bunty says fine. Riya thanks her. Bunty says no sorry and no thanks in friendship. She ends call. Riya cries.

Kids stop Sarla on the way and ask for donation. She asks why will I give money, let me go. They snake Sarla with a fake snake. Sarla screams and sees its fake. She laughs and scolds them. The kids run away. Prabha comes to meet Rani and ask for a bowl of sugar. Rani goes to get sugar. Prabha asks for tea powder too. Rani says tell me that you want all tea ingredients. Rani tells Prabha about Amit thinking about Chanda, tell me if there is any way. Prabha asks her to make Amit eat some Mohini, then he will get after you. Rani says we will go now and meet that Baba. Prabha says fine, first give me all the tea ingredients.

Sarla goes to Shanti and scares her with fake snake. Sarla laughs. She says kids were troubling me. Shanti says I will keep this snake. Sarla asks why, will you play with this, tell me your plan. Shanti says I got an idea, see what I do.

Shanti scares everyone and asks them to save her. Chanda gets bitten by the snake. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Hi. MAM fans i am sure riya changed the snake. By the way riya did chanda is fraud she wants something

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