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Mere Angne Mein 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Sarla talking to Shanti. She says Mohit can’t run, you are lying. Raghav asks them what are they doing, they have to leave. Sarla says I m going to wash hands. Raghav scolds her asking her to hurry up. He calls out Kaushalya. Sharmili talks to Mama and asks him to tell the ladies not to mix dulhan’s mehendi with anything else, it will be abshagun. Sharmili welcomes the guests. Pari asks Sharmili where is her jewelry and saree, you said I will get same things. The ladies ask Sharmili is she being partial towards Pari. Sharmili says I m regretting since Pari became my bahu. Pari cries and creates a scene. Sujeev comes and asks Pari why is she crying. Pari says mummy is insulting me. Sujeev takes Pari’s side and says mummy you can’t insult Pari like this, she is bahu of this

house and see all arrangements. Pari says yes, I will manage. Sharmili smiles.

Sharmili and her family come for the sangeet function. Sharmili smiles seeing Raghav. Shanti and her family welcome Sharmili and everyone. Sharmili asks Raghav how is he. Kaushalya gets jealous and says we both are fine, Raghav got old, Shivam is managing things. She takes Sharmili with her, and Mama looks for Sarla.

Sarla calls Bansi and asks about Mohit. Bansi lies that Mohit is with her. Sarla says Shanti told me that Mohit has run. He says your mum is a big liar, she is plotting against you. She says what nonsense, if Mohit is with you, send his pic to me right away. Bansi makes Rajendra dress like Mohit and applies black color to his face. He ties Rajendra with ropes to take his pics.

Bansi sends the pics to Sarla. Sarla sees the pics and is confused. Mama asks her what is she doing here alone. She says I m not alone, I m on call. He says I came to meet you, this is wrong, you don’t take care of me. She asks him to go, she will come. Pari gets jealous seeing Preeti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to take Preeti upstairs, as there is still time for the rasam. Sharmili says yes, take her. Vyom smiles seeing Preeti’s beauty. Preeti goes with Kaushalya.

Shanti asks Pari to not do any drama, and then she will get something. Sarla thinks what are they cooking now, everyone is working out their plans. She worries and asks Pari not to do anything in this marriage. Pari asks why should I listen to you, are you helping me, don’t disturb, I m also doing imp work.

Kaushalya asks Riya and Nimmi to sit with Preeti, and not come till they call. Nimmi and Riya compliment Preeti. Preeti looks at herself in mirror and cries. Riya tells Nimmi that Kaushalya is calling Preeti. Nimmi says we will take her. The power goes. Riya asks Nimmi to get candle, then they will take Preeti. Nimmi gets hurt and Riya cares for her. Nimmi goes. Riya turns to talk to Preeti, and sees her gone. Shivam asks the man to check lights. He says I will go and see. Raghav says I have called for generator, I will check. The lights come. Sharmili asks Sarla to get Preeti. She says I forgot to tie yellow thread to Preeti. Riya tells Nimmi that Preeti is not in the room. Nimmi says I left her with you, call her. Sarla asks them about Preeti. Nimmi says don’t know, she disappeared and her phone is not connecting.

Sarla says I know that Mohit did this. Sharmili comes there and asks what happened, I came to tie the yellow thread, I will tie it to Preeti, where is she. Sarla stops Sharmili and says you can’t go and meet her. Sharmili asks will I take your permission. Sarla says yes, you can’t meet her. Sarla asks Riya to stop, you are bahu and don’t know our traditions, we have ritual that mum in law can’t see her bahu before mehendi, it affects mum in law’s life. Sharmili asks why I just met her. Sarla says nakshatra changed, I can’t risk your life, find any mahurat and then tie the thread, we don’t believe in such old things, but world believes, if you suffer, then it will be bad, I don’t want my girls to lose their mum in law, go and sit in peace. Sharmili says I value your feelings, fine I understood. Sarla says your life is very imp to me. Sharmili says fine, I will tie the thread later. She goes. Sarla asks Riya and Nimmi to find Preeti. Riya tries calling Preeti. Nimmi says I can hear phone ring that way. Preeti asks Mohit to leave her. Mohit says I just want to talk, please I beg you. He throws her phone to stop its ring. Mohit says I knew you moved on and hate me, you are making new start, so I have given those letters to Riya. Nimmi and Riya come that way. Mohit says I want you to return all those gifts. Sarla goes to Shanti and asks her to listen. She tells Shanti that Preeti is missing. Shanti asks how. Sarla says you said right, Mohit is roaming around, I feel he took Preeti with him. Shanti gets shocked.

Mohit tells Riya that he is leaving the city, I will never trouble you all, I m really sorry. Sujeev asks Mohit why are you saying sorry. Shanti looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mohit is true to Preeti. Hope she marries Monitor rather than Vyom.

  2. Hope she marries mohit

  3. Such a boring episode

  4. Omg hope she marries Mohit please. It’s not his mistake. He loves Preeti

  5. yes preeti should marry mohit. that vyom is a cheating guy, he just wants to marry preeti only for her beauty, he does not truly love her.

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