Mere Angne Mein 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Amit where did he go, how is it coming from outside when he was at home. Amit says I went to call doctor. Shivam asks who, doctor just went. Amit rushes to Sarla and acts. The pandit comes and says he will solve all problems from this house, it has some soul here. Shanti thanks him and asks him to see Sarla. He asks is anyone’s marriage happening here. Shanti says yes, my grandson’s. The pandit tells all the incidents happening because of the soul. Shanti worries and says she will cancel the marriage.

Sarla gets shocked and acts saying Amma. She says she feels everything is different here, did I sleep. The pandit blesses her. Shanti says nothing, and thanks pandit. Sarla asks about marriage. The pandit says mehendi function should be together. Sarla

thinks he is saying opposite. The pandit asks Shivam to go to Ganga and come late. Amit asks him to come. Amit scolds the pandit and says he has said wrong.

Raghav sees Amit and asks who is he. He asks him not to come out as his haldi is done. Amit says Sarla has an attack so I went to help. Raghav gets shocked and comes home, asking Sarla what happened. He says Sarla is taking tension of the marriage. Nimmi says Sarla was in anger and told bad to Dadi. Ashok says Sarla has pulled my ears. Shanti says they will do mehendi well in grand way now. Sarla says but we have to send Shivam to get water from Ganga. Kaushalya says he can get it from here also.

Sarla says she got her Dadi’s soul on her, anyone else can also come. Nimmi asks how did you know. Sarla says Kaushalya told just now. Kaushalya says I said? Shanti looks on and asks Shivam to go. Shivam leaves. Sarla does her drama and says she is fine now. Shanti asks her to be happy. She asks Sonal to go to Riya’s house and see their dance practice. She says take a video, I want to see.

Riya tells Bunty that she is tensed that Shivam is unwell. Bunty asks her not to worry. Riya asks her to call Shivam. Bunty agrees and calls Shivam. She asks how is he now. He says what happened to my health. Bunty says you were unwell. He says was it? I will call later, I have work. He ends the call. Bunty says Shivam could not understand. Riya says how to know about his health now. Sarla says I don’t understand what to do now. Amit says he feels Kaushalya and Shivam’s bad sight caught him. She says what a great idea and hugs him.

Bua and everyone practice dance. Sahil brings the video of Sarla’s drama. Bua asks which is this dance, we have to win. Sarla tells Shanti that she heard about Dadi’s soul coming in her. She thinks where Shanti has hidden the money. Shanti takes her for dance practice. Sonal comes there and records the video. Bua sees her and tells everyone to practice alone. Bua dances with Bunty and Riya laughs. Shanti sees video of Bua which Sonal got and says we will show them dancing. Kaushalya dances and Raghav smiles seeing her. She gets shy and asks him to go.

Sarla sees Shanti busy and goes to Shanti’s room to find the money. Shanti dances and everyone laugh. Shanti gets angry. She comes to her and sees Sarla. A box falls and Sarla gets tensed. She says she has come to see the money, is it safe or not? Shanti says its safe, come. She says she will lock the room, and asks her to come. Shanti shows her the money she has hidden well and says no one will be able to take it.

Shanti, and everyone come to the function hall and smile liking the decorations. Riya looks gorgeous. Anupam gives her mum’s bangles to her. Riya asks him to keep it. He insists and says I will feel your mum’s blessings are with you. Bunty compliments Riya and says she will just go out and come. Sarla brings Amit with sehra and shows the name board Amit and Riya. They get shocked.

She asks him to find soil and put on it. She says there is fresh cow dung there, put that on your name. He puts the cow dung over his name. Bunty comes there and does not see it. A lady catches them and asks who are they, why are they doing this. Sarla says this is groom and I m his mum. Sarla fools that it’s a ritual in their house and the lady apologizes. Shanti says groom and bride should not see each other, it will be abshagun. She asks Sarla why is she tensed. Sarla asks Pari to see to it that Shivam does not come here. Pari says I will manage, don’t worry.

Amit says if Riya showed Shivam’s pic, I would have got caught. Rani hears them. Bua also hears about the cow dung incident and tells Anupam that there is something fishy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nonsense,boring and dragging without reasons pls stop

  2. Nice precap.any one tell me about next?please

  3. Please reveal soon. This is dragging too much.

  4. Mahi if you know about the marrige please tell me

    1. I just read the spoilers and recently I read that Shivam will find out the truth and will save Riya from marrying Amit. The whole story is Riya will go to Shivams home and change Dadi thinking.

  5. Thanks for the update..?

  6. Pls reveal the truth soon… I can’t wait …… I want to c santi’s reaction when Riya says tat sarla fixed her marriage saying Shivam is her son Amit …..

  7. Ha another booring incident please don’t drag it

  8. Very funny ep….
    I think it’s a comedy show…..
    Ha ha ha ….,

  9. Stop dragging….

  10. Ye kya he yaaar dragging bankro na
    He show kitna boring ho is drama ki vagase

  11. There was a precap showing, as if Shivam seeing Riya and Amit dancing. I am wondering if the channel is doing this purposely to keep us watching. In the end that scene will be next week end. Please dont mislead viewers in this cunning way. Let us wait and watch to see how low they have stooped to.

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