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Mere Angne Mein 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking what is this. Kaushalya says I did not check there. Sarla says what do you do, you have spent all money, Kaushalya asks Nimmi to check other clothes. Preeti says these products are expired. Nimmi says this saree is torn. Shanti asks Kaushalya did you not check this, and checks her saree. Kaushalya sits crying. Sarla asks is money raining here, why did you waste money like this.

Shanti asks Sarla not to say anything. Sarla says why are you telling me, Kaushalya did mistake, I will not keep this bad saree. Kaushalya says I will return money, bill is of 3000rs. Nimmi checks bill and says its written that goods once sold will not be exchanged. She calls on the shop’s number. Sarla says now clothes can’t be returned, even police can’t help. Nimmi tells

the shopkeeper about the faulty clothes. He says we won’t take it back, you should have checked it. She says we will inform police. He says go anywhere, we told you we will not take sold items back.

Sarla says what can we do now, its fine, I will keep this uttaran, I always keep uttaran. Kaushalya says I never gave you uttaran or old saree, you keep new one which I bought for me. Sarla says fine, but I don’t wear these types of saree. Kaushalya goes to make some food.

Sharmili worries and says Mama did not get doctor till now, where is he. Mama gets the doctor. She pulls his ears and asks why did he come late. He recalls how he went to meet a girl and that girl did not let him answer calls. He says I will tell you later, come now, we will see Pari. They take doctor to Pari. Sharmili asks him to check Pari. He says what to treat her, I mean which way, she is mentally ill, I think I should give her electric shocks. Pari worries and says I m okays, I will go. Sujeev makes her lie down and says nothing will happen. She says leave me, I have to go. He asks Mama to hold her. Sharmili says you are unwell, and we will have to do this, let doctor treat you. Pari says I m fine, I don’t want shocks, give shocks to one who needs it. Sharmili says get ropes fast, give her shocks. Pari says leave me, I m fine. Sujeev and Mama tie her. Vyom holds his head.

Shivam and Riya have a talk about saving money. She says no one spends money in our house, we have to think. He says fine, we can atleast have icecream. She says icecream is not in my budget. He says come on Riya. She says my husband’s budget has it. He smiles and says chaat, burger and everything are in my budget. They leave.

Rani buys vegs and vendor calls her rich bahu. Prabha says yes, we are poor people, give me tomatoes for less money. He taunts Rani about Amit. Rani scolds her. Prabha says I also heard about Amit’s gambling habit, but whatever money he gets, he does not give a penny to Rani.

Shanti asks Sarla to cry infront of Kaushalya and take money. Kaushalya brings tea for them. Sarla starts acting, and says I m thinking to have food at temple, I don’t have ration at home, but I have to go somewhere to eat. Kaushalya says I will make tiffin and give you. Sarla says no, it will take time. Kaushalya says I will make food soon. Sarla says I can’t win over you.

Kaushalya’s friend comes and says I forgot to bring Prasad for Shanti, now Shanti has become sanyaasi, she can start pravachan, atleast some money can come home. Shanti argues with them. Sarla asks the man is this any foolish scheme. The man says no, its investment scheme and Kaushalya liked it. Sarla asks how will they get 10000rs monthly. Kaushalya tells about posters towers and boards on our terrace which will give them rent every month. She asks Shanti what to do. Shanti asks her to decide or ask Riya. Sarla gets interested.

Pari is given the shocks and fumes. She says I will not leave anyone and kill everyone, I will take revenge. Sharmili says Sujeev, she did not get fine now, our Pari is so innocent, could she tell this, doctor I think one more shock is needed. Pari thinks what to do and cries. Sharmili hugs Pari and threatens her as this is result of going against her. Doctor gives shock and Pari holds Sharmili’s hands. They both get shock and Sharmili falls.

Rani asks Amit what people are saying about him, that he runs gambling at his agency. Amit says we can’t control what others say. She says maybe they heard something, don’t spoil this agency work by doing wrong. He says its all fine, you manage kitchen and don’t interfere, don’t ask me again, I m not doing anything wrong. She asks is he saying true. He scolds her and leaves. Rani gets worried.

Kaushalya says we will ask Riya. Nimmi says what is there to ask, its good offer. The man says we have many other offers too, and asks them to think fast. Kaushalya agrees. Sarla says everyone wants money. Since you left rule Amma, Laxmi Mata is coming in this house. Shanti asks what do you want to say. Sarla says no, I mean Kaushalya is very lucky, this tower will be fixed here, it could have been fixed at our house too. Nimmi takes Kaushalya’s sign on the papers. Sarla and Shanti look on. Kaushalya says 3000rs loss by shopping, but atleast 10000rs profit. Nimmi asks for advance. The man says we will pay 10000rs every month, that’s for sure. The man and Kaushalya’s friend leaves. Sarla angrily scolds Nimmi, and acts that she has self esteem. Nimmi and Preeti smile. Kaushalya gives tiffins to Sarla. Sarla says I m going now and leaves.

Mama asks what happened to Sharmili. Pari asks whats happening here. Sujeev says Maa got shocked seeing you get shocks. Pari says what, I will go police and tell about you all troubling me. Sujeev and everyone go to get water. Pari takes Sharmili’s gold bangles and hides. Sujeev brings water and sprinkles. Pari says water is put like this, and puts water on Sharmili’s face. Sharmili wakes up. Sujeev asks are you fine. Pari says you got shock while you were giving me shock, did you learn any lesson, when you give me shock, you will also get shock. Sujeev says what are you saying, is good you got fine. Mama says Pari got funny after getting shocks.

Amit comes to agency and runs gambling. He asks the man to get more than 500rs, and who is spreading this news out. The man says don’t know. Amit asks the men not to tell this gambling matter to anyone. Shivam and Riya have icecreams. She asks for a bite from his flavor and he refuses. Her icecream falls and he holds her. They have an eyelock. She says nothing can happen to me, as my husband is there to hold me. He says I will get one more of same flavor. She says I don’t want to eat. He drops his icecream too, and asks will you have it now. She says fine, and they go back to buy icecreams again.

She asks him to give one bite from his icecream. He smiles and gives her. They spend romantic moments. Music plays……..

Rani worries and thinks to go and check Amit at his agency, as she has to shut Prabha’s mouth. She leaves to see Amit. Rani gets into an argument with Prabha and Bindu on the road. Prabha says I m upset, I have to apologize to you and Amit, I will come along. Rani asks her not to come. Prabha says I will find out Amit’s business. Rani says fine, I m not going anywhere. Prabha goes to find out. Rani stops Prabha and says I will come along.

Mama talks on phone. Pari sees him and gets some idea. Mama tells Pari to make good food as his female friends is coming today. She asks do you mean girlfriends, did you tell this to Sharmili. He says no, what is the need to tell her, and asks Kaka to make best food. Kaka goes. Pari says I was saying so that you also get shocks, I mean you get happy, I will make such food which makes you and your GFs happy. He says I don’t take tension, I give tension. He goes. Pari goes to kitchen and smiles thinking something.

Shanti goes to her room and locks door. She sees the money box, and says Riya was going against me, she can’t forget me all the life. see what happens next. Nimmi looks on. Shanti comes out. Nimmi asks what happened, do you need money. Shanti says no, I have gone to see my Sadhvi things, shall I not go in my room, I don’t have to do anything with money, Bhakti is enough. Nimmi thinks where did old Dadi go.

Nimmi tells Kaushalya that she will open a small designer shop with Rs 10000rs. Kaushalya says no, I will open big shop. Shanti hears them and thinks to cut everyone’s feathers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this kaushalya is the biggest fool in the series why did she gave food to sarla while she had gave her money to run her house what message is she give us .I like nimmi bz she does not think like her mom .please director make riya win as it is not right as evils people like sarla amit and shanti are win all the time while good people like riya are loose and being blamed for everything please director show the power of being good human being

  2. Nice episode

  3. My yesterday episode’s comment was my imagination didn’t get it from the promo or anything. They have to show that Ria failed in managing the house then only they can drag the story to another year. Looks like Nimmi’s (wrong) advices or guidances to Kousalya will push her to that extent. Shanthi also giving wrong thoughts on poor Kousalya’s mind. Sarala and Shanthi were enjoying Raghav’s income by dumping Kousalya they won’t loose their privilege that easily. Nimmi,Priti nor kousalya never enjoyed freedom in their life. They were dumped as a slaves by Sarala and Shanthi. So they don’t know what to do when they get some freedom.
    Yes Priti is not a match for Nandu but Nandu is aiming for Priti and so he is acting so good to Dadi and Kousalya. Slowly they will empty the box in a week.
    Director make Ria act like a real smart. Let her check the box everyday and at least save rest of the money in the bank deposit.

  4. Sarla shanti rani pari amit are the best jokers of this seris

  5. Is riya really stupid..she acts so smart all time..let her show smartness is this house..she is just wasting time..firstly the series seems to be very interesting and now its so boring..give shanti her powers to rrule back home..n bring some interest ing parts..

  6. Did u guys notice how s*xy Dadi is . Nice manicured hands and nails, slim waist line and hipster saree exposing his waist line and after becoming Sanyaasi, her sari paloo is only half covering her br*asts. Aaaah director did want to show and s*xy dadi.

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