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Mere Angne Mein 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit talking t Riya. He says I love Preeti and asks her to help. She says I will see. She ends call and tells Shivam that it was Mohit’s call, he was worried. He shows the suit and dupatta he bought for Preeti. She likes it and is glad. They decide to talk to Mohit’s parents. She says Mohit had given his number to Raghav, he is stupid, my to be brother in law. They smile.

Kaushalya hugs Raghav. They both wish everything gets fine. She is glad as he agreed to meet Mohit’s parents. She shies away and says I want to say something, I love you. He looks at her. She says I wanted to say this since long, I have seen in films, I know its meaning. He says great, it will be true, we will get old in some time. He says Shivam married in such time, and now Preeti’s

marriage. I m worried for Amma’s reaction, I called Mohit’s dad, he is not picking call. She asks him to call again. He asks her to get tea.

Shanti feels cold and asks Kaushalya to get ginger tea for her. Shanti calls Amit and asks is he annoyed. She says I will come and meet you. He says fine and thinks its beginning of some shocks.

Shanti meets Amit and asks why is he working with Riya. He says she holds my hand and explains her, what shall I do. Amit thinks to support Shanti and take revenge from Riya and Shivam. She asks him to help her and make her get rid of Riya. He says yes, but that time you chose Shivam over me. She says its good I did not support you, Riya would have troubled Sarla. She promises to support him, he agrees to help her.

Shanti stands to take rickshaw. Shivam and Riya pass by. Shivam stops and says I think I saw Dadi. Riya says what will she do here at this time. They see Shanti is not there and leave. Shanti takes auto and goes home.

Shanti talks to Kaushalya and taunts Riya. Shivam asks Riya what is Shanti and Riya taking indirectly. Riya says there is nothing. He says I trust you. Shanti looks on and thinks what can I do, Amit can’t lie, maybe Riya is really after him. Nimmi comes home and goes to Preeti. She hugs Preeti happily and gives the good news that Raghav is going to meet Mohit’s family. Preeti gets glad. Nimmi asks her to be away from Riya, as Shanti can get angry. Riya gets Amit’s call and talks about work. Shanti gets angry. Kaushalya brings tea for Shanti.

Amit comes home and tells Sarla that good news that Shanti met him, he told her things against Riya, Sarla gets glad and says Riya made me leave Shanti sadan, you did good. She serves him food and gets his bad sight away. Rani comes and Sarla argues with Rani. Sarla hugs Amit and says I m filling my brain in his head, so that he gets wise as well. Rani burns red chillis and everyone cough badly.

Riya and Shivam bring the dress for Preeti and see her sleeping. Shivam says we will give this tomorrow, I was thinking Preeti will be glad seeing this dupatta. Riya says we will keep it here, she will be glad seeing it. He says no, I want to see her happiness. He shares his special moments. They leave and Preeti get up. Shanti and Riya collide. Shanti says I m going to guy’s family to talk about Preeti. Riya says I m happy, you are doing what I wanted, why are we having challenge if we both have same thing. Shanti asks are you afraid. Riya says no, why are we tensed, I don’t like to win over you. Shanti asks her to walk on my way. Riya says I don’t follow anyone, I do what I find right. She smiles and leaves. Shanti goes murmuring. Nandu sees her and says whats Shanti murmuring at night.

Rani gives clothes to Amit and smiles. She stands outside till he comes. He opens the door and she falls on him. They have an eyelock. Sarla comes and sees them. She asks whats happening. Sonal comes. Amit says what, I was bathing alone, Rani gave me clothes. Rani asks Amit why is he giving explanations. Sarla scolds Amit and Rani.

Pari hears a lady shouting. She sees the locked room. Sujeev comes and says I was finding you. She says some sound is coming from that room. He says no one stays there, if someone is there, she is not good. Pari says I want to know who is there. Sharmili says I will tell her who is there, you go Sujeev. He goes. Sharmili tells Pari that she shuts people whom she dislikes and warns her asking her not to spy. Pari goes. Sharmili thinks to shift the lady, its risky to keep her here.

Preeti sees Riya and goes back recalling Nimmi’s words. Shivam asks Preeti is she annoyed with Riya. Preeti says no, Nimmi told me. Nimmi says Preeti is just saying. He says I trust you both, try to understand, if anyone lies and gets in our house, I will react this way seeing anyone hurt my family and sister. They hug him.

Shivam gifts the dupatta to Preeti and hugs her. Nimmi says we got our old brother back and hugs Preeti. He leaves. Rani comes to Sarla and says I will make halwa. Sarla says no need, I will make it. Sarla takes halwa and goes to pray. She prays and says make my wish true, I want Riya to be out from Shanti sadan, get my Amma back to me. I want Shanti to call me there and make me sit on swing. She praises the halwa she made and says another wish.

Sarla tells Shanti that I told you Riya will snatch your rule. Shanti tells her that she is strong. Riya hears them. Shanti says I m going to get Preeti’s alliance fixed, I will not miss you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what riyas mistake… why nimmi preeti doing ds.. they deserve shanti only

  2. Uff…Riyaa there was no need to help that stupid Amit and his maa..They are all lyk snakes..if a blame comes on you ..even Rani will nt support u as she is blinded by love for Amit

  3. shanti devi, sarla, amit, preeti aur nimmi .. in pancho ko ik ik chhor ka thapad laga dena chye.. i just hate them all.

  4. sahi me gawaro wali harkatey hai in logo ki… cheapo

  5. Mujhe to riya aur raghav hi theek lagte hain baki sab bekar. Shivam ko dhelenki akal nahi, nimmi aur preeti to i just hate them.wo preeti dekhne me kitni bholi aur bechari riya ko pareshan krne me aage. Kaushalya to bevkoof hai. Baki shanti devi and sarla se to kya expect krna. All the best riya pagalkhane ko sambhalne k liye….hahhahaa

  6. Riya & Raghav play best role

  7. wow today again the best roamntic scnes of our raghav khusiya lov them both a lot. contnue to keep more cute ragya scenes like this…..

  8. I don’t like Nimmi’s attitude toward Riya… they r not appreciating her

  9. Everyone is doing mental things here….;-)
    Riya has invited her problems.
    Nimmi n priti does nt understand Riya,n alws doing bad for her.
    Shivam’s character should more strong, he should’ve freedom to decision making ability for his family.
    Kausalya is abnormal,she should’ve strong for her children’s sake.
    Pari n hr in laws happening is also crazy.
    And Sarla n Rani arguments r also crazy. Rani and Amit’s relationship should strong.
    Raghav always gives all. Big responsibilities to Shanti, n She always spoils things. Remember Riya-Amit-Shivam marriage matter.

    and lastly….
    Shanti n Sarla will never change, they’ll do irritating drama forever…. :-):-)

  10. Yaar ye riya 7 kya ho raha hai….pls unite mohit n preeti

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