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Mere Angne Mein 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya getting sad. Preeti come and taunts Riya. Riya calls her ill mannered and scolds her. Preeti argues and leaves. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to get sad, Shanti was angry on Riya and scolded you. Shanti comes and asks Kaushalya to send tiffin for Sarla. Nimmi gets angry as Shanti always takes care of Sarla. Kaushalya says I will take tiffin for Sarla. She is on the way and reaches Sarla’s house. Nirmala asks Pari to take care of her. She says Ashok and Sarla got divorced and tears their pic. Sarla asks why are you tearing pic. Nirmala says Ashok is my husband, you are my sautan now. Sarla gets angry.

Kaushalya gets shocked and thinks Sarla has hidden such a big thing. Nirmala asks Rani to make good dishes today. Sarla argues about expenses. Nirmala asks Pari to

read this list for Sarla. Pari reads the rules for Sarla and Nirmala will decide all the things at home, if Sarla opposes, then Sarla will be kicked out of this house, Ashok is nothing to Sarla now.

Nirmala asks Rani to call her mummy ji, I m the only wife of Ashok now. Kaushalya leaves in shock. Shanti asks everyone to go and not look inside the house. Shivam gets bangles for Nimmi as a birthday gift. Nimmi smiles. She sees Shanti and says Shanti will ask me to give this gift to anyone else. Shanti asks are you taunting me in my house. Shanti beats Nimmi and Shivam. She says you won’t get a Dadi like me. Nimmi jokes and runs.

Kaushalya walks on the road and thinks. She gives away tiffin to beggar and asks him to have food. He blesses her. She says how did Sarla and Ashok do this, but I have heard truth, how will I tell Amma ji, she will die. Nimmi stitches clothes. Shanti sees her and says I told her not to do this, she does not listen, shameless. She scolds Nimmi and asks her what is she doing. Nimmi says I m making suit for Preeti. Shanti says why, her birthday got over. Nimmi thinks if I say Preeti has torn saree, Shanti will get angry. She says Preeti’s saree got torn and I was making this a dress, Nandu got this for Preeti. Shanti asks did Preeti cut this, I know her, I will gift this saree to you in gift, now make suit for yourself. Nimmi thanks her. Shanti says I can read all truth in your eyes and goes.

Riya asks Shivam how does he come early from office. He says I don’t think its imp to answer. She asks him to answer. Shanti says Shivam went upstairs, I have to see how Riya is filling his ears. Riya says I m your wife and have right to know. He asks where did my right go when you started taking contraceptives. She says taking contraceptives and losing job are different things. Shanti hears this and gets shocked. Riya says you have hidden such big thing from me. He asks why, did you share anything, our trust ended. She says I realized my decision was right. He asks for not having baby. She says you have no job, Raghav has no job, how will we manage baby. He says I had job before.

She says you feel its not big thing, we have to see Preeti and Nimmi, if our baby comes, how will we raise baby. Shanti cries hearing them. Riya says I know I did mistake to hide about contraceptives, you did wrong by hiding about this job thing. Shivam asks her not to say anyone, its my problem, I will solve it. She says I would have said them before you came. Shanti goes.

Nimmi asks Shanti to see the bedsheet. She asks Shanti what happened. Kaushalya comes home and thinks to tell Raghav, but he is worried for losing job and Sarla’s quarter, what shall I do, I will tell Shanti, I can’t say, she can get shock being Sarla’s mother, I will tell Raghav and then we both will tell Shanti, will this be right to hide it or not.

Riya comes there and asks what are you saying…. Kaushalya gets tensed. Riya thinks did Kaushalya know about Shivam’s job. Kaushalya thinks did Riya hear me. Riya says I was going bathroom and heard you, I thought you are in problem. Kaushalya says I was saying about hiding about Nimmi’s birthday. Riya gets relieved. Kaushalya asks why are you upset, did Shivam say anything. Riya says nothing, I felt bad by what happened. Kaushalya says Shanti just wants to know who goes out and when, tell her. Riya goes.

Shanti cries and says I have no savings now. She calls bank officer and asks about her money saved. He says over 1,75,000. She says fine and ends call. She says I have saved 50000rs, and now how will I manage, I will make Shivam realize his responsibility, who else will take responsibilities then. She prays to Lord and thinks to show Shivam his place.

Shanti asks Shivam to pay bills. Shivam says I will talk to boss. She says I will come and talk to your boss. Shivam and Riya get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. please show more episodes where Nirmala torture Sarla and pari …This is good…more Bad should happen to bad people like sarla , pari….

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