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Mere Angne Mein 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the puja commencing in Shanti Sadan. Preeti and Nimmi have a talk and think to tell Raghav about Amit and goons. Shanti comes and scolds them. Sarla and Amit argue over the money. He is worried to pay the loans to the goons and asks Sarla to get 5 lakhs for him, as he has married Rani on her saying. Sarla argues and says Riya and Rani’s money and land don’t have my right. Amit asks her to give 50% to him.

Raghav asks Nimmi and Preeti about Shanti’s question and asks them to answer her. Riya holds Shivam’s hand and gets tensed. Kaushalya and Pradeep ask Raghav to leave it. Shanti says she will ask them. Shanti asks Sarla to come out. She asks Nimmi to say what she was saying Preeti. Shivam asks Riya not to worry, Dadi is such always. Raghav gets angry and

asks Nimmi to say. Shanti asks Preeti to say. Preeti gets tensed and is about to tell her.

Amit asks Sarla to give him money. She asks what shall I do. He says his life has struggle. She asks where will she get money. He says he will die. She stops him. Shivam asks Nimmi what did she tell Preeti and why. Nimmi says it just slipped from tongue. He asks what did she see. Nimmi says some goons held Amit’s collar, she did not know whats happening and came here. Everyone come to Amit. Shanti asks Amit why are the men after her, whats the matter, they are his family, he can tell them.

Amit asks who said they were goons. Shanti tells about Preeti saying Nimmi has seen this. Amit scolds her and says he was with his friends, they were annoyed as he did not invite them in marriage. Nimmi says its not her mistake, Preeti did not hear complete thing. Shanti goes to beat Nimmi, and Riya holds Nimmi. Shanti stops and acts sweet to Nimmi. They all leave. Sarla tells Shanti about the loan and asks for 4 lakhs money. Shanti says she can’t give her and asks her not to do acting. Sarla says she is saying true and cries.

Pari meets Vyom outside her parlor and asks why is he doing here. She asks him to go else she will lose the job. He says you said you are owner here. Pari lies to him and the parlor lady. The lady asks her to go to hospital and take care of her mum. Pari tells Vyom that she was teaching work to lady. The pandit starts the puja. Shanti talks to Kaushalya. Kaushalya smiles seeing Shivam and Riya happy. Rani sees Amit annoyed. Rani says she will snatch Amit’s love.

The pandit chants mantras. Shanti asks Shivam to take Amit’s blessings. Rani blesses Riya and Amit brings his anger out on Shivam. Riya looks on. Shivam answers Amit well and hugs him. Shivam taunts Amit that he will bring him to right path and promises him that.

Rani tells Shanti that she will go home with Sarla. Shanti asks pandit for pagphere mahurat. She taunts Kaushalya that she is many people to help her, and Sarla has none. She asks Sarla to go and check luggage. She tells her plan and says she does not trust Renu. Sarla says she is saying true. She goes. Shanti asks Riya not to feel bad seeing Amit and Shivam’s fight, they are like that since childhood and very close. She says they all know this goes on and its her duty now to keep everyone united in family.

Sarla comes to Renu’s room and checks her bag. Renu tells Kaushalya that she is glad that she stayed here. Kaushalya says she is also lucky to get a sister and friend in her. Renu says she has seen how Kaushalya obeys Shanti so much. Shanti is still doing some drama. Renu tells this to Kaushalya and says she will just go and get her bags. Riya asks Shanti not to worry, she will manage. Rani says yes, I will make everything fine. Sarla says she will see what all Renu is taking. She does not get any money and says Renu is very clever, Pari should have been here.

Shanti is upto something again. Renu goes to her room.

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  1. Bad seral

  2. takes for ever to move on. not worth spending an hour to watch this slow moving show.

  3. Really pathetically slow show. I ve really quit watching it.. Reading d story within 5mins is better than watching and wasting time.. It ll end soon if they drag like this..

  4. Most viewers enjoy watching repeat telecast. Why?. Cos u can relax and watch as the suspense factor is taken off. People who like to know stories only, watch serials. Others watch sports, news and discovery channels. This is why how u tell the story is important. Suspense increase bp. See, Manmarziyaan has ended. No dragging. Told a story and ended. Thats what we want. If it is to be continued, then do another season. Please dont drag. I now like MAM more than when there was suspense. MAM has lot of entertaining factors. Keep it up. Have competition, a little bit of jealousy, bossiness, tolerable stupidity etc. But not wickedness. That is bad and makes the whole society watching also wicked.

  5. I was liking this serial because of shivam and riya boring though amit sara r bad they r getting everything even riya 5 lakh s which is shivam property now and they also got rani property very bad serial teaching people to cheat

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