Mere Angne Mein 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla crying for Shanti. Riya asks Kaushalya to prepare for final rites, we can’t keep Shanti here. Kaushalya asks all of them to enjoy now, there is no one to stop them now. Riya says what can I do, shall we make Shanti stay here. She asks Raghav to get up, Dadi has passed away. Shivam asks Riya what do you want. Riya says see Raghav, he is not reacting or talking, what will happen, I m provoking him to say something. Shivam cries and asks her to do what she says.

Riya tells Raghav that we have do final rites, we wanted you to do final rites, now if you are not coming, I will do final rites. She gives flowers to everyone. She asks Sarla not to come inside and put flowers from here. Prabha looks at Sarla’s house. Nirmala tells Prabha that Shanti died, Sarla has

slapped her and makes fake story. Prabha says I can’t believe Sarla could do this, how did Shanti die, how did she bear the slap by Sarla. She taught lessons to many people. Nirmala says she died of heart attack, I saw her crying so much, Sarla did not answer her call. Prabha asks Nirmala to be away from Sarla and make Rani on your side. Nirmala asks will you go to Shanti Sadan. Prabha says no, I will go in tervi, Shanti will go to heaven. They joke on Shanti and laugh.

Riya asks Shivam to hold the garlands. She asks Ashok and Raghav to come. Ashok says Raghav is not affected by anything. Riya asks Raghav for the last time, its time for sending Shanti, else I will take this responsibility. Shivam and Ashok take Shanti. Raghav recalls Shanti’s words and cries. He stops them from taking Shanti.

Raghav says don’t touch my Amma. He asks them to get away from Shanti. Raghav goes to Shanti and talks to her. He tells her that there are many things left, how can she leave them, I don’t know how will I live my life without you, you are listening right, I m sitting here, we will go together, what is that matter, let two funerals leave from this house. He holds her hand. Shanti holds his hand and Raghav gets shocked. Riya says Dadi has to go. Raghav says Amma did not go anywhere, she held my hand. Riya says Dadi will not come back. Raghav says don’t talk in between. Amma get up and show them you are alive, else they will burn you. Shanti gets conscious. They all get shocked. Shanti talks to Raghav. The guests run away. Shanti sees the garlands on her photo.

Sarla and everyone get happy. Sarla says I was begging them to let them meet my Amma, Kaushalya stopped me. Shanti sees Raghav. The lady says Amma scared yamraj and made him leave. Shanti hugs Raghav. The guests come back and see. Sarla says I have come inside house, will you stop me Kaushalya. Shanti stops Sarla. Sarla asks what are you saying Amma. Sarla says I did mistake, I had greed, forgive me, I will never do greed. Shanti asks Sarla to leave. Sarla says tell Shanti to forgive me. Sarla apologizes to Shanti and says I did many mistakes and you have always forgiven her. Raghav asks did Amma’s state happen such before, we will forgive you the day Amma forgives you. Ashok says forgive Sarla Amma ji, its big day, you came back today. Shanti says I came back because of Raghav.

Shanti asks Raghav to make Sarla leave from here. Sarla says don’t punish me like this, I will die. Shanti says I will sleep here. Raghav says no, I will take her to room, she is my Amma. He takes her to room and makes her rest on her bed. Ashok says its better we leave now, come Sarla. Sarla shouts fine, I will come here daily and apologize, till Amma forgives me, I m your daughter and adamant like you. Rani takes Sarla.

Shanti asks Sarla to leave. Sarla sees her and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same thing over and over. What happened with romance? You have young couples thatcould be romancing! And there use to be sweet romance between Raghav and Kaushalya.

  2. This show is dead like ammaji pls arrange funeral and get ready for garbage leap!

  3. I m fan of this serial …full entertainment n true picture of UP family….love d script

  4. Bakwas, Bakwas, …….never ending nonsense.

  5. Yeh sab natak tha budhiya ka..ab Riya aachi khasi Marne waali hai..kisne kaha tha itni overacting karne ko…Kaushalya ko chance mil Gaya nA blame karneko…dekha kaise jab jalane le jaa rahe the to oothke baith gai budhiya….yeh sab plan hai dikhava…Riya be careful

  6. horrible , the sitcom makers have crossed all limits, Shanti devi breaks KYUKI’S Baa’s record. Baa lived for 150 years Shanti Devi becomes alive from dead.

  7. am one of the big fan of this serial.Have been watching this from starting.Good show.Bravo keep it up:):)

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