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Mere Angne Mein 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti praising Amit and sending everyone to prepare for puja. She blesses Shivam and he leaves. Ashok comes home and asks Sarla why did she fight with Prabha. Rani tries saying and Sarla stops her. Sarla tells her version of the story. Rani asks Ashok to leave it, she will make the dishes. Sarla says she said they have to call pandit. Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to come home. Sarla asks Rani to make simple food. Rani says I can’t make my family eat simple daal rice and argues with Sarla. Sarla asks her to get food from Prabha and snatches the plate. The food falls down on the floor and Sarla scolds Rani. Rani cries and blames her. Rani gets revengeful for Sarla.

Kaushalya tells Riya about puja for dead people on their death anniversary. Riya says Anupam never

did such puja for mum. Kaushalya says he may have done it and not told you, you have to learn all this. Riya nods. Rani makes another plate and Sarla scolds her. She asks how is her saree looking. Rani taunts her. Sarla thinks she will get new sarees from Rani’s bags.

Sarla goes to take Rani’s saree and sees the jewelry. She says Rani has stolen the jewelry from my room. Shivam and Riya stay annoyed. Shanti sees them serving food to pandits. Raghav comes and she starts coughing. She says maybe my husband did not like this saree, I will change. Raghav tells pandits he will leave for work and takes blessings. Sarla thinks she has to give good answer to thief Rani. The pandits leave. Kaushalya gets curd and sugar and Shanti feeds them. She asks them to work hard. Shivam tells Riya that he will drop her. Kaushalya tells Riya to come home on time and light diya in evening. Riya agrees and says she will come on time.

Nimmi asks Riya to think and say, as Kaushalya can get scolding because of her. Kaushalya asks Shivam to drive slow. They leave. Shanti looks for something and calls Kaushalya to ask about the sareen she has stolen. Kaushalya says what did I steal. Shanti says Raghav got it for me. Nimmi says mum can’t steal it, there are other thieves also. Shanti describes the saree. Kaushalya says why will I steal. Shanti says I will call police. She scolds Kaushalya a lot. Kaushalya cries.

Amit meets his friend and tears his Nana’s pic, saying his mum has given it to him. Shanti checks Kaushalya’s room. Nimmi asks Shanti why is she so panicking for a saree. Kaushalya says Renu may have stolen it, call her here. Kaushalya swears on her children. Shanti says I want my saree. Pari calls to Vyom. He says he missed her and has to meet. She says she will meet, and ends call seeing the pic. She shouts Sarla to come and shows Kaushalya’s pic in newspaper. Sarla cries seeing it. Shanti says she wants her saree, Kaushalya will keep Nirjala fast. They get shocked. Shanti asks her to have some shame, and Kaushalya agrees to keep the fast.

Nimi argues and says she will make new saree. Shanti argues and makes Kaushalya keep the fast. Shanti describes the saree and worries. Sarla comes there with Rani. Sarla is wearing that saree and they all get shocked seeing it. Kaushalya asks this saree? Shanti denies it. Nimmi says this is the saree, and decribes it. Nimmi tells everything to Sarla and says you have this saree. Sarla asks is she mad. Rani looks on. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to break her fast. Sarla says this is not Shanti’s saree, Rani got this for me from market. Nimmi asks Rani did she buy this from chor market. Rani says I did not buy this saree, I don’t know about it. Sarla says she is a big liar and framing me. Shanti says this is not my saree. Nimmi says no, its your saree and shows the pic.

Nimmi says I will police. Shanti stops her and acts to faint. They all rush to see her. Shanti says Nimmi don’t call police, else I will die. Nimmi says fine. Shanti asks Sarla how did she get this saree. Sarla says I thought Rani bought this for you. Shanti says you have seen me wearing this many times. Raghav got this for me. Sarla says I don’t remember, and thinks. She says oh I remember. Shanti asks who has sent this saree to you. Sarla makes stories. Shanti sends Kaushalya to serve food. Sarla still acts innocent. Shanti tells Raghav making Chandrahaar for Riya along yours, Sarla says I think I won’t get my necklace. Shanti asks Sarla to keep her gold with her. Sarla refuses. Shanti says she has good news and shows Sinha function pic.

She says she is thinking to talk about Pari’s marriage with that guy. Sarla asks her to be sure, as Nimmi or Preeti will replace Pari. Sarla asks Rani to leave for home. Kaushalya waits for Riya. Sarla makes a list of things she wants. Sarla says Kaushalya is waiting as if Riya is getting her first salary. Shanti says you just keep writing. Sarla talks to Kaushalya asking her about beauty. Kaushalya laughs. She asks Shanti why is she asking her to make list, did she get lottery. Nimmi and Preeti talk about list. Sarla and Shanti come there and hear that Riya is clever and won’t give salary to Shanti. Preeti sees them and worries. Nimmi gets shocked too. Shanti scolds them.

She tells Sarla that Riya’s salary will come in her hands. Salra tears the list and throws it, saying its no use, Riya won’t give you the salary, I feel Nimmi was right. Shanti bets on it. Sarla laughs. Shanti says if Riya does not give me salary, I will become your servant. Sarla smiles.

Sarla calls police and sends Rani to police station. She smiles happily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. What a great drama sequence..

  3. Seriously!!! Was this one hour episode? Huh! No progress at all.

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