Mere Angne Mein 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu thinking Preeti had to drink water by my hands. Pari asks Sarla did she sell earrings. Sarla says no, I have kept it as proof. Pari says I m asking as you can sell it if you can sell Ashok. Sarla laughs and asks her to go and sleep. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Nandu got gift for Preeti and its…. Kaushalya asks her why are you feeling bad for it, and shows sympathy. Nimmi cries. Its morning, Nimmi cleans the house and falls. Nandu holds her and asks her to be careful.

Preeti takes their pic. Nimmi says thanks for coming on time. Nandu says I came to give you Diwali wishes, and jokes. Nimmi asks how can you joke on me, I have leg pain. Preeti asks them to share the joke. Nimmi says he is making fun of me, scold him. Preeti says he made my life a big joke,

Nimmi your life is good, so much happened and you forgot, did you fall in love. Nandu asks what nonsense. Preeti says I m talking to my sister, you shut up, I kept Karwachauth for husband whom I don’t love, even then I m bad, you have ruined family and you are getting pity.

Nimmi asks what do you mean. Preeti says I m saying, tomorrow world will say. Nimmi calls her bad minded. Preeti says what shall I say, you don’t miss your husband and laugh with my husband, Pari says right, what do you do, what is in this innocent face, I know it very well. Nimmi says I did not sit in mandap by my choice, I had to sit because of you, what shall I do thinking of dead man, I did not love Vyom, why to miss him, I have little happiness and I m living, you stop giving me lecture, what you do and you don’t, I know, you think I believe you, everyone knows you acted to do Karwachauth.

Nimmi scolds Preeti. Preeti goes. Nandu consoles Nimmi. Nimmi says I feel very bad, Preeti supported me always, she loved me and today her new avatar hurts me. He calms her down. He asks her not to think all this. He apologizes from Preeti’s side and does sit ups. She says leave it and smiles. He asks her to clean house else Shanti will shout. She goes and works. Nandu feels bad.

Kaushalya tries the saree. Raghav calls her. He asks how are you. She says I m upset. He asks why. She says its heart, sometimes it gets sad and happy, you did not come on Karwachauth. He says I did not get leave from duty. She says your duty is my Sautan. He says fine, you scold me when I come home, Diwali is coming. She says yes, I liked the saree, I will wear it on Diwali day. He ends call. Kaushalya and everyone do Diwali arrangements. They wish Shanti happy Diwali.

Shanti blesses them. Riya says I did all the work. Kaushalya says we did all the work, we did. Nimmi says I did all work. Preeti says even I worked. Shanti looks at all of them and says fine, Kaushalya too is like them. Shanti asks Nimmi to get mango leaves. She asks them to decorate the house with lights. Kaushalya says I was going to say this. Shanti asks her to make sweets. She asks Riya to come to her room, I m going to get Diwali coins, don’t spy on me again. Riya happily goes.

Nirmala makes the Rangoli. Sarla sees all arrangements. She asks Nirmala what is all this, why are you doing this, no need to do this, get up. Nirmala says I m Laxmi of this house. Sarla reminds what Ashok said. Nirmala argues and promises to do puja at home. Sarla says I will do puja at home and you will do on roads, I will see you later, I m going to Amma’s house. She leaves.

Shanti gives Diwali coin to Riya. She says Raghav is not here, Kaushalya can’t do puja along, so you and Shivam have to do puja together. Riya gets Bunty’s call and wishes happy Diwali. Bunty says I m having fun and does not like to come back, I extended my holidays. Riya says I m missing you, come back soon. Bunty asks Riya to get parcel from her aunty now itself, she is waiting. Riya says fine, I will go and get it. She leaves the coin there. Sarla collides with Riya. Riya says I have urgent work. Sarla gets the coin. She thinks this is Amma’s coin, Riya has left it, its my lottery, I will see how Shanti gets worried and makes other worry. She hides coin from Shanti. Shanti asks about Nirmala. Sarla says I will make her leave before Diwali. Shanti gives her nek and asks her to take it. Sarla thinks what to do, if Amma sees coin, it will be problem. Sarla throws the coin behind and takes nek. Shanti asks her to come to market, I will make you do shopping. Sarla gets glad. Nimmi looks on.

Kaushalya asks Shanti how many chances will she give to Riya. Shanti tells Riya that after 3 days, the work will go to Kaushalya and Nimmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will this track end? When wiil, if ever sarla and pari get exposed? I wish vyom was still in the show, that would be a good slap for pari whose always taunting on nimmi. Why does kaushaliya always react without hearing the whole thing? Again S&P plotting and nobody knows or sees anything, i.e. Sarla taking the earrings.

  2. So true. Its is sickening to see Sarla and Pari get away with bad doings. Did Sarla forget she sold her husband to Nirmala. It’s time Shanti Devi sees how evil her daughter is.

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