Mere Angne Mein 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a lady telling Raghav about Ashok’s canteen. She says Ashok is losing name by running a gambling bar at his canteen. Raghav leaves for home and is worried. Pari says she will call Vyom now, as Sujeev did not come in her hand. Rani waits outside and Sarla asks what is she doing. Pari gets angry as Vyom is not taking her call. Mata ji asks Vyom to call Pari and say what she explained. Mama asks what did she explain Vyom. She says you did see.

Bunty meets Nimmi outside the house. Raghav and Shanti see Nimmi. Raghav says leave them, come with me, I have to tell something important. He says its big problem and asks Kaushalya and Shanti to listen. Vyom calls Pari. Pari starts acting and cries. She acts and says she has kept Karwachauth fast for him, he lost his love

by calling her at home. Vyom asks her to return all the gifts. She gets shocked and asks did he call to ask for gifts. He says everything is over between us. She asks why is he saying so, Sujeev did mistake. Vyom says he wants the gifts. She says she will keep the gifts in her life. She asks him to maryr her and he refuses. Rani hears this and gets to know Pari’s affair with Sujeev and Vyom.

Raghav tells Shanti about Ashok running gambling bar at canteen and now people are telling Raghav about Ashok’s dad doings, their respect is gone. He says I will run Sarla’s home, but what about respect. Kaushalya says I don’t believe this. Raghav says all respect is gone, how will Ashok’s find good guys for his daughters. Shanti says Raghav got that canteen work for Ashok, and he has done this now. Pari asks Vyom to accept her, as her respect is ruined. Nimmi takes money from Bunty and thanks her for advance. She says she will make designer clothes soon and asks Bunty not to tell Riya, as she wants to give the family a surprise. Bunty agrees.

Shanti says we will go to Sarla, how did Ashok do this, what face will children show, I told Sarla not to marry Ashok, I will take decision today, I will bring Sarla home, come with me Kaushalya. Raghav asks Nimmi to be at home. Bunty asks Nimmi to count money. Nimmi says no need, you would have counted it. Nimmi sends Bunty. The elders leave for Sarla’s home.

Rani throws some papers near Pari’s door and stays there to clean. Sarla asks Rani to clean the junk. Sarla knocks the door and Pari gets tensed. Sarla says Rani has to take sweeper and sends Rani inside. Pari asks Rani to go. Rani says you are in hurry to leave. Pari scolds her and lies. Rani slaps Pari. Pari fights with her. Sarla comes and pulls their ears. She scolds Rani and asks how dare she….

Rani tells Sarla that Pari is having an affair with two guys. Sarla gets shocked and looks at Pari. Raghav, Kaushalya and Shanti are on the way to Sarla’s home. Sarla asks Rani not to say nonsense. Rani says I have proof. Sarla asks what. Rani shows the mobile and says she has recording, she has hidden phone in sweeper. Sarla asks Rani to delere the recording, Pari will answer her mother. Ashok comes and asks Rani to show recording. Sarla and Pari argue with Ashok.

Ashok says I never slapped or scolded my children, but today I will not stop, I want to see how low my children fell. Rani shows the recording to Ashok and Sarla. Ashok and Sarla get shocked. Pari throws the phone. Sarla signs Pari and tells its Pari’s personal matter, how can he interfere. Pari calls Ashok a bad father. Sarla slaps Pari and asks her to shut up, she did mistake and now doing drama. Pari says even you are bad. Ashok says you have hidden your children’s mistake, now beat it. Rani says Ashok is right. Sarla scolds Rani. She asks Rani where is she going. Rani says she is opening window. Sarla asks her not to go.

Pari tells Sarla that Rani is lying. Sarla asks Pari to stop it. Pari says she was rehearsing with her friend. Rani says Pari is such a liar. Sarla asks them to stop it now.

Nimmi sits on Shanti’s swing and thinks how to find what happened in Sarla’s house and messages Sonal. Sonal replies she is in college. Pari pushes Rani and asks her to go out of her room. Rani holds Pari’s feet and asks her not to ruin the family respect. Sarla asks Rani to end her drama and leave.

Rani takes a dress from Pari’s cupboard and runs. Sarla and Pari stop her. Ashok asks whats happening. Rani says I have newspaper, the girl in that hotel pic has worn this dress. Sarla says Rani is mad. She hides the dress and says its old dress. Pari stops Rani. Rani runs to Ashok and shows the news paper. She says this is that dress, see and shows Ashok. Ashok sees the dress. He looks at Pari. Sarla says Rani is lying. Shanti comes there. Sarla thinks how did Shanti come. Rani says Pari got famous soon. Sarla asks Pari to go to her room. Sarla asks Rani to go as well. Rani says I will not go.

Sarla sends Rani and Pari to room and locks them. Preeti comes home and gives good news that she is going to meet Mohit. Nimmi gets glad and says she will make nice suit for Preeti. Preeti asks do you think Dadi will give money. Nimmi shows the money and says she will give her money, she got it from Bunty for her designs. Preeti says but I have to go today itself. Sarla opens the door, and sees Shanti, Raghav and Kaushalya. Raghav asks Sarla to call Ashok.

Ashok comes to them. Shanti looks on angrily. Rani comes and asks Shanti did she know it. Sarla asks Rani to go to room. Rani says I m not scared of you now. Shanti confronts Ashok for running gambling centre in the canteen. Prabha and Bindu are on the way and talk. They say they will be glad if Sunehri Mata’s saying gets true. They stop the rickshaw and have pani puri. Pari and Rani argue in the room.

Raghav says I don’t know what was Ashok thinking, does he have any shame or not, he has family and children. He says think about our respect atleast. Ashok says you use your sense well, you are saying this to me. He says I lost my respect. Raghav says I m seeing how Sarla is staying with you all these years, she raised her children so well, Amit does two jobs and so your house earns, your children has so good values, I told Sarla not to marry Ashok, but Sarla loved you, and scolds Ashok.

He asks Ashok to assure seniors that he won’t do anything, then he can get job back. Ashok says I will apologize, if I did mistake, I have run canteen since years and did not do any mistake, Sarla has made Amit do all this, ask assurance from Sarla, Amit has done all this. Raghav gets shocked.

Raghav calls Ashok shameless to blame Sarla and Amit. He says call Amit, I will ask him. Ashok says he is not here. Shivam sees Amit’s face blackened, and Amit hides his face. Shivam’s friend says the goons have blackened face as maybe that guy did not pay loan. Shivam says he looked as Amit and goes. Bindu asks Prabha to pay for pani puri. Prabha says she has change and gives money. Prabha says how will we make Sarla have this sweets. Bindu says we have to make her have these sweets. Sarla cries and says Ashok did not give me any happiness, he is not ashamed, I m troubled.

Sarla starts her acting. Ashok says I will just say truth, Amit has done all this. Shanti says but you should have told Amit, you are his father, you should have told me about this. Sarla blames Ashok and says I m regretting now, I know Amit will take blame on himself to save his father if you all ask him. Ashok says Sarla is acting innocent, I told Sarla about canteen, Amit and Pari. Shanti asks what about Pari. Sarla holds his neck and says cries. She stops him from saying and says she will die. Raghav stops her.

Rani goes out. Pari calls Vyom and Sujeev and wishes any one of them picks the call. Raghav scolds Ashok’s collar. Kaushalya says leave him. Ashok says this is the beginning, one day will come, when Sarla and her children burn this house, even then you come to blame me.

Raghav tells Kaushalya that Ashok is blaming Sarla and her children. They see Preeti going.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow….todays episode was paisa wasul….us sarla aur pari ke to baynd baj gaye….maza agaya..

  2. Sarla is so bad.

  3. Nonsense..this serial has got nothing other than domination of evil over the senselss..ashok blamed for sarlas mistakes and her childrens misake..niw ashok wil be held rsponsible for paris mistake also..and all the recording rani has done dress and newspaper everything goes away..serial has to show evils win over good right..and never ever will sarlas bad things get exposd. Stupid serials…and in promos they show as if riya knows dadis real face and wil act very strong…nonsense..such a senseless stole riyas mobile..and marriage shagun covers…sarla and amits conspiracy of marying riya…ashoks canteen closed because of amit…paris gameplay with vyom and sujeev..there are so many things that need to be exposd…but no never..its wast of time watching this serial and commnting on it alsi

  4. angel chaurasia

    Atleast writer should bring amit n pari’s truth in front of family… eveyone is taking ashok wrong if some more days same thing happns wid him he can go in depression… raghav wt d hel is he maa ar behan ka bhakt… jis din usne apni maa ar behan ke true color dke us din to uske pairo tale jameen ni rhegi.. atleast he should belive in ashok he know him he cnt do dis bt den also he is cmng in his mum n sis tlks… so he a very bad dad husband n person.. if he is hvng fmly den he should listen to ol nt only his mum n sis… I hate d character of raghav as he cnt tke stnd fr any on he is alwyz ready to make his wife n children wrong… I hate him I hate him I hate him…. n i love d character of shivay n sweet nimmi n chuk chuk innocent preeti madly in luv wid rj mohit…

  5. Bhaut hi vhahiyad chal raha h jab se serial chalu Hua h kise ke bhi poll bai khuli main lead to shanti or sarla h not Riya shivam

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