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Mere Angne Mein 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Sarla bringing Mohit to his home. He asks them to do anything, but he will not forget Preeti. Shanti slaps him many times. Mohit’s mum stops Shanti and asks why are you slapping Mohit. Sarla says we told you to keep Mohit away from Preeti, then why did you send him. Mohit’s mum says but you told us… Sarla stops her from saying and warns them. Mohit asks them to do anything, he will get Preeti. Shanti scolds Mohit and says if Mohit comes there again, I will not leave him. Shanti leaves and Mohit’s mum scolds Sarla. She says Sarla told …. Sarla says I did not say anything and goes. Mohit’s mum slaps him and scolds. Mohit gets bad.

Kaushalya talks to Renu about Preeti’s inlaws. Renua says I m glad that Shanti gave all the rights to Riya, and asks

Riya to send Shanti out of the house. Kaushalya gets angry and says this is Shanti’s house. Renu calms her down and asks the work. Kaushalya asks Riya to do the work with Renu. Riya asks Kaushalya not to take tension, we will do marriage well. Renu says I will help you. Riya asks Renu to come with her to market, we will finish shopping. Kaushalya asks Riya not to sell or mortgage anything. Riya says give me a chance, I will make things right. Kaushalya asks Renu to check what Riya is doing. Renu asks her not to take tension. Kaushalya says everyone went out and is not taking call. Riya thinks to get Kaushalya’s Chandrahaar anyway, even if she has to sell her own jewelry.

Nimmi tries going to that locked room. Sharmili and Mama look on worried. Sujeev collides with her and she falls. He holds her and they start arguing. He says I don’t like this girl. Sharmili reminds Nimmi is Preeti’s younger sister. He says I dislike her presence here. Nimmi tells Sharmili says I have to go to washroom. Sharmili says its that side and shows her.

Riya and Renu are on the way. Riya tells Renu that we will get good sarees, as Preeti’s marriage is happening once. Renu calls Kaushalya lucky to get bahu like you. Shanti and Sarla are on the way, and talk about Kaushalya. Sarla sees Riya and shows Shanti. Riya goes to sell her jewelry. Sarla tells Shanti that Riya has got all the jewelry to sell, I told you to give some jewelry to her. Shanti thinks what to do and shouts bomb. The crowd starts running. The man asks Riya to go out and shuts the door. The man calls police, while Sarla eats free snacks from the stall. Shanti and Sarla leave hurriedly. Riya says someone might be joking, give my necklace. The man says I can’t open shop. Inspector comes and asks Riya to go. Riya thinks Renu would have done shopping.

Preeti talks to Kaushalya. Sarla hides face and talks to Shanti. Shanti says we will go home and cook a story of necklace, Riya will be finding Chandrahaar, and we will make Kaushalya call Riya. Prabha taunts Rani. Sarla tells Rani to come along, as she is going out to Shanti Sadan. Rani says sure, let Amit come, we will go together. Amit asks Rani to get tiffin from Shanti Sadan and goes. Rani asks Sonal to get ready, and I will also get ready with artificial jewelry. Prabha asks Rani whose marriage is happening. Rani says its Preeti’s marriage. Prabha says I understood, Preeti does not have good name, so they did not tell anyone. Shanti tells Sarla that she will make the story hyped and make her story look real. Renu tells Riya that she will need more time and asks Riya to do other shopoing till then. Riya thinks to do anything and get Chandrahaar.

Shanti hides something and thinks of doing something to Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s very irritating to see evil people always win and the good one are getting fooled ( including the audience?).. No one will bear such people who betray others in real life.. The creative team keeps dragging the track as much they can and suddenly will make all evil people realize their mistakes in last few episodes ..

  2. Oh please, this serial is so irritating. Stop telecast or change storyline. This is a very bad, and sickening.

  3. I think mere angne mein should come on for 1 hour.

  4. It’s dragging, Ria or Ekta should learn some acting skill from Shanthi and Sarala. Shanthi or Kruthika Desai is Everest in her acting. She just fit in her character extremely well. Ekta:s character is very simple but still she can’t show any action, reaction basically expression in her acting.
    Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in Preeti,Nimmi,Ria’s life… Good going but little dragging.

  5. Cant c poor d-i-l getting troubled n the mom-daughter evil jodi winning!!
    I have stopped watching, just read here!!

  6. Irritating now a days i jst hate to watch this serial coz of shanti and f**k sarla.

  7. Want to kill shanti and the word parpanch she uses . How come all the time she wins and is Riya so dumb . She started with a challenge with shanti and now became so weak just falls in their trap

  8. Shanza hayat

    Such a stupid Serial. It’s just a waisting of time now for me to watch the episodes because nothing new is there to watch. I just like to read the written episides but stop watching the serial. I think there is nothing new in this serial just dragging of evil stuff.

  9. It does not matter if you do not publish this comment. I wish to tell you this serial has gone on too long with endless tricks from shan’t hi and company. End this nonsense

  10. My friends, I stopped watching this stupid serial a WEEK ago .
    My family gets mad when i watch this negative stuff. Yes i do read the comments..
    A women like Sarla and Shanti are setting a very bad example , even if it is just a

  11. This is the most comeddy serial on star plus and after this DABH…:-D:-D:-D

  12. Bhuvi, you are exactly right, and that is the plot of all dramas in all languages

  13. Can we get something better from MAM ? Please writers give us positive actions and messages rather than filling the episodes with stupid and villainous Shanti & Sarla!?

  14. Good but please don’t drag so much sometimes give chance to ria to win always shanti is winning

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