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Mere Angne Mein 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam coming home. He sees Riya and they both look at each other. Shanti gets angry seeing this and throws a glass. She asks Chanda to help Shivam. Shivam asks Chanda not to help him, he can manage his work on his own. He asks what happened to Dadi’s hand. Preeti says Dadi has cut her nerve because of Riya. Shanti says nothing, you go. Shivam asks her to take care and goes. Shanti taunts Riya. Riya says Shivam will not see anyone else till I m here. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go to Shivam and talk to him. She tells Riya that Kaushalya is going to talk about Shivam and Chanda’s marriage, and today if Shivam does not agree, its fine, he will agree some day.

Sarla has kept her room locked. Rani and Nirmala work in kitchen. Rani adds that powder in Amit’s food. Amit

asks Sarla did she keep any cash in room, that she locked it. Sarla denies it. Rani goes to attend a call. Nirmala serves food to Sarla and Amit. The curry bowl changes and Sarla gets that powder added curry. Sarla and Amit eat the food. Rani smiles seeing Amit.

Vyom and Nimmi come home with Mama. They argue with Mama for lying and taking them to hotel. Sharmili comes and asks whats happening. Nimmi says hotel. Mama says I took them to hotel near that temple. Sharmili says fine, Nimmi you should not go anywhere without my permission. Vyom asks Mama what is the truth. Mama says I wanted to make you and Nimmi get close, and took you there, you have to get child from Nimmi, before Sujeev and Pari get a child. Vyom says she always fights with me, how can I go close to her, I want divorce. Sharmili scolds him and asks him to give her a heir, and keep relation till then.

Shivam eats food. Kaushalya goes to him and tries to talk. Riya is worried and sees Chanda coming downstairs. Kaushalya says I want to say something. He says Riya gave her resignation. She says let Riya go to hell, forget her, you promised me, I don’t want you to talk about her. He says I remember, I won’t talk about her, what were you saying. She gets teary eyed seeing his pain and says I forgot what to say. He says tell me when you remember. She says fine and goes.

Rani takes milk for Amit. He refuses to have it. She thinks effect should start soon. He asks did you own me. He feeds the milk to her and gets angry. She says I got this by love and you are behaving like this. He asks her to go. She thinks why is Mohini not showing effect, did Amit not eat that mohini powder. Someone goes to stab Sarla at night. Sarla wakes up and sees a thief stabbing her. She screams. Her bad dream ends and she wishes her bed is always full of money.

Its morning, Sarla keeps the money safe. She gets in Mohini’s effect seeing Nirmala. She talks like a robot. She acts good to Nirmala and asks Nirmala to sleep in her room. Nirmala gives her tea. Nirmala asks about cash. Sarla says I kept it in cupboard. Nirmala asks her to wear pink saree. Sarla agrees. Nirmala goes and Sarla comes out of that mohini effect. He holds her head.

Pandit tells Shanti about auspicious days. She asks him to do havan for their peace. He goes. Shanti makes some plan and calls Sarla. She tells her plan and asks her to come. Shanti asks Shivam to take her to temple. He says I have meeting. Shanti says take me and Chanda to temple. He says fine, but how will we three go on bike. She says nothing will happen. She asks Chanda to come fast, Shivam has imp meeting. She makes Chanda sit behind Shivam. He gets shocked. Shanti sits behind Chanda. They leave. Riya gets worried seeing this and calls Bunty. She tells Bunty that Shanti has taken Shivam and Chanda to temple.

Bunty asks her to go and see why Shanti took them. Riya says fine and ends call. Shivam drops Shanti and Chanda to temple. He says I will go now. Bansi and Rajendra look on. Shanti asks Shivam to wait, and drop them back home. The ladies come there and talk to Shanti. Shivam attends some call. Rajendra and Bansi tease Chanda. Shanti looks on. Shivam scolds them and beats them. The lady says tell them if she is your wife. She tells them that Chanda is Shivam’s wife. Shivam beats them more. They run away. Riya looks on. Shivam asks Chanda not to worry, they won’t come now. Shanti asks what happened. Shivam says nothing, some goons came. The lady asks Shanti to keep her bahu along, its good Shivam saved her. Shanti says come, bad incident happened but we are saved, we will take blessings from Lord.

Shanti asks Shivam and Chanda to take blessings. Riya cries seeing sindoor in Chanda’s maang.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode waiting to see if marriage happen or not

    1. how is this nice episode? You must be crazy to like this bull sh%^.

    2. Senseless serial

    3. Ru from the foolish directors family?? LOL… u liked this stupidity. ?

    4. Ms. Whatever and veena, if u dont like this serial, no problem. But you have no right to say her crazy or something else..better mind your business….she has her choice…she is not asking you to watch better go get a life…

  2. What garbage. I hate Shanti

  3. aparajita singh

    such a horrible all other boring serials.stupid Shivam, irritating shanti

  4. this serial is heading from bad to worst
    story is not at all moving unable to understand what ria is doing in that house no planning nothing waste of time

  5. crap show

  6. What the actually BS is this drama. I hate it now! Shivam is a man with no back bone, along with his father. I think Chanda isn’t so sweet as she appears to be, I feel like there will be a bigger twist with this. Most annoying character is preeti!!

  7. please iam not crazy and if you don’t like the show don’t watch it and don’t say bad about other who watch

    1. I totally agree with you. I like this show. Et ceux ki n aiment pas allez voir ailleurs si j y suis !!!!

  8. Can’t tolerate

  9. I don’t knw wat riya is doing in dat House.shanti is a wicked woman.boring episode .

  10. Worst serial ever.

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