Mere Angne Mein 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying Charni will stay in Shanti Sadan. Aarti says no, forgive me, I can’t agree to this, I will not stay there, I m going. Raghav says I saved your life, you have to payback the favor. He takes a firetorch in hand and says you all understand this language, Aarti will either come as bahu in Shanti Sadan, or I will die here. Aarti and everyone get shocked. Raghav asks Aarti to answer. Kaushalya says we all agree to what you say. Aarti says fine, I m ready to become your bahu. Shanti gets shocked. Aarti says throw this, I will come with you as your bahu. Raghav drops the firetorch. Shanti says this girl will make everyone cry. She goes.

Raghav asks Kaushalya to welcome her new bahu. She says Aarti’s grah pravesh will happen now. They all leave. Aarti cries.

Preeti argues with Nandu. She says Aarti fooled my brother, everyone will make fun of her. Nandu reminds what Preeti did, she had run away from the house and ruined family respect, then I held my hand. Preeti says you are still a clerk in my eyes. He defends Rani and Aarti. Preeti says Amit went to marry Rani, Shivam married Aarti, why does Raghav take Aarti’s side. He says Raghav knows she is good at heart. She says Raghav fought with Shanti for that girl. He asks her to keep quiet. She asks him why is he taking Aarti’s side, what relation he has with her. He says stop it, I regard her sister. She says I have seen many relations like that. He shouts and raises hand.

Kaushalya cries and says our fate is bad, what will people say. Shanti asks her to stop it. Amit comes crying. Shanti asks him to leave. Amit apologizes and says I did not understand what to do, I love Rani a lot, Rani cheated me, she said she was acting to marry Golu, she refused me and said she wanted to show me my status, I realized in mandap that I love her a lot, I can’t live without her, I know I did wrong with Charni and everyone, make me meet Rani. Shanti scolds him.

Shanti curses him that he will die as bachelor. Pari asks why is he getting mad. Amit says I know I did wrong with Charni, I want my Rani. Shanti beats him. Amit runs. She says you got us insulted. Raghav comes home. Amit says fine, beat me, forgive me.

Raghav comes alone. Kaushalya says Charni did not come back. Shanti sits crying. Raghav apologizes to Shanti. He says I will clear it, whatever anyone thinks, my decision about Aarti will not change. He goes. Amit says I will apologize to her, where is she. He looks for Charni. Kaushalya asks Shanti not to worry, maybe Aarti went. Amit asks where is Charni, what was Raghav saying about Aarti. Pari says Aarti got married to someone else. He asks with whom, who is that good man. Kaushalya cries and we got ruined.

Amit says it means …. Pari says yes. Amit says but how, I did not expect this from Raghav, why did you not stop him. Pari says he has filled maang in front of everyone. Amit asks Shanti did you not stop such big Adharm, Charni got married to Raghav. They get shocked. Kaushalya slaps Amit. Pari says Shivam got married to Charni. Amit says he always takes away my bride. Kaushalya asks why do you give him chance, this happened because of you. Amit asks what, I m sorry. Kaushalya says Aarti fooled us, I will also curse you, you always remain a bachelor. Amit says I want to marry Rani. Pari scolds him and beats him. Amit says you also wanted Shivam to get married, what’s the problem, he got a girl like Devi, she loves gungun, she is giving him mum’s love to baby, you all are cursing me, this happened good with Shivam, where is Charni, I will congratulate her and say sorry. Pari says she is a liar, you got saved, she is a divorcee. Amit gets shocked.

Pari says her husband has kicked her out of house. Amit asks who was her husband. Pari says don’t know, she was going to commit suicide and Raghav got her here, she was staying happily here and now became bahu of Shanti Sadan. Amit says I forgot to understand my feelings, you did mistake to identify people, now forgive me. Aarti cries and recalls everyone’ words, what all happened in her life till now. She takes gungun and hugs her. She thinks what’s happening with my life.

Nimmi asks Shanti where is gungun. Shanti says Charni may have run with her. Aarti comes home with baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. anay bangalore

    who is gungun? baby;s name was raina in the begining when did it change?

    1. It’s baby’s nick name given her by charni ! Her real name is raina !

  2. Mani bharati

    They simply want to drag the story for years. Happy s why can’t he misunderstanding. Unless housemates torture het, shivam won’t come for her rescue. He starts supporting her.q

  3. gungun is nickname for raina

  4. Yeh log kitna khich rahe hain is show ko,bekar.

  5. Preeti disrespect her husband chandu all the time but still she’s feeling insecured that he might having affairs with other girls ! First she was accusing her own sis nimmi and now arti ! She’s really sarla’s neice ! Like bua like batheji! ?

  6. In todays episode, everyone was shocked to know that Arti is her real name. How come nobody knew that Charni’s real name is Arti even though Shivam always calls her Arti?

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