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Mere Angne Mein 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya leaving for the market. She tells her friend on call that she is coming. Pari sees her belongings thrown outside of her room and cries. She says where will I go now, how will I manage my life. Kaushalya tells Riya that she kept everything now, sell the old newspapers and keep money. Shanti asks Riya to handover money to her. Riya smiles and says fine. A lady comes and tells about saas-bahu competition. The lady asks Shanti will she participate. Shanti says yes, I will win too. The lady asks Shanti to send Kaushalya and Riya in competition. Shanti says I can win too, Kaushalya’s mistakes made me lose before. The lady says maybe new Jodi can win and come. Shanti asks whats the prizes this time. The lady names the prizes. Kaushalya asks Shanti shall I go. Shanti asks

her to go. She starts exercising and getting fit.

Pari is leaving. She slaps Vyom. They both have an argument. He says Sujeev’s anger can calm down and he will get your bags back in the room. She blames him for all this, Sujeev ruined my life, I did not wish to marry him, he has…. He says don’t lie to me, I know you married Sujeev for money. She says don’t blame me. He says enough, see this video, you are saying you did not marry him for money. Pari gets shocked seeing the video. He asks her to deny this girl is she, nothing happened that night, Sujeev slept, Sharmili also knows your real truth. Pari gets shocked. Vyom takes his phone and goes. Pari says I m totally exposed, what to do, I have to make things right, I loved Vyom, I have to convince him, the truth is I love Vyom.

Shanti asks Riya to get old items from kitchen. She asks the man to weigh the things right. Shanti gets some call and gets busy. Riya gets the old things and also Shanti’s glass. Preeti sees that and thinks how can Riya give this to junk buyer. She takes the glass and thinks I will see how Riya manages this glass drama now, Shanti will not leave Riya if Dada ji’s gifted glass goes.

Sarla is worried and thinks what to do. Amit comes and asks for money. She says I don’t have money. He says I will sell Ashok. She asks are you mad. Nirmala comes and shows kundli saying Ashok has no life harm if I marry him. Sarla says I have also found out from pandit, its fine. Nirmala says really, we will keep marriage tomorrow. Sarla says not tomorrow, after 3-4 days. Nirmala says I will marry after 4 days, I won’t listen to anyone. She says my suhaagan dream will break, but it will be big loss for you. She goes. Amit asks Sarla to do something soon.

Riya gives money to Shanti and asks her to count. Kaushalya comes home. Kaushalya talks to Shanti. Shanti asks her to massage her legs with oil. Riya tells about the lep mix she made for her legs, it will relieve her pain. Shanti and Kaushalya get the bad smell. Riya applies the lep to Shanti’s feet. Shanti coughs and says the smell is coming from this lep, what did you add in this. Riya says egg. Shanti shouts egg, you applied egg to my feet, we did not get egg in home. She asks Kaushalya to throw this outside and get gangajal. Riya says sorry, you told me to make this lep, I read it magazine. Shanti asks what. Riya shows the magazine and says house remedies. Shanti says I was telling you about food recipes. Riya says sorry. Kaushalya makes Shanti wash her feet. Riya sprays perfume on Shanti’s feet. Kaushalya asks Riya to ask them and do work, Shanti gets sneezes. Riya laughs. Shanti asks her does she no shame to laugh. Kaushalya laughs and says spare us, go and help Shivam. Riya goes. Shanti and Kaushalya laugh thinking this was the because of the egg, we thought its fish smell coming from neighbors.

Kaushalya takes care of Shanti. Shanti is annoyed with Riya. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Riya. Shanti asks her to prepare for competition. Kaushalya says I want to talk about Sarla, I heard her state is bad. Shanti asks what happened, did anyone say anything. Kaushalya tells her something. Shanti gets shocked.

Shanti goes to Sarla’s house and asks Nirmala why did she cry when Ashok fainted.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Riya & dadi scene was soo cute.Love their nokjok.Pari slap vyom.How dare is she????accha howa uska aukat dekadiya vyom lee.Vyomita r adorable. Kitni pyare lagrae thee.I miss them forever.Today there is no nandu.It is superb without him.avv show mein preeti accha masala dalegi.I want Ashok & Nirmala.sarla ko accha samak milegi.

  2. nice episode

  3. I love the characters n ria shivam scenes, but the serial makers have completely forgotten what this serial was all about. Instead of women empowerment, ria has been made to stop her job . Seems silly sometimes. N what if ria did not come on time???
    Shivam was all set to get married.

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