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Mere Angne Mein 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with manager asking the staff to volunteer for presentation. Everyone raise hands. The manager says they can get fired if its wrong. Everyone get hands down. Shivam says he will make it without anyone’s help. Riya sees him and leaves. Preeti comes home and sees Nimmi taking water buckets home. She helps her and they bring many buckets. Shanti looks on. Bunty thinks to help Riya. Shivam comes home and sees his sisters filling water. He says he will see the receipt. Shanti asks him what does he do to solve things. Shivam talks to a neighbor and talks water connection from him. Sarla and Amit come and look on. Shivam goes.

Amit asks her to see their standard. Sarla asks them whats all this. Shivam gets the water pipe and helps the sisters. Amit passes some taunts and Shivam

laughs on him, replying taunts. Sarla laughs and Kaushalya cleans the floor. Amit intentionally walks by the cleaned portion and spoils it. Kaushalya asks her children not to reach. Shanti asks Shivam why is he staring at Amit.

The guests come at Shanti Sadan. Nimmi says she will clean the entrance and puts water there. The water falls on the guests and they scold her. Sarla and Amit get glad that the alliance will end without their saying. Nimmi says she did not see them and the man scolds her for arguing. Sarla says she is daughter of this house. Nimmi says how are they shouting in our home. Shanti comes and sees them. Sarla requests them to come inside. The guests get angry and leave. Sarila starts crying. Shanti says see what I do now and takes Nimmi. Sarla tells Amit that their work is done. Kaushalya says Nimmi did not do this intentionally. Sarla says Nimmi can’t do this to send people away, how will Amit get a good girl now. She cries while acting and says she will leave now. Shanti asks Kaushalya to pack her tiffin and punishes Nimmi to sleep in store room. Shivam gets angry. Shanti asks him to go.

Shivam and Preeti send Nimmi her mobile by the string and messages her. He sends water to her and Nimmi smiles reading his message about the surprise left. Shanti sits outside to guard Nimmi. Nimmi makes a doll dress up in Shanti’s style and sends the pic to Preeti. Shivam and Preeti laugh. Nimmi passes time and scolds the doll Shashikala, and asks her to treat them well, else stay alone in Shanti Sadan. She laughs. Shanti hears her laugh. Kaushalya asks Nimmi why is she laughing.

Shanti says she will not leave her, and goes to see Nimmi. She asks is she laughing on her. Kaushalya says she is playing with doll. Shanti says play, but when I play, no player can stand against me. She leaves and locks Nimmi again. Preeti asks Shivam what will we do now. He says let me think. Raghav calls Kaushalya and says he is coming home in sometime. She asks why. He says he got free of work, did he children do anything. She cries. He asks her not to cry, and asks about Amit’s proposal. She says no, I will tell when you come home. Shanti hears her and scolds her. She says you are jealous of Amit. Kaushalya apologizes and asks her to leave Nimmi.
Shanti says let Raghav come. Preeti says Shashikala became shark. Shivam says let dad come and see her. Sarla sees Shanti’s pic and says she lies Riya. Amit asks her to think anything, as Riya is rich. Rani comes and brings a dish. She looks for Amit and tells about her aunt’s accident. Sarla gets an idea.

Nimmi looks for her phone and gets hurt. She shouts and Shanti says she will just do drama. Nimmi sees a snake and shouts. She cries and asks them to open the door. Kaushalya says she is saying snake. Shanti asks is there a snake really. She opens the lock and Raghav comes there. Nimmi comes out crying and hugs Kaushalya. Raghav shows the snake to Shanti. Its fake snake held by Shivam.

Raghav asks Nimmi why did she go to store room. Nimmi says Shanti will say. Shanti says they filled the water pots and asks Nimmi to say. Kaushalya says leave all this now. Shanti says yes, its good Nimmi is safe. Raghav asks about Amit’s proposal. Shanti says girl’s family got annoyed and went. He asks why, what happened. She asks him to leave it now. Shanti asks where is Shivam, is he sleeping.

Shivam asks Nimmi how was the snake, was it like this, and shows the fake snake. He laughs. He says he messaged her. They see the fake snake and ask was this the surprise. She says she did not see. He says he thought she was acting, but it was great real acting. He says she scared Shashikala and they laugh. Its morning, Sarla prays to Lord. She asks few rickshaw drivers about making someone fall from the rickshaw, what will they take and she wants some good place that don’t hurt much. A man agrees and asks for 500rs. She says so much for a little thing. He asks for 1000rs. She says just 250rs and bargains. Kaushalya tells Shanti that Preeti paid the water bill. Shanti says she did not tell Raghav. Raghav asks for food and Kaushalya gives the tiffin. Shivam says he is going out and will drop him. They leave.

Sarla goes in temple and talks to the pandit. She says she will pay him if he says what she wants. He agrees. Shivam drops Raghav. Raghav apologizes to him. He asks him to go home and helps in staring his bike. He says bike knows its owner and goes. Shivam looks on. Sarla talks to Riya and asks her to come temple. Riya says I m in office. Sarla says she kept puja for her, when Shanti sees her doing puja, she will like her. Riya sees Shivam and smiles. Riya says she will come. Sarla asks her to get yellow flowers. Bunty says she has good chance to show her presence in his presentation. Riya says what to do to make problem and then become its solution. Sarla calls her and asks her to come on time. The manager tells Shivam that client is big and wants all details of skincare range, I want samples parcel to be collected from railway station. Shivam agrees. The manager says it should be picked on time. Bunty says Shivam will get it when the parcel is there, use this chance. Riya smiles.

Shivam tells the boss that he collected the parcel. He slips and the parcel lands in Raghav’s hands. Shivam says its his friends. Raghav gives the parcel to other man.

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