Mere Angne Mein 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav missing Shanti. He wishes she was here with him to face these things. He prays Shanti succeeds in her work and comes back soon. He gets dizzy and faints. Nimmi and Kaushalya see him and shout. Nimmi calls doctor. Kaushalya makes him lie down. The man says sorry Shivam, this is formality, you have to sign before fight. Shivam thinks its deadly fight. He asks what’s written in it. The man says if you die during fight, we will give your body with one you came here, we need sign on concerned person also. Riya sees Shivam.

Shanti and Pari come out of the room. A man stops Riya. Riya asks why, I need to see my husband. Shanti hears Riya and says I think Riya is here. Pari asks why are you thinking for them, they will be having picnic. Shanti agrees to Pari. Riya

beats the man and runs. Her mangalsutra falls. She picks it and runs to Shivam. Shivam signs on the contract.

She comes to him and asks where did you go without saying, what’s going on. She wears her mangalsutra and asks what are you hiding. He says nothing. She sees death contract written. She asks him to show papers. He says its my imp docs. She says I read death in it. He gets shocked.

Doctor says Raghav fainted by heavy stress, let him rest. Raghav says I have seen worse days, I m not young now, I just got the shock and fainted, don’t worry. Kaushalya says you can get my age. Nimmi asks them to welcome Shanti, I m sure she will come tomorrow. He says I m proud of you, I also feel Shanti will come tomorrow, try to call her and take her welfare. Doctor asks him to take rest and have medicines. Shivam asks Riya to not ask for papers again, its insurance papers. She asks him to show it. He says please, sign on it, they have to leave.

She refuses. He insists. He hides the papers and takes her sign. He gives papers to George. The man says you have three days now. Shivam says he means for my fight, don’t get worried, come we will go to room. He calls her Malkain. She laughs and says you can’t act like Papa ji. He says fine, check this. She calls him bad actor. The lady calls Riya mad. Riya argues with the lady. Shivam says Riya come with me, and apologizes to the lady.

Kaushalya calls Shanti and could not connect. Raghav asks her to call Pari. Kaushalya says Pari is young, what will she manage. Nimmi says Pari would be enjoying alone. Shanti Prasad comes to threaten them about Shanti’s game. He goes to sit on swing. Kaushalya stops him and says its rule that just Shanti sits on this swing. Shanti Prasad says oh, I did mistake. He makes his men sit on swing and says this swing belongs to me now. Raghav says I will call police and complain. Shanti Prasad asks him to call police. Raghav says you should be scared of Lord, so Lord is punishing you, your son got missing. Shanti Prasad aims gun and threatens to kill Raghav.

Pari gets Sarla’s call. Shanti asks her to talk and goes ahead. Sarla asks Pari to run away with money and imp papers, once we get money, we don’t need to keep relation with Shanti Sadan. Pari says my focus is on money. She ends call and sees Shanti hearing her. Shanti asks what happened, is there any tension. Pari gets relieved. She says no, Sarla was missing us and crying.

Shanti Prasad says I will stay here till Shanti gives news of my son’s welfare, I will rule here. He sits on swing and asks Kaushalya to cook food for them.

Riya is worried. Shivam asks why is she upset now. He tries to cheer her up. She hugs him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck to his shirt. He asks her to hug him inside mangalsutra. She hugs and they smile. He asks her to say love you. She says I know but.. fine I will not say I love you soon. He says we will see, I will give you many surprises that you get helpless to say I love you.

Shanti and Pari take disguise to find Pramod.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shanti is so funny love her

  2. No passport,no visa, no flight booking, no currency exchange, no bag checking, and finally without Flight these damn behkoof family members are in Hongkong. I stopped watching this bakwass show. I just turned last week these ppl r escaping from home. What kind of crap the directors are doing. They think just like their charecters the viewers are also idiot.
    Some one find funny in their acting here. Damn story, and its writers , Director and the productiin team. Have some sense idiots.

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