Mere Angne Mein 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla acting. Pari cries and tells Vyom that Sharmili chose a girl for you, I can’t share you with anyone, I don’t know who is that girl, tell Sharmili that you will commit suicide if she forces you for marriage, I will tell you how to act, as I acted to commit suicide many times. He says no, I can’t tell mummy. She asks what, if the girl comes then.. she says marriage did not happen yet. Sharmili comes and asks Vyom to marry, else she will remove him from her life, house and property, he has two options either to marry or leave from here.

She says I will get Vyom married at any cost, and you Pari, why do you care? Pari says nothing. Sharmili says I don’t care if you have objection, I will get my son married, I will see who stops me. She leaves. Pari says

she will tell Vyom is impotent and not let his marriage happen. He calls her mad. She says let me do what I want, I will become bad and stop your marriages, waits and watches… she leaves. He says I m stuck in this problem.

Sarla is till outside. Shanti asks Raghav to see the effect of giving freedom and tells Shivam that your modern wife Riya is responsible for all this. She asks Raghav to get Preeti married to anyone. Raghav agrees and asks her to find a guy, no need to ask Preeti, get her married. She says finding guy in this city is tough, we will find from any other city.

Raghav gets call from duty work and says I won’t come. The man asks him to come for emergency duty. Shanti asks Raghav not to get angry and go, she will manage.

Shanti asks Raghav to go on his duty and not worry for Preeti. She asks Shivam to sit, and find out about giving matrimony ads for Preeti and Nimmi. Pari is angry on Sharmili and says she can kill anyone to stop Vyom’s marriage. She gets to know about Sharmili’s allergy from Hari Kaka and lies to him about throwing that groundnut paste. She does not throw and adds it in the dish. Sarla calls Srikant and says she told him before about Shanti Sadan family. He says yes, its good you told us. She says your son will not know how you got insulted, he is blind in love and will marry Preeti. He says no, I can’t let this happen. She asks what can you do.

She says everyone is laughing on you as someone made the video and shared. She says she will send him the video too. Vyom and Sujeev end dinner and go for a walk. Sharmili says I feel like getting dizzy and asks Hari Kaka did he add groundnuts in food. Hari Kaka says no, I told Pari about your allergy. Sharmili says it means Pari did this. Pari asks Kaka why is he blaming her, she has thrown it, I did not do anything. Sharmili says remember Pari, this will be costly for you. Pari reminds how Sharmili added itching powder in the bathing water. Sharmili gets itching.

Sarla and Rani feel cold and sit outside Shanti Sadan. Doctor gets injection for Sharmili. Sharmili refuses for injection. Pari thinks Sharmili is scared. Sujeev asks Sharmili to take injection. Sharmili screams taking injection. Pari laughs and says you will be fine now. Doctor says reaction is high, take care of her. Sujeev asks what to avoid in food. Doctor asks her to avoid normal diet and just soup. She says no way, I will die like this and scolds him. Sujeev asks her to do as doctor says. He asks Pari to take care of Sharmili, and goes with doctor. Sharmili scolds Pari and they argue.

Mohit drives bike in high speed and hits a woman. The woman says he has hit me. Bansi scolds him, and asks why did he hit her. Mohit says that woman came infront of me. The woman is Rajender. They try to take money from Mohit. Sharmili scolds Pari and says let Sujeev come, I will tell him. She cries and tells Sujeev that Pari tried to kill me, she added groundnut in dish, you know I have allergy, I could have died. Sujeev looks at Pari and asks what is this nonsense, how dare you do this, get out from here, come. Pari says no, its not like this.

Mohit argues with Bansi and says I did not hit anyone. The people get angry and hold Mohit. Mohit asks where did your wife go, and argues. He gives him money and gets late. Srikant calls him and asks him to come home. Mohit says I will come soon, I hope everything is fine. Srikant says yes. Mohit says but Preeti’s family will be waiting. Srikant says we have to discuss something imp, come home.

Sujeev tells Pari that she did wrong with mummy, he can’t bear this. Pari lies and says I love Sharmili. Sharmili says she is lying Sujeev. Sujeev asks Pari to leave. Vyom comes and asks Sujeev how can he kick out Pari. Sujeev asks him to see mummy. Sharmili tells Vyom that she tried to kill me, make her leave, else she can try to kill me again, I will get Sujeev marry someone else. She cries. Lawyer comes and asks whats happening with bahu, Sujeev where are you taking her? Sharmili says nothing, their nok jhok goes on, its nothing serious. She sends them and talks to lawyer. He says trust has new rule, Sujeev and his wife have to sign there every 15 days. Sharmili asks whats this rule. They want Sujeev and his wife to be together, else money will not come. She worries.

Bansi comes to Srikant and says Madam X has sent a special thing for you. Srikant asks who is Madam X. Bansi asks him to take video and give his phone. Mohit comes and asks whats good news, if my marriage date fixed. Bansi leaves. Srikant says they insulted us and made us leave. Mohit says you are lying so that I refuse for this proposal, they are good people, I know them. Srikant tells everything what happened. Mohit says I can’t believe them, I will apologize to them if they are angry, your son is dead from today for you. Srikant stops him and asks him to see the video. Mohit sees the video of Raghav insulting his parents. He gets shocked seeing Raghav and Shanti scolding his parents. His mum cries and asks do you want to join relation with that family, we can never bless you, go and marry that girl if you want. Mohit gets sad.

Sarla feels cold. She sees Bansi coming and signs him to give phone. Bansi keeps phone near her and goes. Nimmi tries cheering up Preeti. Preeti asks Nimmi to go and not trouble her. Raghav and Kaushalya come there and see Preeti crying.. Raghav goes. Preeti gets Mohit’s call. Kaushalya looks on. Mohit asks Preeti why did she call his parents there to insult them. She asks what, my parents got insulted by your parents, its their mistake. They argue over their parents’ insult. He says you are lying. She asks why did he call, she won’t talk to him and won’t keep any relation with him, she won’t marry him, don’t call or try to talk to me. He asks her to think what is she saying. She says yes, don’t call me again. She ends call. Kaushalya cries seeing Preeti and leaves.

Shanti goes out and sees Sarla and Rani outside the house. Shanti cries seeing Sarla feeling cold in chilling weather.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Uh oh….I thnk Preethi and Mohith’s love story ended here..hope there will be no twist such as Nandu marrying Preethi,,,Also,,,please expose Sarla soon,,,atleast for this tym plz expose here soon,,

  2. This drama makes me doubt and wonder if there is a God. We are made to believe God help good people. That truth wins always. But not with Indian TV dramas.

    1. Yaa i agree with u n how can someone be sooooo cheap n arrogant

  3. I hate sarla plz expose her i feel bad for Preeti and Mohit and bechare riya??

  4. I used to adore this from the beginning but it seems its getting boring day by day. it would be really good if some twist joins in.

  5. Aj to riya thi he nai…please expose sarla…i think vyom aur preeti ki shadi hogi.

  6. serial is boring now.. initially it was very good , but things are stuck.

    1. totally agreed nabish

  7. sorry i meany xxx

  8. Some technical things easily cant b ignored…..
    1.Like mohit must hv watched the mms….applied his brain…..becoz being RJ he should hv such technical mind….
    2. Why 2 penters are working for sarala without pay…???
    3. Mohit parents r soooooooo innocent that thaey beleived sarala….wow…?
    4….serial is very intresting but some smaet things are missing…..

  9. I will kill this sarla… .. every time creating problem for her family..
    Mohit stupid guy..
    They should sought out this prblm nd get married Then only it should b gud to watch this serial.

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