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Mere Angne Mein 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya thinking it will be bad if I tell anything. Riya writes note about 4000rs for Mama ji’s treatment and takes money. She goes. Shanti says what days to see, Riya is giving money. Pari and Mama argue. Mama scolds her as she was going to marry that woman. Pari says I saved you from Sharmili, she would have kicked you out from here, it all happened for good, that girls were not of your standard, I will get a good wife for you, I feel sad for you. He asks why. She says leave it. he says you have to say. She says you can give me electric shocks, but I can’t see you sad, think will Sharmili think of your marriage.

He says I won’t agree, you are making me against Sharmili. She says no, just think, Sharmili does not want you to have children, else they will need

property share too, you prepare to become grooms, I will find the girl. He asks are you saying true. Pari says yes. Mama says I will do as you say. She says fine, and asks for money for nail polish. He says he will get expensive nail polishes for her. She thinks he got beaten up by two girls and still dreaming to mart,

Shanti is leaving. She asks Riya not to touch the bags. Raghav asks Nandu to take care of everyone, as he and Shivam are going. Riya gives 4000rs to Shivam for Mama’s treatment. Raghav, Shanti and Shivam leave.

Sarla asks Rani to work. Rani thinks to convince Sarla, what to do. She says I will make great food and take for Amit. Kaushalya waits for Raghav’s call, and says don’t know how is Mama. Riya sees her worried. She asks Kaushalya to calm down, we will also go there to see Mama. Boss calls Riya and scolds her. He asks why did you and Shivam not come office, give resignation if you are not interested to wait.

Riya tells him that Shivam went to see his Mama ji, who got a heart attack. Boss says client is waiting there and asks her to attend the client instead Shivam. Riya says no, I can’t come, mummy is alone at home, everyone is gone. Kaushalya asks Riya to talk later. Riya ends call and tells matter to Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Riya to go and meet client, as boss is angry on Riya and Shivam. Riya calls boss and says I will go and meet client, send me details. He says fine. Kaushalya asks Riya to go, and calls Shivam to know about Mama ji.

She asks how is Mama ji. Shivam says doctor has come, he said Mama’s sugar level was high, Shanti and Raghav are fine, don’t worry, I m with them, tell Riya to call boss. Kaushalya says boss called and was angry, she is leaving now. Shivam says fine, I will talk to her. Rani says I will make Amit happy today and says the dish looks good. The dish falls and gets spoiled. Rani gets sad, and says I still have time, I will work hard again.

Nandu asks Kaushalya to give some money. Kaushalya says I told you to take your money, we won’t like to give money daily. He says I have work to go out and want some money. Nimmi comes there. Kaushalya asks Nandu what happened, she gave him money yesterday. Nandu says someone snatched. She says what, who did this, tell me. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get diary. Nandu says leave it, maybe that person needs money more than me.

Nimmi tells Preeti that Kaushalya is scolding Nandu and asks her to see. Preeti refuses. Mohit throws the note and bouquet for Preeti. He gives her a flying kiss. She reads note and sees him. He says he will get Preeti. Nimmi takes Preeti to see Kaushalya. Kaushalya insists and asks Nandu to say truth, who took his money, tell it as you regard me your mother. Nandu says Mohit snatched it, I was passing by police station, Mohit came out and I asked him how is he, he snatched money to buy wine, I refused and he took it forcibly. Preeti cries. Kaushalya says he is very bad guy. She says I will give you money, keep it safe. Nandu says I m feeling bad. Nimmi shouts Preeti, and runs. Kaushalya says its good she heard it, don’t worry.

Preeti crushes the flowers and sits crying. Nimmi consoles Preeti and asks her to come with her, don’t take tension about Mohit. Kaushalya comes and asks how did these flowers come. Nimmi makes silly excuses. Preeti says Mohit has thrown flowers on terrace. Kaushalya says let him do anything, you don’t see him, don’t be scared, we are with you. Preeti cries and hugs her. She promises she will never break their trust. Kaushalya says we know, so we trust you. Nimmi says Preeti refused to come with me. Kaushalya asks them to go.

Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan and asks Kaushalya where is Shanti. Kaushalya says your Santosh Mama got heart attack, Shanti went there. Sarla asks why did you not tell me, am I outsider, Riya would have stopped you. Kaushalya says no, she has gone for work, I m worried since morning, Shanti did not have food. Sarla calls Shanti and asks how did she go without telling her, how is Mama. Shanti says he is fine, I was scared hearing news and came here, take care of Kaushalya and girls. Sarla says fine, don’t worry, you also take care.

Sarla tells Kaushalya that she will take Preeti to her designer friend, I will sell my old earrings and get new one for Preeti. Kaushalya says Preeti is very lucky to have such Bua, she has gone to market with Nimmi. Sarla asks what. Kaushalya says Mohit is troubling Preeti, she is crying a lot, so I have sent her out. Sarla says Mohit is after Preeti, I will not leave him. Kaushalya cries. Sarla says its your mistake too, you did not control the girls, see my daughters, I would have given good training to your daughters as well, leave it now, call Preeti and Nimmi back, I will take Preeti with me, why did you send Nimmi, if Mohit does drama here, how will you manage, call Nimmi back, I will pick Preeti, I will go there and send Nimmi, shut the door. She leaves and calls Pari. She asks Pari to bring Mama to jewelry designer, and she will get Preeti there.

Pari tells Mama that she knows a designer, and will buy cool clothes for him. Mama agrees. Pari says I promise you will get married soon. He says Sharmili can come anytime, we will hurry. She says make me do some shopping as well. Mama agrees. Sujeev comes and they stop. Sujeev asks where are you going. Pari says we are not going. Mama says we are going to market, as Sharmili told me some work. Pari is getting bored at home so I m taking her. Sujeev says I will come along. Pari and Mama worry.

Riya is on the way and calls Anupam to take his welfare. She asks him how is he, are you fine, sorry, I could not come to meet you, I m going for work, Bunty went on picnic, Shivam went to meet a relative who got a heart attack. Anupam says I m fine, I will rest. Riya says you are unwell, did you go to doctor. He says I will talk later, don’t worry and ends call. She calls Kaushalya and cries, telling about Anupam’s ill health. She asks Kaushalya to send Nimmi. Kaushalya says I will send Nimmi, she will take Anupam to doctor, stop crying. Nimmi comes home and asks Kaushalya why is Sarla troubling. Kaushalya says she is your Bua, she said she wants to buy gold earrings for Preeti. Nimmi asks what, this can never happen, I can’t even imagine this, she is planning something big. Kaushalya asks her to think good about Sarla. She tells about Riya’s call, and asks her to go to Anupam’s house, take him to doctor. She asks Nimmi to take money and write in diary, that you are taking money for medicines, don’t mention Anupam’s name. Nimmi says fine.

Sarla gets Preeti to some designer’s house. Pari calls Sarla and says we are reaching. Sarla says I did all arrangements, when your Mama comes there, he will feel Preeti is rich and stays in this big house. Kaushalya talks to Nimmi, and one of Kaushalya’s friends comes there. Kaushalya welcomes her friend and they sit talking.

Preeti says I m unwell, we will come any other day. Sarla says no, we have come far, we won’t go back. The lady tells Kaushalya about a proposal for Preeti, the guy is her relative, he is very good, but there is one problem. Kaushalya says I will not get Preeti married to any older man. The lady says no, his wife died, he does not have children, he is a nice guy. Kaushalya says I will talk to Raghav.

Sarla asks Preeti to check designer jewelry. She acts like getting call and asks Preeti to stand here. She calls Pari and asks where did she reach. Pari says we are close. Sarla hides till Pari comes. Preeti stands near the entrance and waits for Sarla.

Preeti comes home and vomits. Kaushalya worries and asks why did she get vomits. She asks Preeti is she pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The at least can be little smart and open up their eyes to take care of their life’s. This show is showing the reality of the mid middle class family with litrate and illustrates in the family surrounded by litrate crook relatives and neighbors. It’s very hard to survive being with them as a litrate. The gang nor understand or allow them succeed in their life. It’s kind of pain watching some innocent life is in stake. Reality sucks but true. Nowadays girls are all least matured, its a show they are adding more masalas… But show some light in their lives.

  2. irrited honalaga hai yeah show dekkar.Nandu lee kusiya see jhut kyuu bola mohit lee thoo kuch vi nai liya thaa ussee .plzz mohit ko image spoil maat kige.reunite mohit &preeti.I think preeti ko koee disease hai.but precap muje funny laga.

  3. “is she pregnant??” really kaushalya?? she could have food poisoning!

  4. Shame on Kousalya, probably Sarala gave leftover food or something and its infected. This is how these people are by thinking that they are helping their child they themself kill them or take them to the extent of commit suicide.

  5. This show is getting annoying by the day. Please something good should happen to preeti and mohit. falling in love is not a crime. why should evil aways win, sarla should stay in her boundaries besides she is married. i so much love this show so please don’t make it tiring. Spice up the show

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