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The Episode starts with Raghav and everyone waiting for Lucky. Nimmi and Preeti call Lucky, and he does not answer. Sarla smiles and thinks even if Lucky comes or not, they all will get insulted and sorrowful. Preeti cries. Raghav asks Shivam to go and see if there is any problem. Kaushalya worries and prays that everything gets fine. Raghav says what’s fine already, leave it on Lord, if Lord wills, the marriage will happen, else Preeti will curse her fate. Nimmi thinks where is Nandu. Shanti waits at the door. Shanti asks Preeti do you trust Lucky, did he sell the gold ring and run away, if he has run away, this time you run to Ganga ghat, do you understand. Preeti says Lucky is not such, he will surely come. Shanti says its good if he comes, else you will listen to me all your life. Nimmi

thinks something happened, else Nandu would have come by now. Pari asks what happened. Nimmi calls Nandu again. Pari says I will call Ramesh.

Shivam goes to Lucky’s house and sees the lock. He looks around and asks some people about Lucky. The man says I don’t know, they were here in morning. Shivam asks did they say anything. The man says I have no idea. Everyone wait for Lucky. Preeti cries. She goes to the door to see. Nimmi says Shivam has come. Shivam says Lucky’s house is locked. Preeti gets shocked and cries. Shanti looks at the peace plants. She says Preeti’s fate is black, first she had affair with Mohit, he left her, then we decided her marriage in big house, Preeti has run away, Nandu held her hand and she left his hand to hold someone else’s hand, Lucky is the last guy now, no other guy will come to hold your hand, you won’t get another Nandu.

Preeti says Lucky is not like that, he loves me. Shanti says Mohit also loved you, he did half marriage and left you as incomplete bride. Preeti says Lucky is not such, he will surely come. She goes out and sees flowers and note. She gets shocked reading it. Kaushalya asks what happened, whose letter is it. Nimmi reads it and says its Lucky’s letter, he wrote he can’t marry Preeti. They all get shocked.

Nimmi thinks why did Nandu change plan suddenly. Kaushalya falls down and cries. Raghav holds her. Preeti says why does this happen with me, now there is no meaning of my life. She goes to kitchen and takes a knife. Shivam and everyone run after her and stop her. Preeti cries.

Sarla asks Pari to call Ramesh. Pari sees Nandu and screams. Everyone get shocked seeing Nandu. Raghav says why are you screaming, he is Nandu, not a ghost. Nandu goes to Preeti. He says I tried to die, but I did not die, maybe Lord wants this that I don’t go away from your life, we will forget everything and make a new start. Sarla asks how can you come back, you are ghost. Raghav asks what do you mean, did Nandu die, what’s happening. Sarla says yes, Nandu’s blood stained shirt was delivered with Nandu’s suicide note. Raghav asks when did this happen, before his parents came or later. Sarla says ask Kaushalya, will I answer everything. Raghav asks Kaushalya. Kaushalya says it happened before Nandu’s parents came. Raghav says you all are great. Nandu was assumed dead and even then you were getting Preeti married, you lied to Nandu’s parents and sent them. Raghav asks Shanti did you know this. Shanti asks does it matter, Kaushalya decided everything, who heard me. Raghav says you should have told me. Shanti says Preeti was going mad to marry, your wife is deciding, Nimmi is saying Nandu died and keep the marriage now, what can I do.

Raghav says its limit, will anyone tell me. Shanti says keep tone lower, why are you complaining, I should complain, you agreed to Kaushalya, you did not listen to me, let it happen, else go and sit in your room, manage your wife and daughter, then ask me. Sarla smiles. Nimmi thinks why did Nandu come. Preeti says I will die, but not marry Nandu, I don’t care if Nandu is alive or dies, Lucky will come. Nandu says he will not come, he has run away. She scolds him.

Kaushalya says he is your husband. Preeti says he is not my husband. Raghav says divorce did not happen, he is still your husband. Nandu says I don’t need pity, I have complains with you, you asked me to give divorce to Preeti, did you forget I held her hand when she has run away from marriage, and why Kaushalya has problem, Preeti is raising hand on me as Kaushalya gave her courage, you understood Preeti’s love and not my love, its enough now.

Raghav and Kaushalya get ashamed. Nandu says even if anyone does not hold Preeti’s hand, I will hold her hand. Preeti scolds him and says I will marry only Lucky, he will come. She goes to her room. Shanti worries. Nimmi goes to Nandu and asks what are you doing. Shanti asks Nimmi to talk in front of everyone. Sarla says I have to ask one thing, are you alive, how. Nandu says Preeti’s love got me back, you will not understand, leave it. Pari goes to Preeti. Shanti looks on. Preeti throws the things in her room and cries. She says no, this can’t happen, fate can’t joke with me. Pari asks did you go mad, you should beat Nandu and make him leave, find out where are Lucky and Ramesh. Preeti says they are not answering calls, don’t know where did they do. Preeti finds Lucky’s jacket in cupboard. She says I gifted this to Lucky. Pari says it means, Nandu knew about Lucky, did he get Lucky kidnapped or murdered. Preeti gets shocked.

Police comes home. Preeti says Nandu has killed my would be husband, arrest him. Nandu gets arrested. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First Chanda, whom they wanted Shivam to marry,
    Now Lucky, Preethi wants to marry ,
    Next will be Nimmi I guess..


  2. Preeti is such a fool.still she can’t realize that nandu is lucky
    Dumb serial,dumb characters AND MOST IMPORTANTLY “”” DUMB VIEWERS””

    1. Who you calling dumb? Yourself ?

      1. Hey hey don’t get your knickers twisted were all friends here just be calm

  3. I think shanti got to know everything n she must have told Nandu to do all these..

  4. it will be Whom are you calling dumb #Leo

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  8. Please don’t sa y dumb to the viewers it not good we say how we feel about the this serial and some way we are attached to serial and whoever saying dumb to us is not good way to express feeling towards us

  9. Write English properly? This coming from a person who’s grammar is atrocious. Make sure your English is impeccable before judging anothers haha

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