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Mere Angne Mein 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari asking Sujeev to come, they will leave. Anupam calls Riya and says his friend Sharma is ready to keep that guy. Riya says keep that on hold, Kaushalya said she will decide. He asks is there any problem. She says no and ends call. Riya tells Shanti that Anupam said there is a house. Shanti says I will tell Raghav. Raghav comes home and Shanti says Riya has got a place for that guy. Raghav asks why is everyone after that guy. Shanti takes call and asks Riya to put on speaker.

She talks to Raghav’s friend Khare and says we will do arrangements, we are seeing rented home. Khare says I thought Nandu will be good to stay at your place, he is very innocent. Shanti says even I have to answer family, we have bahu and daughters, I m also in dilemma. Raghav asks Shanti

what are you saying. Shanti says I m saying what Riya said. Khare says I have also kept Raghav at my place and I had 5 sisters at home that time, I m not counting favor, I m saying its about trust, my son is also like Raghav, I gave him good values, he is decent. Raghav takes phone and says he has told him he will keep Nandu, its final. Khare thanks him and ends call.

Raghav says its decided, that guy will come in our house, we have to return favors, we gave good values to our daughters, and asks Riya to manage girls if she is worried. Shanti asks Riya to manage girls as Raghav trusts her. She says ask everyone before deciding, we have to ask her. Raghav says did you ask Kaushalya till now, or Kaushalya raise question on your decision, one decision is enough, Nandu will stay here.

Preeti asks Mohit not to worry. Mohit says you have to take tension, as you will find the house. He flirts with her and says we will go your home. She says yes, my home is hotel. He says right. She says you are mad. He says I love you a lot. Nimmi calls Preeti and asks her to come. Preeti says I will leave. Mohit asks her to stay. She smiles. Mohit sees Preeti getting hit by car and saves her, she gets tensed and faints. Mohit and Nimmi worry for her. They take Preeti in rickshaw.

Shanti says Raghav is at home today. She has to do something big. Riya tells Shivam that she wants his support. He says he is always with her. Shanty says she will make Shivam leave Riya. He says he is glad seeing Riya’s confidence and feels she is trying to adjust. He gets call and goes.

Sharmili comes to railway colony with Vyom and Mama. She asks what is this place. Mama says this is Sujeev’s sasural. Prabha sees them and identifies Vyom as Pari’s BF. She says he looks good, she will enjoy drama and maybe she can fix her daughter with them. Prabha touches Sharmili’s feet and says you did good to send Pari back home. She says she got tip from Sunehri Mata. Sharmili asks her to stop nonsense.

Mama flirts with Prabha. She laughs and tells him that she wants her daughter to marry Vyom. Mama says don’t think so, Vyom is Sharmili’s loved son, he is free bird. He asks her to think about him. She scolds him. Sujeev goes to washroom. Pari gets shocked seeing Sharmili, Vyom and Mama there. Sarla welcome them and says she will do aarti. Sharmili scolds Pari and says she will beat her at home.

Sujeev asks why is Sharmili angry. Sharmili says I did not know Pari will bring you here. Sujeev says no, I brought Pari here, I thought you will be happy, but you are annoyed. Pari says she just obeyed Sujeev’s orders. Mohit and Nimmi bring Preeti home. Mohit asks her to get up. Neighbors look on. Mohit lifts Preeti and brings her inside home. Kaushalya and Shanti get shocked. Riya says she will call doctor. Nimmi says she is fine, she fainted. Raghav comes and asks what happened. Preeti wakes up. Nimmi asks Mohit to silently leave. Preeti says I went to Bua’s house and then… Shanti stops Mohit and asks who is he. Nimmi says Chunnilal, he saved Preeti from coming under the car. Raghav asks why did they go market. Preeti says we went to Bua’s house. Nimmi lies. She says Bua got glad seeing the tiffin and cries missing Shanti. Nimmi signs him to leave. Raghav thanks Mohit. Mohit says it was Lord who sent me to reach there on time. He says he will leave. Preeti thanks him. He says fine and leaves. Nimmi says I will take Preeti upstairs. Shanti thinks.

Sarla brings aarti plate and does Sharmili’s aarti. She welcomes them. Mama stares at Sarla. Sharmili moves him. She says we will leave now. Sarla stops her and does shagun, giving her one rupee coin. Mama smiles seeing Sarla and takes shagun. Shanti asks Raghav not to worry for Preeti. Raghav asks Shanti to forgive Sarla. Shanti is unwell and acts saying she felt the medicines did not work on her. Doctor comes. Raghav says Preeti is fine now. Riya says she called doctor for Shanti. Raghav says you did right. Sarla asks Sharmili to come again. Sarla does Sujeev’s tilak and aarti.

She asks Amit to give one rupee. She asks Sujeev to take it and think its blessing and gold coin. Sujeev and Pari leave. Sarla is glad that Pari has come with her family, we will also get something. Amit says right and smiles.

Pari and her inlaws come home. Mama tells Pari that he likes his family, he is glad meeting her mum, he will visit them again. Pari says her mum went on her. Sharmili drags Pari to room and pushes her on bed. She says she will beat her now. Pari gets shocked getting a hunter. She says if you take Sujeev anywhere without her permission, she will beat her with hunter. Pari screams.

Amit says I feel our problems are gone when Pari’s inlaws have come. Sarla laughs and says I made you meet Sujeev. He asks her to show chain. Rani looks on. Sarla shows the gold chain. Amit says its my style and wears it. Sarla asks him to return it in one week. Rani says Amit is right. He asks her to go and work. Amit says he has double good news, he got a job. Sarla gets glad and hugs him. he says salary is good and no one will kidnap me now. She says he is her big support and gets emotional. Rani says she is happy for Amit, she will do his aarti. Sonal says congrats. Rani tells them about Ashok starting his food stall with a woman Nirmala. Sarla asks who Nirmala, come Amit we will see.

Rani says don’t go, Ashok will think I have sent you, he is not having any affair. Sarla shouts why will he have affair, I will go and see. Amit says let dad do what he wants. Sarla says we have to go. Pari tells Sharmili that she will not become her maid, now she sees fear on Sharmili’s face, she knows how to win guys. Sharmili scolds her and says I know your talent well. Sharmili ties Pari and shuts her in room. Rani romances Amit. Amit asks her to get away. She reminds their old time and goes close to kiss him. He moves her away. She says she had to say sorry. He asks why. She thinks she should not say about fields, and says sorry for my lies. He says its fine, she hugs him.

The doctor checks Shanti and says she is fine. He asks about Sarla. Raghav says she did not have cancer, that report was wrong. The doctor says its good, I thinl Amma ji took stress about Sarla, I will write medicines. The doctor explains medicines to Kaushalya and says it can be reaction if we give wrong. Kaushalya is confused. Shanti says Riya is educated, she will give me medicines. Shanti understands what he said and tells Riya. He leaves. Shanti asks will Riya take care of me. Riya says sure. Shanti thinks she will free Riya in 30 days.

Preeti tells Nimmi about Mohit getting separated from his parents, even if I marry him, his family will not accept me. Riya hears them and asks whose marriage talk is going on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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