Mere Angne Mein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti praising Aarti’s work. She asks her to have food. Aarti says I m not hungry. Shanti asks her to have it. Aarti takes some food. Shanti asks how will you get strength eating so less. She gives her more food. Aarti eats food. She recalls her parents. Aarti eats puris made by her mum and also feeds her dad. He says once you marry, girl’s house is Sasural. She says I will not get Parayi, I will tell them I will come to Maayka with my wish. Her dad reminds how he taught her everything when she came from her Maayka. Her mum worries.

Her mum and dad ask her to respect inlaws, else none will give her respect. She says I won’t let this happen, I promise to make sasural a heaven and regard inlaws as Lord. FB ends. Shagun asks Aarti to keep leftover things in fridge.


goes to talk to Rani. She asks about Prabha. Rani says she went out. Sarla asks her to drop divorce matter and come back. Rani says this was just one paper which you have torn, I have extra papers. She gives other papers to Sarla. Sarla says you are doing wrong. Rani asks really, what you did was right, this does not suit you. Sarla says I m talking politely, you are showing attitude. Rani says I will give divorce, its over now, I don’t want to listen anything, why do I think you have some greed, you were happy with my divorce, I can’t respect you more. Sarla tears papers and goes.

Kaushalya calls Rajesh to know about Shivam. Shivam is at bar. The man asks for money. Shivam says I have sold everything. Amit asks Shivam what happened, and hugs him. He says Shivam got railway job, he will pay next month. Shivam says Amit is right, I will pay your money after getting salary, I will pay for Amit also. Amit says great, you made me glad. He orders wine.

Shanti says your son won’t come, when he went, he did not worry, he does not value relations. Nandu comes and greets them. Shanti calls out Preeti. He thinks how to tell them Preeti went out with her friends. He says she is unwell she is resting at home. Shanti says its fine, you made our name shine. She makes him wear garlands. She asks him to show some acting and dance as he does in films. Nandu smiles. Shanti insists. He says fine. Nimmi plays song. Nandu dances. Shanti and everyone smile.

Everyone clap. Nandu says I do this there, so did this. Nimmi gets the shirt. Shanti says I got this for you, wear it and show. He says it will fit as you got it. She insists. He says fine. He sees Aarti and goes to change. Shanti says he is my son in law, he is film’s hero. Nandu wears shirt and says its right. Shanti says you look hero, I will also dance with you. Nimmi says we all will dance together. They all dance.

Aarti looks on. Shanti says we will have food now. Nandu asks about Raghav. Shanti says he will come, we shall have food, come. Amit says Shivam, tell me one thing. Shivam says I can’t answer anything. Amit says why, tell me how you got this govt. Job. Shivam says even I don’t know, I just gave interview and got job, I doubt Papa did this. Amit says I knew Raghav got this job, tell him to get job for me, I m filling police form. Shivam says I won’t go home, since Riya left, I wish to die every day. Amit says I m talking about form. Shivam says Riya dies not listen to me. Amit asks what are you saying. The man says Shivam is drunk, drop him home. Shivam says right, but I won’t go home, you go there. Amit asks why shall I, I have no job and wife, Shanti will ask many things.

Nandu asks did Shivam go out. Shanti says he became big man, he does not like having food with us. Nandu asks for whom is Kaushalya waiting. Shanti says she is waiting to welcome him, you have food. Kaushalya gives garland to Kaushalya and asks shall I get aarti plate, you are worrying for useless Shivam, Nandu made our name shine and you are not seeing him, Shivam won’t come. Shanti asks Nandu to have food like hero.

Nandu says I had much food, Kaushalya cooks well. Shanti says Kaushalya did not cook this food, Aarti made it. He praises food. Shanti praises Aarti. Nandu asks who is she. Nimmi says Raghav got her, she is an orphan. Shanti says she was orphan, now she is member of this house.

Nandu says you came right place, I came here when I came to city for first time, see where I m now. Shanti asks why did you not tell before. He says I wanted to say and much was happening here, I was thinking its can be shameful that I m acting in film. Shanti says I look old, but I m modern minded, I wish you work hard and win award. He says I will try. Shanti gives nek to Aarti for cooking for first time. Kaushalya looks on.

Shanti says we are going out, take care of house. Kaushalya asks her to throw red chilli powder if anyone strange comes. Kaushalya’s brother and Bhabhi comes. Aarti asks them to go and throws red chilli powder on them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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