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The Episode starts with Sujeev telling everyone that Shivam has beaten Amit, he is ill mannered and has no values. He says till Shivam apologizes to Amit, no function will go ahead, Amit is my friend too. Raghav asks Shivam why did he beat Amit. Shivam says Amit don’t deserve to be called a brother. Raghav asks the reason. Shivam says Amit has…. Riya stops Shivam from saying the matter. Sujeev asks Shivam to apologize first then functions will happen.

Mohit is at a bar and drinking. He apologizes to Preeti for hurting her, and gets sad. A man laughs and says every girl is a cheater. Mohit gets angry. Pari tells Vyom that his love story will end. He says this marriage will happen. Nimmi asks Sujeev to be away from brother’s fight. Sujeev says shut up you ill mannered girl. Sharmili asks

Nimmi to not talk between elders. Nimmi asks how is Sujeev talking. Shanti says brothers will solve it, do mehendi function. Sarla asks Amit to tell Sujeev. Amit asks Sujeev to leave it, it happens since childhood, its Preeti’s mehendi, Shivam will apologize.

Sharmili asks Sujeev to leave this matter, we will start mehendi function. Mohit beats the man and scolds him. Bansi and Rajendra are also in the same bar. They hide faces seeing Mohit. Mohit leaves. Bansi and Rajendra think to catch Mohit, and they will get their lost respect back.

They go to catch Mohit. Mohit sees Preeti’s pic and gets sad. They see Mohit leaving and think how to catch him. Mohit says I have troubled you a lot Preeti ji. Rajendra says we will catch him. Bansi says we did not get anything to put him, and get some bags. A man dressed as Mohit sits on the bike, and Mohit goes. Bansi and Rajendra catch that man. Bansi calls Sarla and tells her that he has good news, come downstairs, I will show you something.

Vyom tells Sujeev not to talk about stopping marriage and hugs him. Sujeev asks Vyom not to worry, marriage function will not stop. Vyom hugs him and they smile. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give nek to Vyom. Kaushalya does the rituals. Sharmili tells Kaushalya if such things do not happen, it will be good, I can’t see my respect losing. Kaushalya says yes, you are right. Sarla says yes, I m here, don’t worry, I will not let anyone create hurdle. Sharmili says we will go. Sharmili leaves with her family. Nandu cries.

Sharmili tells Vyom that they can’t manage Sujeev always, what will we do. She asks Mama to give medicines to Sujeev on time. Mama says I will be careful. She asks when did Amit get friendly with Sujeev. Mama says Amit would be taking money from Sujeev. She says then Amit can’t come in our house, we shall leave now, come.

Bansi and Rajendra meet Sarla and ask her to see the gift, she will be glad and give them money happily. She says I will decide after seeing the gift. They ask her to take Mohit. She asks what, did you catch Mohit, great, I will forgive all your mistakes, and give you prize, show me his face, I want to slap him. They check and see some other man. Sarla scolds them and says this is not Mohit. The man gets angry and says I will complain of kidnapping. The man goes. Sarla beats Bansi and Rajendra with her slipper. She scolds them and leaves. Bansi cries and says we can’t do anything. Rajendra says everyone beat us. Bansi asks for some idea.

Amit asks Sarla to come, we will leave for home. Shivam asks Amit where are you going, you said we will sort the matter, come. Sarla says you insulted Amit, will you kill him, are you not ashamed. Shivam says Amit should get shame, Sujeev insulted Rani and Amit has just seen it. Sarla says it was Rani’s mistake that juice fell on Sujeev. Shivam says a stranger man was taking Rani, what type of husband is Amit to just see that. Sarla cries and asks Raghav to see, I m worried seeing these fights. Raghav stops Sarla and asks Shivam about it.

Amit says its nothing, Shivam enjoys to insult me. Shanti asks Amit whats happening. Sarla says you know Amma, they both always fight, Shivam insulted Amit infront of everyone. Rani cries and asks what respect, Amit lost respect already. Sarla asks Rani to leave. Rani says I won’t go, Shivam is getting scolded for a reason, I have to tell it. Sarla stares at Rani. She tells Raghav that she can’t see her children’s insult, she will leave from here.

She asks Rani will she come or insult Amit. Rani says Amit did not keep my respect. Raghav asks Sarla why is Rani crying, what happened Amit, did you do anything wrong. Sarla says no, Amit is so innocent, Rani is taking revenge for husband and wife’s fights. Raghav says its Sarla’s mistake. Rani says sorry, but I have to say it, whatever Shivam did was right, the man who was dragging me… Amit asks Rani to stop it, come home and I will listen to you. Rani says no Amit, don’t say anything, its important to tell everyone, I don’t believe you.

Rani cries and tells Raghav that the man was taking me, that man is my owner. They all get puzzled. Raghav asks what is Rani saying. Rani says I m just a thing for Amit, my husband has bet me on gambling, and lost me too. Raghav, Shanti, Kaushalya and everyone present there get shocked.

Amit cries and says my life got ruined, Sujeev has ruined my life, he has bet my shop and Pari too. He starts lying to get saved.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gd episode mohi t became a good character and I hope preEti wedding goes on

  2. Amit will get away with it. The family likes to tolerate the most outrageous behaviour. One big dysfunctional family

  3. OMG going by the pre-cap I hope Amit’s lies get caught. Hope nobody believes him.

  4. Mohit should get a life partner who understands him better than preeti.happy to see that raani realised that injustice is being done with her and had opened out amit’s character in front of family.

  5. Lies and more lies have continued in MAM. When will truth prevail? When will we see the evil exposed ? It’s time to bring in more positive values in MAM. Good should win over evil.

  6. Nothing will happen in this serial same thing everyday.most stupid and boring character in this serial is Riya

  7. This serial is most crappy one ever on Indian television .
    It has some of best actors of television performing in it but story is such a drag and its test viewers patience and reasoning .it was reduced to half hour from one hour and day is not far when it will be stopped completely unless story line is not overhauled .

  8. I agree.. Most stupid character is riya n shivam follows.. She can’t see what dadi is planning against her but she calls herself modern n witty. She’s a bore to watch.. All her expressions are shaking her head from side to side and saying no mummyji Maine much nahi kiya!!
    I hope preety n mohit get married.. I think preety runs away with mohit n nimmi takes her place under ghungat. Nimmi married vyom n then comes to know his n pari truth. Sujeev n nimmi slowly fall for each other. Meanwhile shanti kicks out riya showing everyone the video. Everyone trusts dadi. Later preety n mohit meet shivam n tell him that it was nimmi who helped n not riya. So shivam says sorry n tried to prove her innocent at home.
    All this will take about 6 months of serial.

  9. Amit and sarla are no.1 dramebazz they cover up themselves by saying more n more lies. And no one punishes them for what they do

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