Mere Angne Mein 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam and Riya fooling Nirmala. Nimmi and Sarla talk about Riya. Shanti asks them to stop nonsense, else she will shoot them. Sarla laughs and says now your words have no power. Shanti says you have seen my avatar some days back and taunts. Sarla says if Rani did this, I would have not left her. Shivam says I will drop you. Nirmala says I will go myself. Riya praises Shivam to be gentleman, drop the injured lady home. Shivam says yes, you should have cold drink and we can talk to know each other. They go. Riya hugs Bunty and thanks her. She says I will call Ashok and say what we did. Riya calls Ashok and says Nirmala got hurt, I did not do anything, its little scratch, this was imp. He asks is hurting anyone imp? She says yes, now she will expect you have sympathy for

her, don’t be soft, be rude to her, I will plan and update you later. She ends call.

Pari tells Preeti that she did her work and papers will be made soon. Preeti thanks her and says you are so nice. Pari says I worry for you, as I love you, listen you have to do my work, you have to become good infront of Nandu, you have to love him. Preeti asks what, are you mad, I get angry seeing his face. Pari says listen to me, you be good infront of family, they will trust you, at divorce time, you will get their sympathy, you can become great by telling Nandu and Nimmi’s affair, everyone will take your side and no one will stop you from marrying Lucky. Preeti says your logic is right, but this can’t happen. Pari says fine, I m going. Preeti says stop, I will try. Pari says you will keep fast for Nandu. Preeti says but I will drink water by Lucky’s hand. Pari says fine, no one should know this. They smile.

Nirmala comes home. She asks Ashok why is he not seeing her, she is hurt. He says I m decent man, why will I see you, your hands legs did not break. She asks why did you not call me in party and scolded me, I m your only legal wife. He says why will I call you, I don’t regard you wife. Rani asks what party. Nirmala tells Riya said about party. Rani says Riya did not tell me. Ashok gets angry and says its my canteen, its my wish, I will decide whom to call, and what happened to Rani to create issue for small thing. Rani says sorry. Ashok scolds Nirmala and goes. Nirmala says that mad man took me to clinic for small wound and Ashok did not see me. Shivam tells Riya that he paid driver, but its costing much. She says don’t worry, I arranged new driver, he won’t take money and entertain you so that you do my work well. He says I need such driver. She says Pappi Singh will be with you on duty. He asks whats this Pappi Singh name. She says its lovely name.

Shivam flirts and asks for a kiss. She says we are standing on road and jokes. She asks did you get Nirmala’s number. He says no, we will ask Sarla. She asks what will you tell Sarla, just ask Nirmala about her name and number tomorrow. He says fine. She gets Anupam’s call and tells Shivam that he wants us to meet him today, he can’t come on Karwachauth. He says not in this getup. She laughs and says go and change, then meet me.

Rani says why Sarla talk to cupboard alone, Ashok did not say about party, whats happening, first I will check Sarla’s cupboard. Nirmala comes there and asks shall I tell Sarla what you are doing. Rani says no. Nirmala says then promise you are on my side. Rani promises. Kaushalya does all work alone. Shanti asks her to get cold water from fridge. Kaushalya gets it. Shanti asks why do you look upset. Kaushalya says I m tired of work, I m working alone, its no use to become saas. Shanti says I m seeing you are hurt since I told about ruling house. Riya comes and says sorry, I came late, I will help. Kaushalya says no need, we can manage alone, where is Shivam. Riya says he was with me, his friends met on the way, he is with friends, he said he will come later.

Kaushalya says I never went to have chaat with Raghav. Shanti asks how did you go for having chaat by leaving work. Riya says no, I went to meet doctor, then got some sarees for everyone from Anupam’s house. Shanti reminds her the work if she has to manage home. Riya says Papa has sent these sarees. Kaushalya gets angry and does not take it. Shanti says keep it here, Kaushalya is angry, go and work. Riya goes. Shanti shows saree to Kaushalya. Kaushalya refuses to take.

Its morning, Ashok calls Riya and says its Karwachauth, I m in tension because of Nirmala. Riya says don’t worry, you relax, and avoid Nirmala like always, if she says she kept fast for you, say go to hell. He says fine, I m saying go to hell since yesterday, tell me what you are thinking. She says its better to not tell you anything. Rani tries to hear Ashok. Ashok says I will end call, everyone is listening. Rani asks what happened. Ashok says go to hell, I m not saying you. Riya asks Shivam to get ready and leave. He asks her to keep his clothes.

He says you won’t go out as you are fasting, you will get thirsty in sunlight, lets cancel the plan today. She says no, I m director of this drama, and can’t stay at home, since I fell in love with you, hunger and thirst got away. He smiles. She says even you are fasting. He asks who told you. She says I know my husband well and smiles.

Shivam waits for Riya. Riya comes as driver Pappi Singh. Shivam smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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