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Mere Angne Mein 29th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Raghav having a talk about Riya. She asks him to go office. Rani gives water to Amit. She asks him what to cook for him. He says make anything, I will eat. The glass falls and she slips to take it. They have an eyelock. She cries and says she missed him a lot when he was not here, she was worried for him, when she has seen him with goons, she felt to beat the goons and ask them how dare they kidnap her husband, she loves Amit a lot. If he does not believe, she can write it by her blood, forgive her for hurting him unknowingly.

He says he has not eaten good food since many days, he felt like dying there. Sarla sees them and gets angry. Riya says don’t say this, you will get my age too. He asks her to make Aloo parathas. Sarla shouts and says she has

leg pain. She sits with Amit. Rani goes. Sarla scolds Amit and asks why did he not tell her to make parathas. Amit says I just told Rani, whats wrong, don’t make an issue. Sarla says you promised me, do you remember. She reminds him not to get after Rani, a real man always fulfills promise to mother. He says fine, I will make your name shine, promise.

She asks him to learn from Raghav, see how much he loves Amma, you are ready to get in Rani’s words. Rani brings food. Sarla asks Rani to make ginger tea and sends her. Rani gets angry and says she will give poison to Sarla. Sarla says now Ashok’s job is also gone, don’t fall in love at this time. Amit says fine. Sarla says I want to see you becoming big man. Rani hears them. Amit says he will name Shanti Sadan on Sarla’s name. Sarla asks Amit to write this on stamp paper, she does not trust him. He asks what mummy, and goes to meet someone.

Pari throws the clothes on the floor and Sujeev scolds her asking her to arrange cupboard. Pari says I won’t work, my mummy loved me and did not make me lift a spoon. She makes him angry. He gets angry and holds her neck scolding her for arguing with him. Vyom comes there and stops Sujeev. He slaps Sujeev. Sujeev says you have beaten me, how dare you. He beats Vyom. They both fight, as per Pari’s plan. She smiles.

Preeti and Nimmi have a talk. Shanti asks Kaushalya for tea. Raghav is on call and talks to some friend. His friend tells about his financial problem and asks for help. Raghav asks him to say. The man asks Raghav to get his son on job, he is staying with him, as he does not have money to keep him in rented house, I will be glad if you keep him at your house. Raghav agrees and says your son can stay here, I will look for a job for him. The man thanks him.

Sharmili hears her sons fighting and goes to see. Sharmili asks Sujeev and Vyom to stop it. Sujeev says Vyom slapped me. Sharmili takes Vyom with her. Sujeev says I will not leave him. Sharmili scolds Vyom and slaps him. Sujeev says beat him more, he should know his status, he slapped me, else I will beat him. Sharmili slaps Vyom again and cries. Sujeev goes. Pari asks Sharmili why did she slap Vyom. Sharmili asks Pari to shut up. She drags Vyom with her and goes.

Amit thinks of Sarla’s words and thinks its final thing now. Riya cries thinking of Shivam’s words. She gets Anupam’s call and comes to know Sahil has gone to Delhi. She says she will visit Anupam in evening. She gets upset as Sahil did not meet her before going. Anupam says he is fine and asks Riya to manage her house well. Riya ends call and asks Kaushalya can she visit Anupam today. Kaushalya says I don’t think so, maybe Shanti will be angry. Riya cries.

Amit comes to goons’ boss and says he wanted to meet the boss to work for him. The man says whoever steps in our business has no way to leave this job, so decide well. Amit says I have decided, just hire me. He says he understood money is everything in life. The boss says great, I will trust you and take you in my gang, but remember always be under my hand, don’t try to hold my hand. Amit promises. The boss hires him. Amit says now I will become real Bullet Raja.

Raghav tells Shanti about his friend’s son coming to stay in their house. Shanti asks how, we have girls and bahu. Raghav says I have many favors of my friend, I have to help him. Shanti asks what will we do. Raghav says ask the guy to sleep here downstairs, don’t worry. He leaves for work. Shanti worries to keep young guy at home. She sees Riya going upstairs. Raghav forgets something and goes back home.

Sharmili apologizes to Vyom. He gets angry. She asks why is he angry, he should be ashamed to slap Sujeev for that cheap girl Pari, what if Sujeev kicked you out then. Vyom says Sujeev was beating Pari. Sharmili says so what, let her die, is she your wife, Sujeev did right to beat Pari, she will be afraid of Sujeev and us also, she will do what we say. Pari hears them. Sharmili asks Vyom to understand Sujeev is golden egg laying hen. Vyom says you told me to care for Pari, that’s why I m doing.

He says think what will happen if anything happens to Pari. Sharmili says nothing will happen, its good to control her, she kicked you for money and married Sujeev. Vyom says you are right. Sharmili asks him to forgive her. Vyom hugs her. Pari looks on. Raghav asks Kaushalya to change Shanti’s decision. Kaushalya says I also want the same. Raghav says Sarla did wrong, but Shanti is punishing herself, convince her, its important for Shanti’s health. She says fine. He leaves for work.

Shivam talks to his friend and says he is not free, he can’t come today. Riya gets food for him. He starts leaving. She stops him, he turns and she slips. He holds her while food plate falls. They have an eyelock. Kaushalya asks Shanti to have food. Shanti asks if you go bhajan mandli, who will welcome that guy. Kaushalya says I will try to get rented home for that guy. Shanti says whats the use, Raghav will pay rent, let that guy come here. Shanti recalls Riya scolding Sarla. She misses Sarla and eats food. Kaushalya says I m sending tiffin for Sarla, shall I send Nimmi and Preeti. Shanti says do anything, don’t ask me. Kaushalya smiles and goes. Shanti fumes on Riya.

Shanti stares at Riya and goes. Kaushalya asks Shanti not to leave food and eat. Shanti asks her to send Preeti and Nimmi. Kaushalya goes. Kaushalya calls Raghav and says Shanti got ready to send tiffin to Sarla’s house. Raghav says its good news and praises her. Riya apologizes to Shivam and asks for some time. He is annoyed. She asks him not to give attitude and smile, she wants her support, nothing else. She asks can we do something to make Dadi happy, she is very sad. Shivam asks him not to do anything, her every try is breaking family.

Shanti says I agree Riya saved Shanti Sadan, but at what price, to end relation with Sarla, I will make Riya cry, I will not bear this. Riya tells Shivam that she saved the house, she did not do anything else, she wanted to join her family, not break them, on the basis of love and truth, I will always do this, even if you don’t like. Shanti marks on calendar and says Riya has last 30 days in this house, then I will make her leave. Riya says I will bring Sarla and happiness, this is my promise Shivam.

Kaushalya tells Shivam about the guy coming to stay. Shivam says yes Riya told me, but will this be right. Shanti adds fuel and provokes Kaushalya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hllo,.
    .riya di aap ka siriyal bohut acha lagta hai please reply me

  2. NOnSense …full of shit…..with in everyone’s head

  3. I think Shanti will try to show that Riya is characterless…….

  4. What a family of bad people Riya could have a better husband ad family she should not give her pay and go to fathers house for some days

  5. ugh! shanti will now start stories with the new guy and riya to shivam, or the new guy and nimmi will fall in love!!

  6. This may be a serial but it is affecting audience viewpoint on morality and honesty.

  7. this is the most horrible serial i have come across. with not even a single positive thing about it. each and every main character is mentally SICK. and what the hell is the writer trying to portray about women. isnt there anything good at all about women in the world. if the writer is so sick, let him keep his personal opinion to himself and not blo*dy telecast it in such a way. that too one hour……. please stop this serial. even the lead couple is not having a good characteristic value. please stop this nonsense star plus.

  8. . The media, ( excluding this drama) tell us that we have a right to fight for our rights in the modern world. If one is raped that person should fight and punish the culprit. Any type of not fighting is considered been weak and helping the wrong doer. If so, what is the message given in this drama ?. Does this drama give the message with people like Kausi, that the victim should tolerate hardships for the sake of the family ?. If a family member is a rapist should we keep quiet ?. What Kausi does is similar to that.

    Anyway till end of December the Riya Shanti battle will be on for sure.

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