Mere Angne Mein 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit seeing Aarti. He acts to get hurt and boasts of himself. Shanti looks on. Amit asks for water. Aarti goes to get it. Rani thinks I taught so much, but she is still same. Amit asks Aarti to remove his shoes and massage his legs. She gets shocked. Amit thinks just touch feet once, you will pass in my test. Aarti sits. She apologizes. She gets up and says I can’t massage your legs. Shanti sees this and says you had no tongue, today you are arguing, why are you refusing to would be husband, do what he said.

Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Rani was giving gyaan to Charni. Kaushalya asks what Rani was teaching Charni. Shanti asks what. Nimmi says Rani was asking Charni to reply people, she has taught this. Shanti runs to beat Nimmi. Pari starts crying and says I gave you

info, you made Nimmi detective. Amit says Rani is spoiling my wife. Shanti asks Aarti why is she listening to Rani, Amit is not my husband yet, he is stranger for me, how can I touch him, you asked me not to meet him and talk, I was talking about values. Shanti asks Rani to see values of Charni. She praises Charni and blesses them.

Amit says I got a nice girl, we should dance. Shanti says we will keep sangeet, show some dance, we will start today itself. Amit does naagin dance. Shanti asks Amit to go police station. Amit greets her and goes.

Shanti says Sarla left circus in my house. Nimmi asks Shanti what shall I wear. Shanti decides her dress. She asks Aarti to get sarees, she will see what she will wear. Aarti gets sarees. She asks Kaushalya to get her saree and necklace for Aarti. Kaushalya coughs. Shanti says fine, I will not let Shivam’s wife wear it then, just get good sarees. She says Charni will wear everything by Amit’s choice. She asks Rani is there any problem.

Amit slaps a man and asks constable to take money from him. Shanti calls Amit and asks him to come home fast. Amit says you know how hardworking I m. She asks him to come. Amit says I will come. Pari makes Aarti ready. Shanti makes her wear gold chain. Amit comes and sees Aarti. Shanti asks him to stand with Aarti. She praises their pairing. Amit compliments Aarti. He gets a call. Constable tells about new inspector. Inspector hits the table and makes Amit’s name plate fall down. He gets seated. Constable says he has kept his name plate and left. Amit says once he knows who I m, he will hold my feet, put my nameplate back.

Constable says I can’t do this. Amit asks don’t you like your job, I will come in some time. Amit clicks a selfie with Aarti. He says I will leave now, I will meet later. Shanti asks him to say does Aarti look pretty in this saree. He says yes, very good. Amit goes.

Kaushalya says Aarti spoiled my new saree, I won’t give her sarees. Shanti asks its of Raghav’s earnings, give better saree. New inspector takes money from shop vendor. Amit comes and looks on. He asks from where did you take this fake uniform. Inspector hits him. Amit flies far and falls down. He taunts Amit. He says I m inspector Golu Singh. Amit salutes him.

Rani says I have to see a guy for myself, no need to worry for Pari and Nimmi, they will also get someone. Shanti slaps Rani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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