Mere Angne Mein 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanda taking care of Shanti. Shanti thinks to check Chanda’s genuine nature. She asks Chanda to take care of Shivam and be around him. Later, Chanda sings a bhajan and Shanti gets very glad. Shanti compares Chanda with Kaushalya and calls her a good valued girl. Riya also tries singing, but Shanti passes taunts on her, asking her to learn something from Chanda. Riya gets angry and gets keen to sing well. Nirmala serves food to Sarla and Ashok, and pleases Sarla by preparing mehendi for her. Sarla is glad to be treated like so well and Nirmala doing all the work. Nirmala and Rani have a talk.

Riya does puja and gives Prasad to everyone. Preeti starts arguing with Riya and curses her fate. Riya says whatever happened was not my mistake. Shivam comes there. He gets

angry seeing everything and goes. Riya cries.

Nirmala makes tea for everyone. Sarla asks Ashok to have tea, as Nirmala is here for few days now. Sarla is very pleased with Nirmala. Riya tries to sing bhajan. She says I will see why my voice can’t get better than Chanda, I will sing better than Chanda, and show.

Sarla stops Ashok and holds his hand. Amit comes and asks about his blue shirt. He asks them why are they becoming old hero heroine. Ashok goes to Nirmala and asks her not to worry, I will do some arrangements for your stay. Rani gets the blue shirt and shows Amit. Amit asks Sarla to get ready, he will drop her to Shanti Sadan.

Sharmili calls Nimmi and Pari, and introduces her to her friends. The lady gives them Mu dikhai and compliment them. The lady asks Sharmili about having grand children. Sharmili says there is no hurry, I will become Dadi when time comes. Sujeev asks Sharmili not to make sad face, I will make you Dadi soon. Nimmi laughs and asks is this magic to make her Dadi like this. The lady asks Sharmili to control her bahu. Sharmili asks Nimmi to finish her work and sends her. Vyom asks Sujeev to come, he has to talk about his new business. He goes with Sujeev.

Chanda gives tiffin to Shivam. He gets hurt. She says sorry, I forgot to say its hot. Riya looks on. Chanda says sorry, I burnt your hand again. Riya thinks Chanda is getting unstoppable. Shivam gets a call and answers.

Vyom tells Sujeev about his business ideas. Sujeev says plan a good business, will we open a cement factory now, I will beat you. Vyom says calm down, don’t get angry, I will meet you with a better idea. He goes. Pari comes and asks Sujeev why is he angry. Sujeev says Vyom has no business ideas. Pari says we should plan family now, and we should be happy. He says yes, have this money and do shopping, be happy. She takes all the money bundles.

Riya calls Bunty and asks Bunty to come to Shanti Sadan soon, as she feels her marriage with Shivam is in risk. Bunty says fine, I will come. Riya stops Shivam and gives him a letter. Shivam checks it. She says this is my resignation. He asks what will you get by leaving job, leave from here, don’t waste time. She says you want to go as I don’t know household chores, I have to manage my home. He asks how will you eat food if you don’t do job. She says I will manage. He asks her to go and give her resignation. He goes. Chanda cries seeing them.

Shanti calls Sarla and says big drama is going to happen here, I will record and send you. Sarla says fine, send me. Shanti records. Riya sees Shanti recording, and asks Chanda why are you crying, you are very nice, you made tiffin for Shivam, I can’t forget your favor, thanks. Shanti gets shocked. Chanda says no, this was my work, don’t thank me. Riya asks Chanda to teach her some goodness. Shanti says I will see how long she acts. Shanti asks Riya to be away from Shivam and stop this acting.

Shanti gets some idea and plans some big drama. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. please remove this shit from national tv

    1. Hahhahaha, John , your comment made me laugh, I mean it was the first comment i saw, it startled a laugh out of me ,very fuuny 🙂

  2. First 2 comment

  3. Getting very tedious now all this planning and drama when will it show some normal family functioning

  4. Ab to logon ne comment karna bhi chod diya. What rubbish is going on with this serial. I have now started getting irritated on riya. She doesn’t represent the today’s woman.

  5. Pls and pls change these drama for good every day is same drama show us some reality

  6. The serial has lost track. The writers are dumb and have lost way. Pls don’t waste time by showing this nonsense.Riya was supposed to be a modern and smart lady, who can handle her life with brain power, now her character has become comic and tragic. Useless script, please change ur script writers. How can they keep an unknown girl Chanda in the house, r Indian households so stupid that they can keep anyone at home.

  7. They r just dragging story without a sense

  8. As I understand the writers have lost the ideas to make this serial an enjoyable one. In spite of the negative comments about the show, the writers keeps dishing out the same stupid segments. They are not paying any attention to the comments put forward by the viewers. How sad that could be! It is my hope against hope that one day they will realize their mistake and do something worth watching.

  9. Very bad show

  10. What stupid story.Still how long Riya need to suffer in her life.
    Cant change the direction

  11. Ria has to sing and proove. god damn. what are the other stupid ideas Mr. Super Director has?

  12. Riya is leavng her job n changng herself to prive herself in dat shantiyas eyes….DISGUSTING
    PLZ end dz track soon

  13. Kehte hai bhagwan ke ghar mein der hain andher nahi, but yaha writer/director sirf andher dekha raha hai. Improvement hai hi nahi ies serial mein. Ab yeh serial ko end kar dena chahiyeh. Riya bechari kya kare jab writers itna stubborn hai aur viewers ka comment baar baar ignore karta hai. Shame on you writer/director. Dadi ko daar nahi lagta upar wala se, jab dekho aag lagati hai JUST STOP IT! Khusia tum donkey hi raho, apni saas ki pair ki joothi ho tum.

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