Mere Angne Mein 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti kicking out Riya. Sarla asks Shanti what is she doing. Shanti says I have proof against Riya. Raghav asks what proof, show us. Shivam asks Shanti why are you against Riya, you blame her for everything. Shanti says I have proof. Nimmi says let Dadi say, I m getting entertained. Shanti asks her to stop it. she says I have proof against Riya, I will send her to police station. Raghav says Riya won’t go anywhere, house is running because of her, who will make tea. Shanti says Shivam will make tea. Raghav says who will drink tea made by Shivam. Sarla asks Shanti whats the proof. Shanti says I won’t say, I will tell when right time comes. Sarla asks her to come to senses. Shanti says I m in senses, Raghav I have proof. Sarla asks Shanti to say, I m in senses, everyone

else are not in senses. Riya comes inside house and asks them to stop it. she says make me leave later, but now we will dance. They all dance. They fall asleep there.

Its morning, Kaushalya wakes up and holds her head. She sees everyone sleeping in the living room. She asks everyone to wake up. Kaushalya says I forgot what happened, someone made me drink. Shanti gets worried.

Nimmi asks everyone why are they reacting as if their mistake is caught. Everyone have a talk about yesterday. Sarla tells Shanti that she told everyone that she will kick out Riya from house. Shanti gets tensed and asks did I say this. Kaushalya says I m glad that you say on swing. Shanti stares at Raghav and goes to beat him, as he made thandai. Raghav holds the stick and stops her, asking her to listen. Sarla laughs.

Shanti says look at everyone, they all look ghosts, we have mehendi today, see the house, we have to clean everything. Nimmi says we can recall everything what we did yesterday, by one thing. Shanti asks what. Nimmi says mobile which you kept on recording. Shanti gets worried as Nimmi takes the phone to play video.

Shanti takes phone from Nimmi and asks them to get to work, arrange things for Preeti’s mehendi. Sarla tells Shanti that Riya may remember what you did yesterday, why is Riya upset, if she remembers, then she will make you leave from the house. Shanti jokes. Shivam asks Riya why is she in tension. Riya says I don’t know what happened yesterday. Sarla hears this and gets glad. Shivam tells Shanti that he will go for bath, then he will do arrangements for mehendi. He goes with Riya.

Raghav asks Shanti to forget everything. Shanti says yes, there is no problem, go and get fine. Sarla asks Rani, Amit and Sonal to come home. Shanti goes to room and checks the video. She gets shocked. Nimmi comes and Shanti hides the phone. Nimmi asks Shanti to come and clear Kaushalya’s confusion about shagun. Shanti goes to help them. Raghav gets sweets. Raghav goes after Kaushalya and shuts the door. She asks what is he doing. He jokes that his intentions are not good. She asks what happened. He says you look gorgeous, but I thought to make you more beautiful. He brings the gajra. She asks him to leave getting gajra. He asks her to turn and fixes gajra. He asks Kaushalya about the lahenga. She says I will wear it on marriage day. He says fine, I will get more gajra on that day. He flirts with her. She teases him about Sharmili. He smiles and says you are jealous, this shows you love me a lot. She says I m not jealous. He says Sharmili is Preeti’s mum in law, we can’t make her angry, dance with her, she will be glad.

She asks him to apply perfume, it will be good. Shanti looks at them from window. Raghav starts acting. Shanti says they are old and still doing filmi romance like newly weds, come out, its your daughter’s mehendi today. Everyone smile. Kaushalya says I did not do anything. Shanti goes. Raghav says I m thinking to dye my hair, I will look more young. Raghav goes out of room and acts. Shanti jokes on them.

Riya compliments Preeti and asks her to fix gajra. Riya goes and collides with Shivam. She says you can’t see and walk, you spoiled my hair. He smiles and they have an eyelock. Nimmi and Renu smile seeing them. Nimmi asks Shivam to go. He makes excuse and leaves.

Sarla does some ritual with cow dung. Shanti looks on. Sarla says this won’t let bad sight come and no hurdle will take place, I have already kept Mohit but this is just for safety. Shanti says Mohit was run away, he has come here too. Sarla gets shocked.

Sarla tells Shanti that Mohit is around, Preeti disappeared, he took Preeti …. Mohit takes Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why was shanti shocked on seeing video in phone? Was her video deleted and the holi video recorded? Why did nimmi not ask for her phone?

  2. Because she exchange her phone with shanti.

  3. May be the video has been deleted.

  4. Thanks Amena for updates.

  5. I don’t want preeti to get married to mohit…Let preeti Marr Vyom please

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