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The Episode starts with Shanti going to Kaushalya and looking for Shivam. He jumps from the balcony and hides. Kaushalya says maybe thief has run, we will see my keys. Raghav comes home and asks Shivam what is he doing here at night. Shivam says I was….. Shanti and everyone come out. Shanti asks Shivam why is he outside. Shivam says she shouted thief so I had seen thief jumping, he has run away. Shanti asks Raghav to come.

Preeti tells Shivam that she could not delete the video. They all get shocked. Shanti gets the keys. She asks Raghav to come. Raghav checks the phone and does not see. Kaushalya apologizes to Shanti and says he is tired. Shanti refuses and goes to him. Raghav falls asleep and she takes the phone. She says she got saved now, and they have to wait till morning. She sits

beside Raghav.

Kaushalya asks the kids to go and sleep. Its morning, Shanti and Kaushalya sit and wait for Raghav to get up. He says he will freshen up. Shanti says later, first see the video. Raghav asks what is it. The kids come and look on tensed. Raghav plays video and asks whats this bhajan, this does not have anything else and shows her. She says where did the video go. The kids get happy and smile. Shanti looks at Kaushalya angrily.

Shanti comes to the kids. The kids laugh seeing her angry. Shanti goes to her room and says these kids have done this, I will see them. She cries. Sonal says she will leave now, and come to teach Nimmi daily. Shivam asks her to call after reaching home. He gets a call and says he wants money, but he will call later. Preeti and Nimmi hear him. He says nothing and leaves. Raghav asks Kaulshaya why is she worried. She says Shanti is looking for girls for Amit, then we have to get our children married, are you not worried, how will we manage everything, there will be many expense. He asks her not to worry. Nimmi says we have saved mum, and asks Shivam why he needs money. He says he needs for friend. The facial creams fall and they think its for his freend’s sample. The sisters keep it and Kaushalya takes one. She says she will keep it for her dad and they tease her.

Kaushalya turns shy. Shivam smiles. Preeti asks Shivam to drop her to office. They leave. He says the sample kit is used at home. Riya and Bunty come office and look for Shivam. Riya gets to know about boss waiting for Shivam and gets an idea. Shanti gets a call about Amit’s proposal and the man tells about his daughter. She praises Amit and the man says his daughter will also earn. Shanti asks him to bring her and meet, if she likes, she will do shagun. Nimmi hears this. Shivam comes office and Kumar tells him that boss has forgiven him, Riya has filled the form.

Bunty says now he will come to thank you. Shivam comes to Riya and scolds her. He asks whom did she ask before filling this. He scolds her and she cries. Sarla talks to Shanti. Shanti asks her to come with Amit and meet the girl’s family. Sarla sees Amit and tries to tell Shanti to wait for some days. Shanti insists. Amit refuses to come and Sarla says I m stuck between them. Riya cries and tells Bunty that he does not have feelings for me. Bunty says Shivam does not want help, he wants to manage his work himself, he is hurt and angry. Riya says you should have told me earlier. Bunty consoles her.

Riya gets hope again and asks what to do now. Bunty says person wins in love after failing and they smile. Bunty says we will go to his home on the pretext of sales and Riya likes the idea. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make sweets and snacks as guests are coming. She gives her 1000rs to get items. She asks her to bring the ring. Kaushalya is shocked. Shanti scolds her. Kaushalya says that ring is sold already. Shanti gets stunned and asks why did she sell it. Kaushalya says you sold it, when you got old. Shanti says you mean I have stolen it and sold it. She asks her to sell her jewelry and threatens to call Raghav. Nimmi feels bad for Kaushalya.

Riya and Bunty come to meet Shivam at Sarla’s house, being mistaken. Sarla gets surprised seeing her. Riya says she wants to show the sample gift hampers for free. Sarla asks them to come inside and acts sweet. She gives them water and ask why do they wash utensils, she does not like it. Riya says I also don’t like it, but its for product marketing. Sarla says refuse for that work. Bunty says we will go. Riya asks why so soon. Bunty asks Sarla is she in hurry. Sarla says no and tries calling Amit. She talks to them.

Pari comes and says she works in parlor. She checks the products. Sarla calls Amit and says Riya has come here, the girl who you like. He gets glad and asks did Riya come home, don’t let her go, I m coming, take her number if I don’t reach on time. Kaushalya gives tea to Raghav. He asks about Shanti. She went to neighbors. She asks him to show his face, he looks so dusky. She applies the face pack to him. Pari says she will go now, she is late. She leaves. Sarla says her son has a job and he earns well. Riya says I know. Sarla says what, you mean you talk to him, I want my son to marry the one he likes, he is getting many proposals.

Bunty says girl should be one whom mum in law likes. Riya says we will go. Sarla asks her to have food and go, her son will also come. Bunty says we are getting late, and have to go home. Sarla stops them and asks do they come daily. Bunty says no, we came to take feedback. Sarla asks for phone number, she will tell in her friend circle. Riya gives her number and leaves with Bunty. Sarla smiles. Riya and Bunty come out and talk about Sarla’s sweet nature and how she said her son is family oriented. She gets glad thinking its Shivam and how to impress them. They happily leave.

Amit comes there and sees Riya leaving. The neighbor girl talks to Amit and acts sweet. Amit goes to home. Shanti comes home and asks whats all this. Kaushalya says face pack. Shanti asks what is she doing. She scolds Kaushalya and cleans his face.

Shanti asks Raghav to check Shivam, as he has stolen her ring. Raghav checks Shivam, and Shivam gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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