Mere Angne Mein 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti waiting for Shivam. He comes home. Shanti does his aarti. Nimmi plays the shank. Shanti says your wife has gone and met her old husband, we have seen her pic, just Lord has such tolerance. Shivam says I know this thing, I have seen them by my own eyes. Chandra looks on. Shanti says even then you don’t care, we should make your temple and place you. She takes his pic. He says do anything, remember Aarti will not go out. She asks why, you don’t regard her wife, she does not regard you husband. He says for Raina, she is Raina’s mum, she will stay here by this right. She says Raina’s mum is dead. He goes upstairs.

Kaushalya says knowing such big thing, he does not want to make her out of house, she is big magician, she did magic on you first and snatched

my rights. Shanti says its old thing, think what to do now, Shivam does not care, Raghav will care hearing about Aarti, he will make her out. Chandra thinks how long do I have to wait to get this girl, I will play my games. Shivam comes to room. Aarti says I met Ajay today, some ladies clicked my pic and showed to Shanti, they insulted Shanti, its all my mistake. He asks how. She says I know its big thing to meet Ajay, but Shanti got insulted, I felt bad. He says why, its not a big sin, what did you talk to him.

She says I told him truth that I still love him, I regard him my husband and this marriage does not matter to me, He says you did good, I have seen how you were begging him and how he was pushing your hands, tell me till when will you beg for love. She says till I die, I love him. He laughs. She says I did not joke, you can’t laugh on me.

He says you are making fun of yourself and your love, this is called not love, the man who can call his wife characterless to hide his crime, the man who beats his wife, is this called love, I know him well, he is Amit’s friend, I know he cheated you and took sign on divorce papers. She says no, I signed on own. He asks really, so you murmur at night. FB shows Shivam hearing Aarti talking in sleep. Aarti says I signed divorce papers on your saying, give me a corner at home, I will not come between you two. FB ends.

Shivam says how can you think to go to him. She says he is my husband, my Lord, my mum taught this. He holds her and says your mum taught wrong, husband is not Lord, he is friend, with whom you can share happiness and sorrow, whom you can respect, if I was in your place, I would have slapped Ajay, no need to become like this, respect yourself first, else none will respect you, love which has no respect is not love, understand this. He goes.

Chandra stops Aarti and flirts. Aarti asks him to leave her. She goes. He thinks you will be mine soon and fulfill all my desires. He hears Pari talking to Preeti. Pari says I spoke to lawyer, your divorce will happen. He thinks to go and tell this to Shanti. Lady asks Nandu’s mum to see the news. Everyone gets shocked seeing Preeti and Pari on tv. They see Preeti beating the producer. Nandu goes.

Shanti slaps Pari and scolds her. She asks where is Preeti, you should explain her to go with Nandu, you are doing this, if husband does not value a woman, world doesn’t respect that woman, I want Preeti to leave from here. She gets Preeti’s call and asks her to come home. Nandu comes home.

Rani recalls Amit’s words and cries. She tells Ashok on call that she will come late today. She worries for Amit. She calls Golu and asks about his love story. He says I will tell my feelings to Nimmi. She asks him about Amit indirectly. He understands and says don’t worry, Amit is fine, he is restless to meet you, he loves you a lot, he takes your name in sleep and ruined my sleep, if you get such loving man in life, your life is successful. She says I will not forgive him so soon, he insulted me a lot. He asks why are you adamant if you love him. She says I want to see intense love in his eyes. Golu thinks its tough to understand women, Charni came here to free Shivam from jail, Rani is not forgiving Amit, and Nimmi always scolds me.

Nandu says Preeti does not respect me or anyone else, you know who is that girl, she is my producer. Pari asks him not to blame Preeti to hide his affair. Nandu says I don’t need to talk to you. Shanti asks Pari to stand quiet. Pari says Nandu made Preeti leave to enjoy his life. Nandu leaves. Nimmi scolds Pari. Pari argues. Shanti asks Aarti to go anywhere else. Chandra thinks to have Preeti on his side, she can help him in getting Charni.

Kaushalya says you don’t believe me Shivam, I will abandon you, I will end ties with you, you are not my son. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m so getting tired of Khausalya’s emotional blackmail towards Shivam. He should leave the house with Aarti and the baby, that’s the only way they can live in peace. There should be no forgiveness but this kind of serial is all about forgiveness, such rubbish.

  2. Khausalya should just drown herself in the river! She is a naagin. She is always biting someone.

  3. I haven’t seen the episode just read the above update but someone please give Kashu the memo that’s it’s 2017 and no one has the power to use magic on someone else. This time next week there will be one episode left. Do you think the writers are aware of this fact yet? I bet it’s all going to be rushed such a shame because we’ve missed a potentially great love story between Golu and Nimmi instead we get a repeat of the daily Aari put downs and narrow mildness of Kashu and Shanti

  4. Either finish this show soon or kill kaushalya n preeti I’m waiting for 7th August for last episode

    1. I think 6 the August is the last day

  5. is sunday not telecast it

  6. Anyone know why there is no show today

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