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Mere Angne Mein 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti taking cash to keep it safe and asks the girls to keep gold earrings in her room. Nimmi says she liked it and will wear it. Shanti asks her to wear imitation jewelry. Shanti asks Preeti to teach dance to everyone, if they lose, then their pocket money will stop. Riya is worried and wants to talk to Anupam. Anupam and Sahil come home and tell her that they could not go in tilak, as Madam x kidnapped them. Riya asks is he fine, they should complaint in police. He says no need, its fine, its marriage function to be kept here. Bunty says it means Bua did everything alone. Sahil asks them to give food. Riya hugs Anupam.

Sarla talks to Amit and says if we got to Riya’s home, along Shivam, everything will be known. Amit says I can’t stay without Riya, don’t make

fun of my love. She says Shanti has taken all the money and jewelry, we don’t have anything, I m sure you won’t get Riya. Amit says I just want Riya. Sarla gets an idea and puts Shanti’s saree on her head to get some idea. She says I knew I will get idea by this, I would take Bansi’s help. She asks Amit to go and get him. She says she will put pillow in his place and sends him. He says he has stomach ache, and she insists. He says he can do anything to marry Riya. She asks him to go by window pipe. He says I will manage by some other way. She asks him to hide and go. She puts pillows on the bed and covers with blanket.

Bua tells Riya that Shanti is not good, and did she get just this house to fall in love. Riya says she is good, and has forgiven me. Bua says I can’t believe, but your mum in law is lovely. Riya says I know. Bua says sangeet and mehendi are together with both families. Riya is glad. Bua says she has accepted the challenge, and asks them to practice dance well. She asks Sahil to go Shanti Sadan, and make video of dance rehearsals, she will see how Shanti dances. Riya hugs Bua. Bua says I m tired of bearing Shanti.

Sarla waits for Amit. Shanti comes there to see Amit. Sarla says he is fine, I m thinking to let him rest, shall we cancel mehendi. Shanti looks at her. Shivam talks to Nimmi and Preeti, and ask whats happening, which movie is going on in this house. Nimmi says Sarla is behaving weird. They take a selfie. Shivam says Amit and that girl love each other and Shanti agreed by his suicide drama, where is the problem now. Shanti says I will tell Raghav. Sarla says let him rest, he should be fine in marriage. Shanti goes to see Amit’s fever and Sarla stops her, by acting as Imli Devi. Kaushalya and Renu get shocked seeing this.

Kaushalya tells Renu that Imli Devi was Shanti’s mum in law. Shanti asks Sarla is she fine, to become her Dadi, we will leave. Sarla scolds her and says you made me leave my room to sit in cold air, get out of my room now. Sarla sends everyone out of the room. Sarla shuts the door relieved and turns to them in anger look. Shivam says we have to go and see this new drama. Sarla acts as Imli and says she will not leave Shanti. Sarla says just Dadi can save her by this problem. She sits on the swing and says this is my place. Pari comes and smiles understanding her acting. Sarla signs her and Pari acts along.

Sarla scolds Shanti and laughs. Shivam, Nimmi and Preeti look on. Rani talks to Pari. Shanti asks Rani to leave from their house. Shivam says we will go down and see, nothing will happen. Shanti asks Sarla what happened to her. Sarla asks who Sarla, I m Imli Devi. Sonal asks Pari what happened to Sarla. Pari asks her to just see. Sarla jokes on Shanti and says she will make her life as hell. Nimmi tells Renu that Sarla is doing drama. Rani brings water and Sarla throws it on her.

Sahil is there and recording. Bunty calls him and he ends call. Ashok sees him and asks what is he doing. Sahil runs. Ashok says we will see things at home and goes there. Bua tells Anupam that Shanti is not good, she has hurt her a lot. He asks what did she do. She says she was 15 year old and her wound was very deep. Anupam says Shanti got old now, she would have changed. Bua says she is still bad, I can’t say it now. Riya comes there and Bua asks her to go to her room. Sarla acts weird and runs here and there. She gets in full action. Ashok comes there and is shocked. He says bring any old shoes. Sarla thinks Ashok and Kaushalya will beat her with shoes to take revenge. Kaushalya brings old shoes. Pari asks Shanti did she beat Sarla. Shanti says no, my mum in law’s soul came in her. Ashok gets scared.

Sarla pushes Ashok and holds Kaushalya’s neck, saying she knows her acting. Shivam tries freeing Kaushalya. Sarla holds Ashok’s ears. Shivam says leave him Bua. Sarla laughs. She thinks why did Amit not come till now. Riya likes a saree. Bua asks them to practice dance, she will not lose to Shanti. Riya asks Bua did anything happen there. Bua says nothing. Riya asks did she meet him. Bua says she did not see groom, he did not come. Riya asks why. Bua says he got unwell. Riya worries and asks what happened to him. Bua says he had diarrhea and laughs. Riya says it happens something. Shivam goes to call the doctor. Shanti prays that Sarla gets fine. Amit gets Bansi and asks why did he drink so much. He asks him to become sadhu fast and does his makeup.

Amit calls Pari and says he is reaching soon. Pari says mum has managed everything, its big drama that she has got nani’s mum in law’s soul in her. Amit asks what. She asks him to come and see. Sarla is still doing the drama. Amit asks Bansi not to make any mistake, and asks him to come when he calls him. Shivam brings the doctor. Amit sees him and hides. The doctor checks Sarla and says she is fine. Shanti scolds him and says pandit is needed instead doctor. Sarla acts like sleeping.

Amit steps inside home silently, and Shivam catches him. Everyone is shocked. Shivam asks Amit how did he come from outside, when he was sleeping in his room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bas Karo Aur Kitne din ya shadi ka drama chalga .

  2. What a stupid serial…how much are they going to drag this on? I can’t believe no one has found out yet…even Riya who is shown as being very clever. When was the engagement? Wedding cards? How can they not find out then?? Dadi and sarla are infuriating but brilliant actors 😉 stop dragging this yaar…Shivam and Riya make good pair! 😉

    1. These dramas meant for stupid people who do not go into details like cards, wanting to meet the boy. Nani bua very fond of Riya, but not keen to meet boy. So is the father!!!.

  3. Oh God! Such a boring serial…. stop dragging it on and on… I think the 1hr slot is making the director go short of ideas… and all the actors are just over doing it:-(:-(:-(

  4. This is too much….
    Plz finish the marriage & don’t dragg it.
    It’s looses excitement……

  5. The drama makes us dislike Shivam’s dadi. But going by these dramas, I can predict, after making us hate her so much, at the end, she will be shown as good and a good person as bad. Then we will be expected to like dadi and dislike someone we like now. Why are they playing with our emotions like this. We are fools watching these.

  6. What a stupid serial riyas father and bua are not even interested to meet the boy b4 marriage weird

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