Mere Angne Mein 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti acting to get Kaushalya out of the room. She says I got dizzy seeing Kaushalya’s pain. Kaushalya cries and asks her to be fine. Shanti says I m fine, I have to go and get Chandrahaar. She says even if Sarla does not get Chandrahaar, my bahu should get it, don’t lose courage, I will get it. Raghav asks her how will she get it. Shanti says I m Shanti Devi, I can do anything, I will get it, everyone knows me well, I don’t need anyone, its Kaushalya’s mother’s Chandrahaar, its antique. Raghav says I will file police complaint.

Shanti says no, I will talk to jeweler. She asks Riya to stop crying and tell her in which shop did she keep Chandrahaar mortgaged. Riya says Ghanshyam jewelers. Shanti says I did not hear name before, I will go. Kaushalya asks

Shanti to leave it. Shanti says I can fight with Yamraj for you, I will get that Chandrahaar. Shanti goes.

Raghav tells Riya that she did big mistake to not tell anyone about Chandrahaar, lets see what we can do now. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Riya has kept Chandrahaar mortgaged instead her jewelry, she does not value that Chandrahaar, I m sure Dadi will get that Chandrahaar.

Sharmili calls Raghav and asks how is he. He says I m fine. She says you identified your voice, you did not call us after the relations joined, I think you don’t like getting related to us. Kaushalya asks the girls whom is Raghav talking and laughing. Sharmili says I had to call you and ask your welfare, if you don’t keep relations well, I will be annoyed. He says I was busy in arrangements, and tells Kaushalya that its Sharmili’s call. He asks Sharmili to talk to Kaushalya. She says no, I talk to Kaushalya often, I want to talk to you. She says I was thinking to get cards printed, if you could come and select designs. He says I will send Shivam. She asks him to come himself. He says I will try. She says fine, you can decide to come or not, I will be waiting. He ends call.

Kaushalya asks Raghav what was he talking to Sharmili. He says you heard it, she said she was missing me. Kaushalya asks why, what did you do that she is missing you. He says she was asking me to choose card designs, your anger is justified, focus on Preeti’s marriage now, ask Shivam to go to Preeti’s inlaws and choose a design.

Shivam asks his friend to arrange money. Riya stops Shivam. Shivam angrily scolds Riya and asks her not to talk to him. She cries and says sorry, I know I should have told you. He says Dadi is right, you don’t think about us, and shows Bunty’s message. He says now I know how much you trust me, you trust Bunty more than me, this is my value in your life. She says no, you are mistaken. He says even money could have stolen from me, I would have shared things with family, we can’t trust each other till now. Nimmi comes and says Papa said you have to go to Preeti’s inlaws to finalize card, I will come along. Shivam asks why, will you create new drama. She says no, I want to see that family. Shivam says no need, Sujeev will react seeing you, then I can’t control myself. Nimmi says relax, I will control things, I know Sharmili will choose costly card. He says I will not leave Sujeev if he reacts. Riya asks Nimmi not to do any fight, Shivam is angry. Nimmi says Shivam is my brother, I understand him well, you don’t worry.

Rani buys bangles. Amit comes and asks whats happening. Rani says I m buying bangles, you buy some for me, like every husband does. He says I don’t have time and money. She takes money from his pocket. He asks her to return money. The bangle seller says I would have gifted entire bangle shop to my wife. Amit says then gift her, thinking she is your wife. Rani gets angry on Amit and leaves. He buys few bangles for Rani.

Shanti and Sarla have a talk outside. Sarla says we have Chandrahaar with us, and Riya is still at home. Shanti says this will affect them, Kaushalya’s heart has annoyance for Riya now, I know her mother’s jewelry is close to her heart. They both talk about kicking out Riya. Sarla says marriage should not delay, else Preeti’s life will be ruined. Shanti asks what is the matter, you are caring for Preeti a lot. She says we will roam for some time and then go home with Chandrahaar. Sarla laughs.

Riya sees Kaushalya crying for her mother’s Chandrahaar. Nandu calls Kaushalya and asks is everything fine at home. Kaushalya says yes. He asks are you angry on me. She says no, I m angry on my fate. He asks her to scold him to lighten heart. She says its not your mistake, I did mistake to give Riya my mother’s Chandrahaar, she has kept that mortgaged, now that Chandrahaar is sold to someone, Shanti has gone to get it, don’t know we will get it back or not.

Shanti and Sarla go to sweet shop and talk to the vendor asking whats happening that side, there is much crowd. They see Mohit pasting Preeti’s posters on the walls.

Mohit gets beaten by people. Shanti sees Vyom and Sujeev there and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Come on writers this show is stupid stop the stupidly and write something that is in reality. How long so much of negativity about daughters in law and so much wicked deeds is being done. Is the writers enjoying this How come Starla and shanti is going to get away with this. Ritya was a strong girl in the show. Giving hope to so much young people. And you turn the show around. Get with it. You will lose all viewers

  2. This is real bull**it show. Why can’t there be shows which are light, positive, and fun to watch. In the name of fun, all we see is actors making wicked faces and thinking that they look funny. This is nothing but stupidity at its best.

    1. As time passes, show become boring.
      Better make riya smart n shrewd and handle shanthi and sarla alone

  3. Same old story

  4. this show is not interesting anymore,first how is nobody finding out the real reason mohit family rejected preeti secondly is preeti really growing to marry vyom,on the other part dadi said she have forsaken the earthly things yet she is making Riya’s life miserable she deserves much credit much more strong will at least that’s what’s draws me to not miss any episode she is a smart girl and intelligent one too lately dadi is winning which is not inspiring considering that she think that her sons children are a Borden to him so she should get rid of them one way or the other.pls to this show more interesting and intriguing show park,sarla and shanti’s true colour because evil can never over good I will also like to see mohit’s and preeti’s love triumph cause they are perfect for each other thank you.

  5. Why do the writers insist on showing that young Indian girls can only mumble, pray for forgiveness, and get beaten up every time by the lying, cheating older adults? Riya, who was so strong in the beginning, is now shown to be totally helpless and unable to suspect ot thwart the Dadi/Darla conspiracy. Why not let Riya trap and expose Dadi and Darla by her intelligent deductions, by hidden cameras by police help, by any means, including some luck going her way? That will make the story more interesting. Otherwise, this constant beat-down on Riya by the evil witch of a Dadi is becoming too intolerable to bear.

  6. Its such a disgusting story line, Riya is stupid of stupids, and shivam doesnt know other than getting angry. Kaushalya is total crap..Superb writers, no such family in india where har waqt drama chal raha hai.If home is like this none will live in joint family.Stop this stupid damn show.

  7. Really the future of the show depends on how Riya manages devils and her dream of a perfect joint family manifests. This way the writers are only annoying viewers. There may be wicked ppl in family but not like daadi n Sarla. They hv come from diff planet.

  8. Time & time again we are requesting for positive outcomes in the show but, what are we getting is negativity continuously ! Come on writers we need something good happening to relax and enjoy MAM!!

  9. I stopped watching this show.some times going through the written updates to check if there is any change but alas ‼

  10. Good story now,..really enjoying a lot..amaaji should get her powers back then would be more interesting..

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