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Mere Angne Mein 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti Prasad refusing to pay more money. Shanti asks him to give atleast 1.5 lakhs and she will return it after coming back, I m taking risk of life to save your son, do anything, sell your house or wife’s jewelry, give me money, else I will not go. He asks Laxmi to get party fund money. He gives her money and asks her to take care of Pramod. She says fine, I will leave now. She leaves.

Rani takes care of Sarla. Inspector calls Sarla and says we arrested your son for printing fake notes. Sarla gets shocked and says what, my Amit can’t do this, he is good valued guy, maybe its someone else. Inspector says he told me to inform you, get lawyer if you want him out. Sarla worries and says my fate is bad, can’t Lord see my happiness. Rani asks what happened. Sarla

tells Amit got arrested. Rani says I will free him. Sarla says no need, Amit always created problems for us. Shivam stops Riya and asks her to not go by greeting Shanti, we will go by window. Riya asks how. Shivam says by rope, I always keep it handy. Kaushalya sends Nimmi to call them. Riya sees the room vacant and tells Kaushalya. Shivam and Riya hide. Shanti comes home and calls Shanti.

Nimmi says suitcase and clothes are missing. Shanti says Riya has run away with Shivam. Shivam and Riya drop the bags by the balcony. He asks her not to worry. Shanti says I know Shivam and Riya, don’t let them come back, I don’t want them, I have to call Sarla’s children like always, rats leave the sinking boat. Nimmi says I will call Shivam. She calls Shivam. Shivam and Riya go out and take taxi. Shivam answers call and hears Kaushalya saying I will not forgive him, Shivam is dead for me. He gets shocked and ends call. Nimmi calls again. He disconnects and asks Riya to come.

Nimmi says he answered first and ended call. Shanti says leave them, listen to me, Shanti Prasad’s son is kidnapped, I will go to find him. Kaushalya asks why. Shanti says Shivam and Riya have run away, I have to go to get house prosperity back. Kaushalya asks how is it related to us. Shanti says I have to go Bangkok, you pack my bags, whom to take along. Kaushalya and Nimmi say me. Shanti laughs and asks do you know where is Bangkok. Kaushalya says near Banares. Shanti laughs and says Bangkok is foreign land, I will go by plane.

Nimmi says I will come along. Shanti says leave it, pack my warm clothes. Shanti Prasad aims gun at Laxmi and scolds her. He says you made mistake and now Shanti is ruling on us. She apologizes. He says I m not worried for Pramod, I will not forgive you. His man takes her away.

Shanti prays. She talks to her husband and dances happily that she is going Bangkok. Kaushalya says I have packed everything, and does aarti. She asks what will you get for me. Shanti says slipper and sweater. Kaushalya gets glad. Shanti asks her to take care of Shanti Sadan. Nimmi asks her to get something for her. She says Dadi looks like me. Shanti dances and asks her to call rickshaw.

Shanti comes to Sarla’s house. Sarla cries and says police caught Amit. Shanti asks why, did he kill anyone. Sarla says he can’t kill anyone, police caught him for fake notes matter. She makes a story and says Amit is innocent. She asks Shanti about her house prosperity. Shanti says there are problems, I will make things fine soon. Sarla says yes, else we will jump in Ganga. Shanti says I m going to get 50 lakhs, you see what I do, my house will have happiness, peace and prosperity. Sarla asks what about me. Shanti says I will make Sarla Sadan for you.

Sarla thinks did she get any lottery, I m trying to end her happiness and Lord is making her rich. She asks what happened, that money is coming. Shanti tells about Pramod’s kidnapping. She says I will tell complete story later, will you come with me. Sarla tells her passport problem. Pari says I have passport, tell me where to come. Shanti says to free Pramod. Pari says no, he did bad with me. Shanti tells the amount she got. Pari says fine, I will control my emotions and do as you say, do packing fast. Sarla and Pari go to do packing. Sarla tells Pari that Shanti will get money, we will not get anything, go and spoil Shanti’s game. Pari says yes, I will get 50 lakhs in our hands. Sarla hugs her.

Raghav asks where did Shivam go. Kaushalya says Shivam has run away from here. Shivam and Riya land in Bangkok. Some cops aim gun at them. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is getting worse day by day. The writers have really run out of ideas so they’re coming up with really stupid storylines. Please have mercy on us viewers and end this show as we have lost hope the story improving

  2. why cops aim guns at Riya and Shivam???Shivam came for a big fight if am not mistaken as per his contract..Any idea comments

  3. Oh my god Kaushalya made me laugh about Bangkok ??????

  4. its very late and episode is not yet uploaded.Why.Please upload it soon..

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