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Mere Angne Mein 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya thinking Shivam did not tell me that he lost the job. Bunty meets her and talks to her. Riya looks at Shivam. Riya says I have work, I will call you later and leaves. Nirmala tells Ashok that she got a rebirth, she means new life. Sarla says I don’t believe all this, it’s a lie, you will die today. Nirmala says why do you want to celebrate my death day. Sarla says show me by dying. Nirmala says I won’t die. Sarla says you promised me, you said you are going to die. Nirmala says yes. Sarla says I will kill you and gets a sickle. Ashok and Rani stop Sarla. Ashok calls Sarla mad. Sarla says this woman cheated me.

Nirmala shouts yes, I cheated, everyone is fair in love and war, Ashok’s simplicity and care made me fall for her, he is ideal husband, no one

is lucky like you, you got a great husband and you value just money, so I made him my husband by giving you money. Sarla says I did not sell my husband as I did not love him, I did this to make my house better. Nirmala says if you loved Ashok, you would have sold yourself. Ashok scolds Nirmala and says I won’t hear anything against Sarla.

Shanti calls Nimmi and says you are growing up quick, your happy birthday came. Nimmi hugs her and asks why did you not wish me in morning, I felt sad. Shanti says I remember, so I asked Kaushalya to make kheer for you, don’t cry, sit. Nandu wishes happy birthday to Nimmi and gifts her. Nimmi asks how do you know. He says I heard Shanti and Kaushalya talking in morning. Nimmi likes the gift. Preeti argues with Nandu. Shanti hears them and scolds Preeti. Shanti reminds Preeti how she has thrown the cake Nandu got on her birthday, you did not wish Nimmi till now. Preeti says I came to wish Nimmi now, I had work. Shanti says I have seen you talking on phone. Preeti says I talk to Pari to share my sorrow. She wishes Nimmi and hugs her. Nimmi gets glad. Preeti goes.

Nirmala says now all limits are crossed, I have right on Ashok. Rani tells Amit that if Nirmala goes, she will take everything. Amit asks her to be quiet. Sarla says you used my simplicity, I will not leave you. Amit stops Sarla and says Nirmala has bungalow and money, leave her. She scolds Amit and says Nirmala is a cheater, she snatched Ashok. Amit says so give away Ashok, play in money. Sarla slaps Amit and says this time you are not supporting me, its enough of sautan game, I don’t want any money, Rani you also leave with Nirmala.

Nirmala says sorry, I won’t go, you will go from this house, you have no right on this house. Sarla asks how dare you. Nirmala pushes her. Sarla scolds Nirmala for pushing Sarla. Nirmala says I will kick you out, Rani you also be quiet. Sarla argues and says I have right on Ashok, I m her wife, marrying other woman is illegal and has no meaning. Nirmala says fine, I will explain you in legal terms. She shows divorce papers to Sarla and says now just I m Ashok’s wife, you got divorced, you signed on papers yourself. Sarla and Ashok get shocked.

Riya cries and comes home, thinking of Shivam’s words. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get wooden board. Kaushalya says don’t beat Riya, forgive her. Preeti thinks its good Dadi’s target moved. Shanti says this is Dharamshala, anyone can come and leave anytime. Riya says I went to give surprise to everyone, I will not go anywhere without asking you. Shanti makes Nimmi write. Riya cries and is worried for Shivam. She says it was Nimmi’s birthday, I went to get cake for her, I thought she will get happy. She gives cake to Nimmi and says I had to give surprise. Shanti asks why did you not make cake at home, you know Raghav lost job, you always give surprises, why am I explaining you.

Riya says don’t say this. Shanti says shut your mouth, you did not want baby and fooled all of us, you thought we will not know about contraceptives. Shanti cries and asks what surprise did you wish to give now. Riya thinks what to tell now, I can’t say Shivam’s truth to you.

Sarla says Nirmala is saying nonsense. Nirmala asks her to read it herself. She asks Pari to read and tell Sarla. Pari reads Sarla and Ashok give divorce to each other in all their senses. Sarla gets shocked and asks Ashok did you give me divorce. Ashok says no. Sarla says don’t act innocent, I have seen you getting saree for Nirmala and going for movie, you thought to get free of me. Ashok says I did not do this, why will I make divorce papers. Pari says you signed papers. Sarla says I did not and recalls Nirmala taking her signs on property papers.

Sarla tears the papers and throws. She asks Nirmala to say where are papers and sign now. Nirmala says Amma ji may have told you many movies, I have ten copies, take this one, I have many, I kept real copy in bank locker, your married life got ruined. Sarla goes to hit her head. Ashok stops her. Nirmala says Sarla is stranger for you, you should not see her now. Rani thinks why did I not get Nirmala’s mind. Amit says I don’t understand, I will go.

Nimmi smiles seeing the beautiful cake and thanks Riya. She asks Nimmi to send half cake to Sarla. She asks Riya why did she spend money, when she said she can’t plan baby, Shivam is not earning crores and putting in my feet. Riya cries and goes. Nimmi says I won’t give my gift to Sarla. Shanti asks how, you have to give it, Raghav lost his job, understand this. Riya goes to room and cries.

Kaushalya says Sarla and Ashok got divorced and tears their pics. She says Ashok is my husband now. Kaushalya hears all this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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