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Mere Angne Mein 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav, Shivam and Kaushalya coming to help Sarla. Sarla cries and tells Raghav that someone has filed case against her saying about dowry. Raghav says he will talk to her. Rani keeps her bags ready and tells Prabha to see. Prabha says Sarla is clever too. Sarla says Rani has done this. Raghav says Rani has done all this for you, you are blaming her, I can’t believe this. Sarla says I m helpless. Kaushalya says she will do arrangements to welcome Rani home. Shanti cries and worries for Sarla. She gets chest pain and sits there. Riya sees her and calls Nimmi and Preeti.

They all take Shanti to her swing. Shanti cries. Riya sits on the swing to care for her, and Shanti asks her to get up. Sarla says Rani did this and takes aarti plate. Raghav asks police to wait,

they will take Rani and come. Prabha welcomes everyone. Sarla asks Rani to come with her. Rani hugs Prabha and smiles. Riya asks Nimmi to call doctor, as Shanti is unwell. Shanti asks Nimmi to get glucose. Sarla does aarti of Rani and welcomes her. Rani says she explained police and did not do misunderstanding. Ashok says this is the problem with people.

Raghav asks Ashok to talk inside home. Rani’s grah pravesh is done. Shanti worries for Sarla and cries. Sarla asks inspector to leave. Rani says you can go now, and you can call me and ask if you want to come here again. Raghav gets a call. The doctor asks Shanti to take a deep breath. Shanti says I m taking deep breaths so I called you here. She asks Raghav about Sarla, and if everything is fine, get her here for puja. He asks her not to worry, I will get her with her. Shanti says I m fine now. Sarla says she won’t go in that house. Ashok asks why to be angry on puja. Pari waits for Vyom and calls him. She asks him to meet, she wants to talk about her life. He asks her to meet at hotel at night. She gets glad.

Sarla shows Raghav how ladies are gossiping about her. Sarla says she has lost all the name here. She says she got insulted because Amit married Rani, and not Riya. Raghav says why did you leave Rani at her home. Sarla says where is place here. Raghav asks would she leave Riya also at her home, if she married Amit. Sarla says I did not think all that. She says Rani has called police. Rani asks why is she saying so. Shanti asks her to be quiet. Raghav asks whats this way to talk to bahu. Sarla cries, and acts. Raghav says he will slap her now. Sarla says I can’t become great now, we don’t have any room for Rani, I asked her to stay at her aunty’s house, and she has done this.

Raghav says this will take some time. Sarla says I want some peace, leave me alone for sometime. Raghav says he can’t see Sarla worried. Shivam apologizes to Sarla and asks her not to punish Amit and Rani. Kaushalya says yes, he is right, are my children, not your children. Amit requests Kaushalya to leave them alone, and if mahurat goes, Shanti won’t do puja. He asks them to leave. Sarla asks them to celebrate happiness with working bahu. Rani asks Sarla not to cry. Kaushalya and Shivam leave. Sarla asks Rani to keep mouth shut. Rani goes in the balcony and smiles.

Shanti talks to doctor and says she is fine. He asks her to take care. She asks him not to keep coming, she will be fine. Nimmi and Preeti greet the doctor and he goes. Preeti and Nimmi have a talk. Nimmi says Riya will misunderstand me. Preeti says no, Dadi was in tension. Nimmi says its all Dadi’s drama. The pandit comes there for the puja.

Ashok comes to Sarla and Amit, and scolds them. He yells on them, and they both sit unaffected. Sarla argues with Ashok. Ashok says you spoiled Amit, what job he does. Amit says world is laughing on me, and now you do tandav on me. Ashok asks Amit to shut up and come to canteen with him, and see how money is earned. Sarla argues. Ashok asks why did she send Rani to her home and scolds her. He gets frustrated. Sarla asks him not to tell anything else, and takes his shoes. He asks her to beat her with shoes. He says I m not your mum, to get in this drama.

Shanti asks Riya does she know cooking. She asks pandit to do arrangements. Raghav comes home and sees doctor outside. The doctor says Shanti is fine, her BP was high, thank your bahu to call me on time. Shivam smiles and asks Raghav not to worry. Raghav says I did not get Sarla along, mum will be worried now. Shanti asks Kaushalya why did Sarla not come. Raghav says Sarla refused to come. Shanti asks why will she not come, what did she say. Raghav says she is still telling about marriage. Shanti asks about police. Raghav says someone filed complaint that Sarla took dowry in Amit’s marriage. Shanti says Sarla got bahu in one dress, who did this.

Raghav says Sarla feels Rani did this, I did not feel so. Shanti asks what did police say, I will not leave that girl, we will not keep puja today, I will give time till tomorrow. Raghav asks her not to take tension. The pandit says there is no mahurat till 3 days, your bahu will go for pagphere too, another mahurat is today 4pm. Shanti says fine, we will do puja at 4pm. Renu comes. Shanti asks her and Kaushalya to make Prasad. She asks Riya to go to her room a rest. Riya asks Shivam to get medicines for Shanti. He goes. Rani tells Prabha that Sarla and Amit are talking, don’t know what they are planning.

Sarla and Amit do the planning against Shivam and Riya. Amit says he will not leave them. Sarla says everything went wrong, the 5 lakhs also went, I will not leave it. Amit says we will get it. Sarla says I will take the money at any cost. Amit says he will take Rani and go to attend puja. Prabha asks Rani to win Sarla’s heart by doing anything. She asks Rani to go and hear what is Sarla and Amit talking. Rani asks her to come. Prabha says wait and throws the small dhol as her marriage gift. She says she will come to her if there is any problem, and asks Rani to alert her by the dhol. Sarla and Amit argue. Sarla sees Rani hearing them and gets angry. She asks Amit to control Rani. She opens the door and sees Rani.

Rani says she did not call police, and swears on Sarla and Amit. Sarla scolds her. Rani says maybe Prabha did the complaint. Sarla says fine, change your fancy dress, and make food. Rani asks Amit about his fav food. Amit asks her not to act like his wife. Rani asks Sarla about her room. Sarla says I stay in that room, Pari and Sonal stay in that room, Amit sleeps in hall, where will you stay now. Sarla asks Amit to get Rani’s bags. Amit asks what. Sarla says sorry, you did not get your pillow till now and asks Rani to get her bags. She asks him to call Pari. Raghav tells Shanti that Sarla will come. Shanti says she will get Sarla and smiles.

Shanti comes to take Sarla. Sarla sees her and thinks she won’t go with her mum today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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