Mere Angne Mein 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Shanti making Sarla and Preeti throw Riya’s bag. Riya asks them to throw. Sarla throws bag. Shanti says it did not break, and goes to throw bag out of the house. She sits on the swing. Kaushalya asks Riya to go and not get more insulted. Riya says I can’t go, I m walking on Dadi’s ethics. Shanti asks what will you do. Riya reminds that she will go on her arthi. Shanti asks her to get arthi. Riya says but I have to die, I will die and show today. Sarla asks whats happening. Kaushalya says she will do something, she changed. Shanti says she is just acting, stay here Kaushalya, else I will throw your bags too.

Riya empties phenyl bottle and washes it. she adds milk in it. She says I will drink this poison and die. They gets worried. Shanti says I m not scared. Sarla

says I know she got milk in this bottle. Riya greets them. She threatens to drink the poison. She drinks it and gets dizzy. They all look on shocked.

Sharmili gives gold bangles for Nimmi to Vyom. Pari hears this and says this is wrong, you did not give me anklet till now. Sharmili says you are not my choice. Pari says Nimmi is also not your choice.

Sharmili says she is my choice, she does bahu’s work too. She goes. Vyom asks Pari why are you staring at me. Pari says if you touch Nimmi, I will tell her our relation. She goes. Vyom says what shall I do and feels stuck. Sarla gets worried seeing Riya coughing. Sarla tells Shanti that police will arrest us if Riya dies. Shanti says I know her planning. Sarla takes Riya to make her vomit. She asks Shanti to act with peace. Shanti says I won’t let Riya stay here happily, fine, I will let Riya stay here, but don’t give her food and water, I will see how long she stays here. She asks Kaushalya to go and cook, and now waste time after Riya.

Nirmala is on the way and says I will snatch Sarla’s husband. She gets Ashok’s call. He asks her to come soon, is everything fine. She says no, I will come and say. Bindu comes crying to Ashok and tells about Sarla and Nirmala. Ashok asks them why are they fighting. Nirmala says I had no earnings to run home, Bindu was asking me money. Bindu says I have nothing, what shall I do. Ashok asks how much money did you have. Bindu says 1000rs. Ashok says you are staying in Nirmala’s husband’s house. And gives her some money. Bindu warns Nirmala and goes.

Riya comes. Sarla says Riya is alive and is relieved. Riya says next time, if you try to make me leave, I will write letter and die. Riya and Shanti stare at each other.

Nimmi comes to her room and sees a greeting card, saying we will make a new start from today. She wonders how did Vyom give this card.

Anupam tells Bunty that Riya is stubborn and made me agree, but I m scared. He recalls how Riya convinced him and left for Shanti Sadan. He calls Riya. Riya tells him that she is fine, and asks him to take care. She makes Shanti hear and says if anyone tries to make me leave from home, I will send them to police station, send my suicide note to police station, I will stay here for six months. Shanti says I will see how you don’t leave from here. Riya smiles.

Mama tells Sharmili about the card. Vyom says so you kept it, Nimmi will think I kept that card, I don’t like her, don’t do this. Sharmili asks why, won’t you get friendly with her. Vyom says I need time. She says fine, take time till evening, else I will kick you out of house, I want property, you know what to do, else you know what I can do. Vyom goes.

The man tells Nandu about wall leaking water and says we got Asian paints water proofing solutions. Nandu smiles. Sarla tells Shanti that she will go home. Shanti asks her to have food. Kaushalya gets tiffin. Sarla worries for her Sarla Sadan. Shanti says we will make Riya leave first and then we will think. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get food here. Shivam comes and sees Riya.

Kaushalya hides food and gives to Riya. Shanti and Sarla come there and look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. MERE ANGNE MEIN Director Producer And Writer Please Make RAGHAV OR SHIVAM to HELP RIYA in This BATTLE Against SHANTI DEVI And SARLA.
    And PLEASE Change The Music tone of The SERIAL.
    Earlier Tone was Very NICE
    But Now
    Women Are Singing, it is Not NICE
    In Fact it is UGLY.


    SARLA KI Sachai,NANDU KI Sachai,Amit KI Aur SAARE Gandhe LOGON KI Sachai Bahar Lao.

  2. Please NANDU MAHA RAJA KO GHAR SE Nikhal vadho Aur Uski Sachai SAB KE Saamne Lao.

  3. RIYA’s ACTING is Becoming BETTER AND BETTER Day By Day.
    And SHIVAM’s ACTING is Becoming Worse Day By Day.
    I Watch This SERIAL BECAUSE ALL The Act Very Well Except HERO
    But The TEAM Work is AWESOME.

  4. plzz expose this worst nandu and get out him from show. Riya is swt dramaqueen.kyaa drama karti it.

  5. plzz expose this worst nandu.jaldi show see nikal fakiyee.Kyaa drama karti hai riya love it.

  6. Where is Shivam and Raghav they are missing most of the time and Shanti and Sarla – rule – precap is good Khaushalya is good hearted.

  7. Aplog iss serial mein husband ko itna irreslonsible n unsupportive dikha rhe ho… kuch toh supportive dikhao… !! Aisa lagta h marriage ko bachane ke liye jaise sab try sirf RIYA kr rhi… SHIVAM is doing nothing..!!

  8. Kuch to acha dikhao yaar

  9. Full and full drama company mam show.iam not watching. Just ridicules.only nautanki bazz.sab ke sab nautankis

  10. I dont know why sab log Nandu ke pichhe pade hue hai. woh to Sivam se far better husband hai. patni ko prem to karta hai. He may have told lies to save his love but he is only best for Preeti. I like only Nimmi and Raghav in the show, who are thinking positive always. Nimmi kavi kavi galti karti hai, but she is young. chalta hai. Baki sab in MAM are dumb , negative or stupid characters. May be the writer herself is like that.

  11. Well said chee sare mam ke dumbest acting I think mam show ke writers bhi cheapest hai the worlds dumbest serial mam.

  12. Chee n Jaz you Both Are Right.
    WRITER CHICHORA Honge Shayed.
    Non ACTING Staff Chillar log Honge Shayed
    Iss LIYE PREETI KO Bhi NAHI Chode.
    Gandha BANADIYE.
    KAUSHALYA KO Bhi Gandha Banaye.
    RIYA KA Character Bhi WEAK Kiye the.
    Ab phir Strong Banare.
    Specially SHANTI DEVI.
    Tab SERIAL Track PE Ahyega.
    Good Evening JAZ.

  13. Hindus do all this. India is full of lies as they show in their dramas. Must be real that’s why all of their tv serials are like that

  14. Sorry Amisha You Are WRONG.
    This is Not About Hindus.
    This is The Fault of OUR Poor Writers And blo*dy DIRECTORS.
    CHEAP And Disgusting

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