Mere Angne Mein 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla and Rani getting glad having Amit with them. Sarla scolds Rani and makes her away from Amit. Pari wakes up and sees Vyom beside him. She thinks she married Sujeev and loves Vyom. She wakes up Vyom. He wears his shirt and gets tensed as Sharmili calls him. Vyom hides Pari. Shanti asks Shivam to get ready, she kept puja. Shanti acts rude to Kaushalya. Sharmili asks Vyom why did he lock door. Vyom says he is not well, so he slept till late, he did not hear her. Sharmili asks him to take bath and come. She gets inside room and selects clothes for Vyom.

Pari was going out and stops seeing servant. She stands at the door. Sharmili sees Pari and asks what is she doing here. Pari lies that she came just now to ask about breakfast. Sharmili asks her not to be around

Vyom’s room and sends her. Sarla and Rani argue over their love for Amit. Sarla gets a call and gets glad. She asks Amit to come with her. Amit says I won’t come, they will insult us again, I know them. Sarla slaps him and scolds him, saying its all because of the way he lives his life, how will they live if Amma did not give them money, they have to go to Amma, she is our caretaker.

Mama asks Sharmili to see Pari happy. Sharmili asks Pari what is the matter. Pari says she is very happy to stay with them. Mama asks Sharmili to control her son Vyom. Pari asks Sujeev to have food, she made for him. Sujeev refuses and leaves. Sharmili asks Pari to go to her Maayka. Pari says she won’t go, as that standard is less, and her mum has insulted Sharmili too, so she won’t go. Sharmili asks her to go and work. Mama asks Sharmili to do something to get his wife back. Sharmili asks how, she has run away with someone. He requests her. She says fine, I will do something.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya whether Shanti will forgive Sarla. Kaushalya says she wishes Shanti forgives Sarla. Nimmi hugs her and is glad. Shivam is annoyed with Riya and gives her first aid box for her hurt hand. He removes the wind chime and keeps it in drawer. Riya cries and is sad that Shivam is not understanding her.

Sarla and her children come to Shanti Sadan. Shanti is sad seeing Sarla. Sarla sends Amit to Shanti. Sarla says I will also come. Shanti stops her and taunts. Sarla leaves. Shanti gets teary eyed. Vyom is unable to work and recalls of him and Pari’s romance. He is worried and gets angry. Pari thinks now Sujeev will not like to know my lover, I will cool down Sujeev’s anger now. Sujeev goes to Vyom and says I did not know this would happen. Vyom apologizes to him and says I love you a lot, I did mistake, forgive me. Sujeev says no, I should apologize, I did mistake, I got angry on you. Vyom gets relieved and hugs Sujeev. Pari sees them and thinks Sujeev still came here to Vyom. Vyom says this will not happen again, I m sorry. Sujeev asks him to relax and leaves. Pari says brothers met again, She goes.

Amit meets Shanti. Shanti says she always have Amit’s examples to others, and asks Amit to be good always. Amit says I will be careful. Amit feels insulted and goes out to Sarla. He says one day he will name this Shanti Sadan to Sarla Sadan. He hits the wall in anger. Preeti and Nimmi talk about Mohit and Nimmi teases her. Pari goes to Vyom and puts ice cube in his shirt. He gets shocked. Pari laughs. Vyom scolds Pari. She says I thought you stopped Sujeev because of me. She says she has worked hard just for him and shows her hands turned red. Pari cries and emotionally blackmails him.

Shanti complains to Raghav about Riya. He says every problem has a solution, this will also have a solution. She says she has a solution, she will forgive Sarla, and you kick out Riya from home. Everyone gets shocked. Ruya hears this and drops the water glass. Shanti asks Raghav can he make Riya leave or not, even I can’t make her leave, she is our bahu, but whenever I see Riya and Sarla together, I will be ashamed. Nimmi says she told Preeti before about Dadi’s game plan. She has done good thing, her decision will keep peace and respect, I will not call Sarla back. It is good for everyone, you go for your job now. Raghav says Sarla has many problems, canteen is shut, Amit’s work is not right, how will she manage. Shanti says Amit will manage, he is not that bad, if Sarla’s fate has to make her die, then she will die.

Shanti says these ate last 30 days of Riya, she will do Riya’s visarjan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riya pls teach a lesson to Santi also

  2. women using smart phones behave like primitive people.?. What is wrong with Raghav and family ?. Isnt it too early to forgive Sarala who tried to make them homeless?. Kausi is not good. She is spineless and shameless. I have no words to describe Shivam. Arrogant idiot who thinks getting angry with women younger than him is being a real man.

  3. Plzzzzz riya….dnt be typical bahu who cries for every small thing….be strong and give them mu thod jawab….

  4. Absolutely right ninesha…worst charecters are kausi and shivam..I seriouly dont underatand the scene which comes after every ads as if Riya has ful control over shanti Sadan…nonsense…just like TSM…if they jeep draggng this serial with too much of vilanism then this show wil alsi shut abruptly like TSM…

  5. Riya you should divorce Shivam. He is for nothing. Their family is so dumb, so what’s the point of staying with dumb people who don’t have any appreciation. Shanti is very cunning as Sarala and Rani. Let them enjoy their cunning world and u can find a good husband.

    1. I agree with you,
      Shivam is dumb

  6. Hate cunning shanti .. Idiotic n spineless boastful shivam n his whole family ..not feeling too see the serial

  7. Riya let the truth of dadi comes out.Do something.


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