Mere Angne Mein 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya joking on Shanti. Everyone laugh. Sarla gets shocked seeing Raghav so drunk, that he can’t realize whats happening. Everyone madly dance on the song do me a favor… lets play holi… Shanti feels bit unwell and pauses aside. Sharmili gets ready and says Raghav will apply color to me, I m looking good. Pari takes color and Sharmili sees her. She stops Pari and asks are you going to apply color to Vyom. Pari says not Vyom, but you, and applies color to Sharmili. She says I will apply color to Vyom as well. Sujeev stops Pari and says this special thandai is very tasty. He is drunk. Mama comes wearing saree and wishes everyone happy holi. Sujeev asks Mama to wear more sarees. He asks to drink thandai. He makes Sharmili and Pari drink it. Vyom says I won’t drink. Sujeev

insists and makes Vyom have bhaang thandai.

Shanti sits on the swing. Kaushalya says swing stopped, Riya knows just two things, thanks and sorry, I m human, Shanti made me mistakes potli. She tells her problems with Riya, Shanti and Sarla. She hugs Sarla and asks her to love her. Shanti says because you always keep crying for free, you are my house laxmi. She hugs Kaushalya and cries. Sarla looks on, and everyone else are drunk. Sarla asks whats this drama, everyone is drunk and saying their feelings, I can’t bear this madness, I will also drink some thandai. She asks Amit to give her bhaang. She drinks bhaang as well.

Pari starts arguing. Sujeev says Pari is drunk, I will shoot her. Pari says I never drink. Sujeev says my brother is drunkard and gets angry. Sharmili stops Sujeev. Sujeev asks Vyom to drink more thandai. Vyom holds his head and falls. Pari dances. Sujeev asks Mama to drink as well. Rani tells Riya about Sarla. She says Sarla is a clever fox. Riya asks is she a fox? She says even Shanti is very clever. She asks Preeti to beware of Mama and Sharmili. Preeti says I don’t want to marry Vyom or Mohit. Rani and Riya show the fox Sarla to Preeti. Sarla asks who is calling me fox. They laugh on Sarla. Sarla goes to them, and argues with Rani.

Raghav says no one thinks about me. Amit laughs. Raghav says I m getting grinded between Kaushalya and Shanti, then my children. Nandu sees Preeti dancing happily. Riya tells Shivam that her state is also like Raghav. She applies colors to Shivam and says If you did not love me, I swear I would have left this house. Shivam says you are saying right, I always think why are you getting scolded today. He laughs and she beats him.

Amit gets a call and scolds the man. Rani comes and Amit laughs talking to her. Pari is drunk and is feeding bhaang to the statues. Sharmili climbs up and down the stairs and says why are these stairs not ending, I m busy here since long, someone call Raghav and inform him that I will be late. Pari asks Sharmili to call. Sharmili calls Shanti Sadan and tells Kaushalya that she will get late, inform Raghav. Kaushalya insults Sharmili. Sharmili says I will cancel this marriage. Pari gets glad. Kaushalya says I will cancel it before you. Pari hugs Sharmili and dances. Kaushalya tells everyone that Preeti’s marriage is cancelled. Sarla asks how can this happen. Sarla says how will my house Sarla Sadan be made then, this marriage can’t be cancelled. Nandu is glad and plays dhol. Shivam gets sad and sits. Amit and Rani argue on Amit’s betting her. Amit laughs and says you sent me jail, you are dangerous woman. Rani dances with him and says Sarla is more dangerous. Amit hugs her. She asks Amit will he leave her. He says no. They both are drunk and see the room shaking. They hold each other and she falls over him on the bed. They have an eyelock. Shivam and Riya hug and close eyes. Shanti stares at them. She says I m thinking why is everyone happy that marriage broke, this girl Riya has done this, even if marriage is cancelled, Riya’s bidaai won’t be cancelled, get lost from here, I won’t bear you here. She kicks out Riya. Everyone look on shocked.

Sarla tells Shanti what she did being drunk. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lol…. Kya drama hai ?

  2. Tandai,bhang so much nonsense.,if they cannot control why they drink?

  3. plzzz koee bataeya ki preeti ki sadi kissee hogaee.Nandu kee sath hogaee hai thoo mee yeah show deknai choddungi.

  4. Hahahahahaha so funny. What an amazing actors

  5. After many days I enjoyed this drama complete laughter riot XD

  6. Today’s episode was the best

  7. Specifically sarla trying to hold her head in place,

  8. Nice epi……

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