Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Amit how did his face turn red. Sarla says he was resting. Raghav says I don’t understand. Shanti says call doctor, he will understand. Sarla says she called doctor and gave medicine to Amit. Nimmi asks is this allergy, did he have anything, his marks show as if someone has slapped him. Raghav sees the marks and says its finger marks, it looks someone slapped him. Sarla says no, who will slap him, he is getting married, everyone loves him, actually he was sleeping keeping hand on his face and finger marks came.

Ashok asks how did he get head ache. Sarla says we will go tilak puja, let Amit rest for few hours, he will be fine. Shanti asks Amit to come for tilak. Sarla signs no. Amit says I will rest, I can’t come. Shanti says what about sangeet at

night. Amit says I will be fine till then. Shanti says fine, take rest, I will tell pandit and make some solution. Raghav asks Amit to take care of his face and goes.

Shanti says did Kaushalya make him eat brinjal. Sarla says no, and sends the girls. Sarla says nothing like that, Kaushalya is smart and she will not do this mistake. She says we will go down. Bua calls Anupam and says where is he, I m tensed. Raghav tells Bua that Amit’s face is red by some allergy. Bua says Anupam did not come till now. The pandit says mahurat is going and Sarla asks him to some solution. The pandit says Amit has to come for tilak. Shanti asks Bua to give the items fast. Bua gives the items and Sarla smiles. Shanti asks about money. Shanti sees money and says it looks 5 lakhs, not 3. Sarla says he said he will give cheque and gave cash, mum will keep this now. Bua asks cameraman to take the pic. Raghav asks Shanti whats all this. Shanti says let rasam happen. Raghav asks who asked them to give this. They all sit in puja.

Riya tries calling Shivam. Bunty says you want to know whats happening there. Riya says nothing. Rani talks to her aunty and says Sarla has done some trick again. Her aunty asks her to keep trying. Rani says about Amit’s allergy, Sarla will make him sit in tilak. She cries and says what will happen now, I feel Lord also wishes this. Her aunty asks her to do something. Riya is tensed as dad and Sahil did not reach. Bunty asks her not to worry. Riya calls Bua and Bua says tilak rasam started, and ends call. Riya says maybe they reached and smiles.

The rasam goes on, and Shanti makes Bua touch her feet. Bua says she will touch her feet for Riya’s marriage feet. Rani talks to her aunty. The aunty gives her something, and asks her to win Amit, and she is doing all this for her love. She asks her to do her work now. Sarla is tensed seeing Shanti and Bua. She says she told Anupam that she does not want anything, but maybe he has sent it himself. Bua says I like your thoughts, but its today’s rituals. Raghav looks on. Shanti says mahurat is passing, end the ritual soon. Raghav says he won’t take the money, and asks Bua to understand. He refuses for it and says we are not selling Amit, and your girl will stay here after marriage, we have everything, forgive me. Ashok agrees. Bua says I m giving by my happiness, and insists.

Raghav folds hands and says I request you, if you giving by happiness, I will just take 500rs from this, and Ashok asks 500rs note too, refusing for 5 lakhs. Sarla thinks Raghav is refusing money. Bua takes money back and says as you wish, what can I do. Shanti asks them to end the ritual. Sarla takes the money and smiles touching the money. Raghav and Ashok look at each other. Sarla keeps the money aside and sits with Shanti.

Rani comes to Amit and gives him juice, which has some medicine. He scolds her and makes her leave from the room. Raghav asks Shanti to come and talk. He asks whats all this, whats the need to take money. Shanti says we did not ask him, its abshagun to refuse money. Raghav says its big amount, I don’t understand this.

Shanti says what will we do, when Riya comes home, we will hand this over to him, when Nimmi and Preeti get married, will not do anything. He says I will do with my happiness. Shanti says we will return it later by Sarla. He says I won’t touch that money. Shanti asks Sarla to give the shagun money to Raghav. Raghav does not take it. Shanti argues with Bua and asks will she do abshagun by taking money back.

Rani mixes the medicine in food, and takes it for Amit, saying she will make Amit agree. Sonal stops her and takes the food plate. She takes it for Amit and Rani gets glad. Amit agrees to eat the food as its Prasad. Anupam calls Bua. Bua goes out to talk and Sarla follows her to hear. Bua asks where is he. Sarla thinks how did Anupam get free so soon. Anupam says someone kidnapped me.

Bua asks what is he saying. Sarla worries. Anupam says Sahil and I are fine, we will reach. Bua says tilak mahurat is passing. Anupam asks her to do the rasams. Bua asks him to come, as he is Riya’s father. Anupam says its same thing, don’t tell this to Riya. Bua says fine, I will do rituals. He says men kidnapped him being mistaken, we will talk later. Bua says if she gets madam, she will not leave her. She curses her and turns to see Sarla. Sarla says leave it, its good day. Bua asks her to see what Lord does sometimes. They come inside. Bua sits in puja. Sarla talks to the men and goes to see Amit. She sees Rani there and scolds her. She asks why is she meeting Amit and asks her to come. Amit eats the Prasad.

He gets some stomach ache and screams. Sarla gets worried and ask him what happened. He says his stomach is aching by the Prasad she has sent. Sarla says I did not send anything. Amit says you had sent. Sonal says you have sent it by Rani. Sarla gets angry and says now I understood. She asks Sonal to go and scolds Rani.

Pari is trying to call her BF Vyom and sends him voice message. She acts like she is in love with him, and asks him to call her back. Raghav comes there and she is shocked seeing him. He asks is there any problem. She says no. He asks why did she come out when tilak is done. She says nothing. He asks with whom was she talking. She starts acting and says she took some money from her salary and gave mum, and wants some money more, parlor lady asked me to return it now, and cries asking how will I get it so soon. Raghav gives her money and says Sarla has raised all of you with love, keep this. She says no, I won’t take. He says take it, repay the loan, till I m here, no need to take loan, come fast, sister is needed in tilak. She thanks him. He goes. She smiles and thinks its good Raghav did not hear her. Shivam comes home and receives Riya’s call. She smiles hearing his voice. Music plays…………

Shanti asks him to come and sends Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks him to come, as tilak rasam is going on. Riya smiles hearing it. Shivam says someone called and not talking. She says keep the phone, come. Sarla comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing Shivam. She thinks how did he come back soon. Shanti asks Sarla to call Amit. Sarla says he is having stomach ache, and tells pandit. The pandit says some solution. Shanti says wait, I will go and see him. Bua says I will also go. Sarla asks her to do puja, Amit is sleeping. She asks Pari to go and manage. Amit comes out and is having stomach ache.

Kaushalya asks Shivam to sit for tilak, and Bua asks him to sit. Shanti comes and asks how did he sit on groom’s seat, get up. The pandit says let him sit, the groom did not come and sit here till now, and asks Shivam to sit. Shivam is done the tilak. Sarla says Amit and Shivam are same for me. Bua talks to Anupam and says tilak is done, come in marriage hall, she is leaving now. Sarla is relieved. Shanti thinks how will she go so easily. Raghav talks to Ashok and asks him to talk to Anupam, why did h send money. Ashok says I did not know when Sarla has fixed this marriage. Raghav asks how can this happen, this is so bad. Pari hears them and worries. She asks Ashok to come.

A man asks Raghav to check the fuse which blew by his home’s lighting. Raghav goes. Shanti stops Bua and does her drama again. Shanti and Bua get into an argument. Sarla worries. Shanti insults Bua. Bua says lets see who is brave. Everyone look on. Bua asks Shanti to be happy as her grand daughter is coming in her house.

Shanti says she will teach her dance in sangeet. Bua asks her to dance. Everyone laugh silently as Bua insults Shanti. Shanti challenges Bua for dance, and Bua asks Shanti to come in mehendi. Everyone claps. Bua leaves. Sarla asks Shanti what is she doing. Bua looks clever, we will cancel sangeet. Shanti says no, we will go there. Pari asks Sarla to stop Shanti. Shanti says we will practice dance now.

Shanti goes to see Amit and check if she has fever. Sarla says her name is Imli Devi and acts. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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