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Mere Angne Mein 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti thinking she will see what budget Riya makes. Nimmi wishes Shanti gets normal again. Shanti sits praying. Pari asks Vyom why is he ignoring her, as he used to be after her before. He says that time was different, you were my GF. She says I m still your GF, you are dreaming about new girls, tell me you love me and hugs him forcibly. Sujeev looks on. Pari sees Sujeev and scolds Vyom asking him to think of Sujeev. She slaps and beats Vyom. He asks are you mad, let me go. He turns and sees Sujeev.

Riya makes the budget and gives money to Shivam. Shanti looks on. Riya gives pocket money to Preeti and Nimmi. She gives her 100rs extra as she was sad. Nimmi thanks her and says Riys’s rule is good, Shanti used to give 500rs less. Kaushalya scolds her and asks her

to go upstairs. Kaushalya tells Riya that budget will be like Shanti does always. Riya says fine, and says all salaries are 75000, and expenses are of 35000, I was thinking to return Nandu’s salary, he is guest here and its not good to take his money. Shanti thinks how Riya is acting to be Sadhvi, why did she take Raghav’s salary then.

Nimmi, Preeti and Shivam are happy to see Kaushalya not giving accounts to Shanti, and she is with Riya. He says I m also feeling good to see this. Vyom says I was also joking, don’t know why Pari was beating me. Sujeev asks Pari did you beat my brother, bad Pari. She says no, I did not beat him. Sujeev gets angry and says I will not leave you. Vyom runs. Sujeev gets fun and aims at Pari. He scolds her and says you will be punished now. She starts laughing and he can’t bear the sound. He asks her to shut up.

Riya says now we have 40000rs, and we can keep 20000rs at home and keep 20000rs in bank as recurring deposit. She explains Kaushalya. Shanti gets angry. Kaushalya says we will run home as Shanti used to do, no need to put money in bank, give me the remaining money and forwards her hand. Riya walks off. Shanti says you always forward hand always, I m your saas, but why to beg to your bahu, I feel bad seeing your insult. Riya comes back, and Kaushalya asks for money again. Riya gives her some box. Kaushalya asks whats this. Riya says this is our finance minister, and I m your assistant. Everyone smile. Riya says we will keep money in this box, and anyone who needs money can take it, and note in this dairy. She says no one will need to ask money from anyone from now on. Kaushalya gets glad. Everyone smile. Shanti thinks enough of sanyaas, its time for politics now, Riya did my work easy by keeping this box, I will send Riya out of this house.

Riya says this change is necessary in our house, so that everyone do their responsibility and looks at Shanti. Rani thinks to buy vegs and looks for money. Sarla comes home and says 7000rs won’t be enough for my makeup. Rani says onions and potatoes ended, I need money. Sarla says I don’t have any money, go and earn money. Rani says I will work with Amit, which you won’t allow. Sarla gives her 100rs. Rani falls in her feet and praises her. She taunts Sarla back.

Kaushalya goes to give Nandu his salary. He says you keep it, I will ask later, its this house’s rule and insists her to keep it. she agrees and goes. Riya comes to her room and looks for Shivam. Shivam comes and closes the door. He switches off the lights and holds her hand. He says what you did today, I will never forget in my life, I have always seen Maa giving accounts, not doing it herself. She says I did not do anything. He says its good you kept money in box, I m getting love on you. Music plays……………

She gets away and he stops her. Kabhi jo badal barse…………..plays……….. She says I have to cook food, let me go. He says cook later, let anyone wait. She switches on lights and teases him. They have an eyelock. She gets shy and leaves from the room.

Sharmili talks to Mama and says we will get 50000rs extra from Sujeev. Mama says don’t worry, it will be done. She says yes, Sujeev will give money to Vyom, he told me. Vyom comes running and says Sujeev took gun again, he is doing tandav. She says he does so daily. Vyom says he is after Pari, he will kill her. She says its good if Pari dies. Mama says did you forget Pari should be fine so that we get money. She says I m fed up of her, she is unwanted.

Sujeev gets calmed and asks Pari what happened. She stops laughing and acts to faint. He says you get mad always and makes her lie down. He calls Sharmili. Mama says I think Sujeev killed Pari. Sharmili answers call. Sujeev says she did not die, she fainted, she is getting attacks, call doctor fast. Sharmili says yes, don’t worry. Sharmili asks Mama to call any thief friend, I will see Pari in trouble today. She goes to Pari.

Kaushalya talks to her friend and tells Shanti about saree sale. She says every year you and Raghav get sarees for me, this year come with me. Shanti says I took sanyaas, you go there. Kaushalya says I don’t know what to buy for everyone. Shanti asks her to learn, if you can count money, you can spend it too. She asks her to go alone. Kaushalya asks you gave me permission? Shanti asks her to take permission from her modern bahu. Nandu says Dadi is right, Kaushalya is elder, why will she take permission from Riya, you take rest, I m happy to get salary, I m thinking to make food for everyone. Kaushalya says no, Amma ji is having dry roti, we will also have same. He says fine, Shanti says no, you all have what you all want.

Ashok comes home and asks Rani to make tea. He says I m very tired and sits. Rani gives him tea. He gives money to Sarla. She gets glad. He says this is my hard earned money, give salary to Nirmala and some money to Rani. She says Rani won’t get anything, and gives 500rs for Nirmala. He says what, Nirmala worked hard, give full salary. She says I will give salary next month.

Nimmi counts money and is happy. Preeti asks her to control her excitement. Nimmi says I think there should be something special today, you are boring, we should celebrate, we will order pizza today. Preeti says but we never did. Nimmi says yes, and tells her idea to Riya. Riya says yes, but ask Dadi once. Nimmi gets sad. Riya says please ask Dadi once. Nimmi says she always says no, you permit us.

Riya says if Dadi feels bad, then. Nimmi gets upset. Riya says fine, I will order it. Nimmi thanks and hugs Riya. Riya goes. Preeti gets Mohit’s message and cries. Nimmi says I m very happy today and hugs Preeti. She asks Preeti what happened. Nimmi asks her to talk to Mohit, else she would have to cry all her life. Preeti says I don’t have courage. Nimmi says then block his number, we will go and see whats happening. Kaushalya helps Nandu in cooking.

Riya asks Kaushalya not to cook today. She asks can we order food. Kaushalya says what. Riya goes to ask Shanti. She asks Shanti can we order food from outside. Kaushalya says no Riya, we never ordered from hotel. Riya says Nimmi and Preeti want to have food. Shanti says I took sanyaas, don’t ask me. Shanti thinks what will they do of ration. Kaushalya asks Nimmi whats this. Nimmi says just once, please, you always make Shanti’s sanyaas dharm break, keep her away from this. She says Dadi, you either scold me or stop me from ordering pizza, else I will order pizza. Shanti asks who am I to take decision, have anything. Nimmi says this can’t be our Dadi. Preeti says its really happening. Nimmi asks Riya to order pizza, as none has problem here. Riya says I already ordered pizza.

Nimmi gives 4000rs to Kaushalya for shopping. Shanti gets shocked. Nimmi says it will be useful, keep it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode I like it

  2. I liked today’s episode. It was very light-hearted and enjoyable.

  3. superb episode. sabkoch balance thaa.shivya romance scene,nimmi-preeti-riya scene was awsom.bass avv mohit-preeti ko vi miladigee plzzz.

  4. much better today, want to see some more reforms! keep it up!

  5. Again the director impressed me with his stupid story line…..when Riya said about recurring deposit tht foolish woman kushiya agaun started to do ammaji jaap…ammaji jaise ghar chalao…idiot and Riya instead of explaining the benefits of depositing in bank like another fool keeps the money in a box dosent she know tht Shanthi will do some trick…..idiots idiots idiots…..and over to Ashok the foolish husband of the devil Sarla…he know her greedy nature but then too gives his hard earned money to her hand and asking her salary of Nirmala….goodness seriously….cant he use his brain first give nirmala her dues and give the rest of the money to his greedy wife….if he had money y dint he stop his greedy wife to go to her mom to beg for money. ….seriously guys its gone over board….the stupidity level is increasing day by day….bakwas bandh karo yeh stupid show 1hr time slot is total waste….I just read the updates dan waste my electricity.

    1. Yes, i agree… This is not an educated persons way of handling money. First she said she will save at least 20,000 in the bank deposit. But when kusalya said ammaji way of keeping the money this idiotic unworthy Ria brought this box and gave it to Kousalya. No one will leave this much of money in the public. They don’t need any education for this commonsense. Now Nimmi gave 4000 for shopping. They will dissolve the money in a week. The wicked Dadi will loit everything from the box when kusalya gone for shopping. Ashok that boneless big belly idiot, he can’t say a single word against her crooked behavior and call her Srimathi ji, (does she deserve this) gave entire money in her hands. How smart. Sarala don’t have a Mother in law? If she didn’t respect her MIL and SIL its OK for Shanthi.

  6. Uff get out this woman(kushiya).I hate this woman.What type of woman she is..???

  7. Romantic moment with me and Shivam!!!!!

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