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Mere Angne Mein 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man threatening Shanti about killing her son. The man asks for 50 lakhs. Shanti does not care and asks the man to kill anyone, she does not care. She recalls Shanti Prasad’s words. She says it means that man kidnapped Shanti Prasad’s son, what will they get by kidnapping Raghav. She gets an idea and says I will ask 50 lakhs from Shanti Prasad. She starts leaving. Kaushalya stops Shanti. Shanti asks her to hold ears and stand till I return. She leaves.

Amit is at stall with friends and tells about Lallan’s problems. The men fight for the cash problem. Amit asks not to fight and asks them what do you want, I have change, its just 1800rs. The man asks are you using my helplessness. Amit asks him to take it or leave. The man says I m in hurry, give it. Amit

takes 2000rs note and gives him change. He smiles.

He goes and asks shopkeeper to get color photocopy of 2000rs note. Shanti meets Shanti Prasad and tells him that his son is kidnapped. Shanti Prasad asks did you get mad. Shanti says you will get your son on road, if you don’t give 50 lakhs, kidnapper asked ransom. Shanti Prasad says I did not get any call, don’t think I m fool. She says fine, call your son and ask him. He calls Pramod and could not connect. He asks others and also Laxmi. They all don’t know about Pramod. Shanti Prasad worries. He asks when did he go, why did you not tell me. Shanti asks him to say now. He asks her to get her son back. She asks him to forgive her loan. He says forgiven.

She asks him to write on papers and give it. He says I think you are fooling me, I will call police. She says fine, then I will not give you guarantee about your son. She wishes Shanti Prasad believes her and forgives the loan. She asks him to think well. She goes.

Shanti Prasad asks Laxmi to find out about Pramod and keep an eye on this old woman. Riya asks Shivam why is he packing. He says I m going Bangkok, its imp fight, all problem will end, I will enjoy there and get money, I will solve Shanti Prasad’s problem. She asks how convenient, can I come with you. He nods. She gets glad. He thinks he will not get hurt to get beaten up when she is with him. He says I have to fulfill my responsibility. She agrees to go with him. He asks her to pack her bags fast.

Shanti comes home. Kaushalya holds ears and stands. Shanti moves her aside. Kaushalya asks what happened. Shanti asks for water. She gets threatening call again. She says give me my son, I will give money, are you new in kidnapping business, I want to see my son, I can’t give 50 lakhs. He says fine, I will send proof, you have to come by flight. Shanti says fine, we will come. He says I will tell you where to come. She asks when. He says I m sending your son’s pic, tell me which number. She asks him to take her number. He agrees. She gets the pic and smiles seeing pic.

The man informs Shanti Prasad that they have to take Shanti’s help to get Pramod. Police inspector sees Amit using fake notes and slaps him. Amit says its real note. Inspector scolds him. Amit thinks that shopkeeper told them. Shanti meets Shanti Prasad and shows the proof.

He gets shocked seeing Pramod’s pic. She says goons asked for money and to pay in abroad, I have to go there alone, if they see your men, they will kill your son, just give us money now, we showed proof, my condition is about legal papers. He asks Laxmi to get papers. Shanti reads papers and gets glad. She asks him to bear all expenses for trip. She asks for more 5 lakhs. He says I m giving 50 lakhs. He says I will bargain with kidnappers. He agrees.

Shanti is glad to go abroad. She gets ready and says I m going Bangkok. Nimmi and Kaushalya laugh. Shanti asks Kaushalya to take care of home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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