Mere Angne Mein 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ria showing the papers to shanti .She says though both of us signed the papers,we have to stay together for six months and no one can remove me out of this house until then.She comes near shanti and says these are court papers and you know what will happen if you don’t follow them.She says you will go to jail.She smiles and keeps papers in Santhis hand and starts climbing upstairs with her luggage.Ria and shanti stare at each other and recollect the flashback where Ria challenges Santhi saying you can’t remove me from this house…yeh mera angana hain abh.Kushiya says she doesn’t look like Ria at all.She has lost her mind ,I don’t think she is going to leave the house now.Santhi says I will force her to leave this house,keep watching and leaves

from there.Ria says to herself that she had to become a person ,who is not her to get her family and Shivam back.Shivam comes there.Ria calls him Maliki,he says I feel like throwing you down when u call me that.She says go on ,he gets irritated and leaves from there.

This scene shows Sarlas house,where Sarlas husband and rani are shown.Sarlas husband asks rani to pack some food for his work.Sarla comes just then and says what happened to nirmals food.He asks her if she’s jealous.Rani says ,I heard that Shivam and Ria are getting divorce is that true.Sarla laughs and says yes finally Santhi can be happy now.Sarlas husband says this is sad,I should call and speak to everyone.Sarla says no need everyone is happy.Rani says if I had known before about this,I would have trained Ria to be a good daughter in law.Sarla says you yourself have no guarantee till when you might stay in this house and taunts her.Rani says Ria won’t sit quiet so you better take care of Nani.Just then Santi calls Sarla and informs her of Rias arrival in Santhi Sadhan.Sarla leaves hurriedly.

Santhi ,preethi and Kushiya come upstairs.Santhi says Ria is now a stranger as she signed the divorce papers and so she can’t stay in shivams room and any other room in this house.She makes Kushiya and preethi lock all the rooms in the house.Ria smiles and falls on Santhis feet…..danyaaa hoooo dadiji .She says okay I will follow your rule ,I will stay here in this corridor for 6 months and sits there.Kushiya asks her why don’t you leave .Santhi says I will make you leave from here and everyone stars leaving from there.

Ria calls preethi and tries to speak to her but she cuts her and says one minute .Preethi blames Ria for all the bad things that happened in her life.She says Mohith said that Ria is responsible for all the bad things in her life and now she feels the same too.She says now I’m stuck with nandhu and that’s your fault.Just then nandhu comes there ,preethi scolds him asking him to leave for work.She asks Ria not to think that she will take her side and leaves from there.

Shivam goes to Sarlas husbands shop.Sarlas husband offers Shivam some food and he says I know why you are sad.He assures Shivam that he will speak to everyone but Shivam says no need mamaji.He says I don’t want this relationship.It gave me only pain.He leaves from there.Sarlas husband says you won’t understand Shivam ,your house is not getting destroyed because of Ria but because of ammaji(Santhis) pride.Shivam says to himself,why did you do this ria .when I truly loved you.

Santhi is sitting in her swing,Kushiya offers her some grapes .Sarla comes there and says what is this.She starts shouting why did Ria come back,she already signed the divorce now why she came back.She calls Ria downstairs.Sarla gets shocked seeing Ria dressed like Santhi.Ria comes running and hugs Sarla and says I missed you so much.Ria says I’ll go and make tea for all of us.Santhi comes and stands in front of her and says no ,you cannot enter the kitchen.Ria goes out of the house and shouts a tea boys name asking him to get 5 tea cups with two extra spoons of sugars.The tea boy gets tea and complements Ria seeing her new style.Ria asks him to go and give tea to Santhi,Sarla and Kushiya.The boy asks money for the tea.Ria says Santhi to pay the money.Santhi says ,your dad dint give me money,why should I pay.Ria shouts silent and silences Santhi.Santhi says ,do you think I’ll get scared by this,If you think so you are wrong like always.Sarla says where is her suitcase ,I’ll throw it out.Ria says upstairs.The episode ends with Dadiji and Ria staring at each other.

Precap:Ria has a poison bottle in her hand and says if anyone force me to this leave this house ,I will drink this and die .Only my dead body can leave from this house she says .Everyone look tensed and she asks them all to give her best wishes to Malik (Shivam) and then starts drinking the poison.


Update Credit to: Deepali

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  1. Dhashuuu riya bs mjhe wo din ka serial ka wait hai JB sarla nd santi bahar hnge nd sb dno se hate kre nd preeti uske sth bht sahi hua ye th wi bt Hui ulta chor kotwal ko daate 🙂

  2. Giv a slap on preeti’s face…….she herslf ran frm her marriage still blaming on riya …… stop dis nonsense …. nobody liking it at ol

  3. Guys spa awards mein favorite saas ka award jeeta hai is evil shanti na. Guys kya ye award shanti deserve karsakti hai kya.

  4. hahahha… ria sb ki band bajao.. sbse pehle toh o preeti… namakharam huhhhh

  5. Full nautanki

  6. Guys is preeti ki bachi ko kuyi goli maaro yaar.

  7. Y is a woman doing all this??educated working woman like Ria,Y does she need a husband like shivam who sees no reason and just shuts her out…love is there but so is self respect and mutual understanding..I feel she should move out and forget shivam which will be difficult but not impossible..women like shanti and khusiya are there in the society and their family suffers because of their stupidity, ego clashes and vulnerability..remember the episode when Mahan mahila( khusiya) goes to the market to buy clothes for the family for the first time and goofs up…what else can we expect when makers show us this potrayal of ‘good’ bahu like dumb khusiya who never questions her saas and in the light of this dumbness a good value addition to the family like Riya is termed ‘A Modern Bahuriya’ who is out to usurp shanti and take over the household…what is this?? Game of thrones?? A woman after marriage needs love and respect from her husband…nothing of that sort happening in this serial…All the husband in this serial wants is meri ma ko samjo aur parivaar ke hisab se chalo and in the process if ur freedom of expression and happiness, ur belief and ur identity is lost then so be it.

    1. what u r saying is nt totally correct……If every one leave their husband sbecause of elders mistakes then 90%people will be divorced…Shivam is some what dumb but not bad…He doesn’t know Riya is nt at fault completely..Preethi who has done wrong also blamed Riya as if she asked her to go n meet Mohith everytime…So it is her duty to change her husband…bt nt like divorce lelo independent ban jao ya dusri shaaddi karlo….agar isa chod dene ke iraade hai tho shadi kyu karni hai pehle se hi independent ho tho better hoga……..sorry if i had hurt you

  8. I really love d way Ria has changed herself. c is doing her best. Am just waiting desperately whole day to see her scenes.

  9. Yo ye yoye preeti just shutup your mouth.jab bhi mo khol thi bak bak.see phir se blaming riya. Is ka tu ilaaj karna badega.and baby just go pls consult sycartist to you tume is ki bahoot zaroot are just ridicules . Tum nandu ke liye bhi deserve nahi karti u idiot shameless women in the world.

  10. Hi JAZ!
    Good Evening.
    SPA mai Best Saas Award MILEGA SHANTI DEVI KO,PAR Negative Role keliye.
    Yeh RAANDI Kaise Jeetsakti Bolo?
    INSAANIATH KA Koi Cheez hi NAHI.

    Jab Bhi Dekho,DOOSRON KI ZINDAGI SE Sukh Chain Lootne KI Koshish mai Lage REHTE MAA-BETI.
    BAHOT Gandhe DALINDE Yeh Dono.

    Yeh Bhi EK Domestic Violence HAI
    Rasoi mai NAHI Jaane DENA

    Domestic Violence

  11. Preety should be punished by riya, nandu as well as nimmi. She spoiled everyone’s life. I hate preety.

  12. Wow superb…but wats this preethi blaming riya..preethi ko jaldhi riya se karara jawab milega..hope so..

  13. Oh please Directors. There is something called as self respect for any person.

    We are literally fed up to see scenes were ppl blame Riya for everything and Riya still holds patience.

    And why the hell would a person prefer to stay in a family where she has to prove herself everytime.

  14. Why preeti always blaming Riya. Sab Preeti ki karmo ka fal hai. And now blaming Riya Fr spoiling her life. Stupid girl. Kaushaliya ki bolti bandh. Riya plz preeti ko sabak sikhana. Chudail preeti.

  15. shes giving them a dose of their own medicine. Good! Now call the police too when you are drinking the poison and put shanti and her idiot family in jail!!!

    1. I agree…how can shanti wins the award for best sasuma…yaar duniya mey bahut se saas hai Jo shanti Devi jaise hai…isko kaise award desakte ho…ths is not can u people support ths type of characters

  16. ria deserves best dramaqueen actor in spa

  17. There is no need for Riya to behave nicely wid Preethi..Riya dnt need ur support u coward…,.I hope wen Nandu’s family gets to know abt their mrg they will come and torture Preethi to the maximum so atleast aftr that she will realize her mistk

  18. I like to slap Preeti so good,all her attitude will evaporate in a minute. She never consulted when she started her love affair,now she blames everyone.

    1. Preeti is the worst character I have never seen in an Indian drama. She needs to get slapped with a shoe that has stepped in dog poo.

  19. Hai kiran good morning

  20. Spa awards winners beta award goes to ram.beti award goes to dhara saas award goes to shanti sasur award goes to ragav pati award goes to raman mazedhar award goes to shanti patni. jodi jodi maa digital awards goes to ishitha nayi soch award goes to sandya

  21. Guys telly express mein jake dekho spa awards winners announcements ho choka hai dalindi buddi ko two awards mile hai saas ka aur mazedhar ka . Yaar muje believe nahi horaha hai.isse tu the most wanted criminal award milna chahi ye.

  22. I am not seeing MAM nowadays. But reading the updates. Shanti gets fav SAS award. Now the audience should understand why the dircors make stories like this. To get award. First of all it is a shame to the people who have chosen this character. No doubt Kritika Desai is a good actress and protraying the role given to her in the best way but the character of Shanti cant be fav sas. She may get best actress in a negative role or something like that. Also, it is Sandhya, Raman, Ishita all the way. This is why they drag each story and get award every year. Thank God Naitik Akshara is spared this time and YRKKH will close down. What Nayi soch in DABH is not understood. 3 Cheer for dragging and old soch.

  23. Ab Nimmi KO Sataana uske Sasural vaale.
    PREETI KO Chaprasi Bhi Suit NAHI HOTA.
    Why MEM Director you are Keeping Raghav Away from Stage?
    RIYA Expose All The Evil Things Which SARLA Did.
    Even Cunning SHANTI too.

    These People Are Very UNKIND people.
    RIYA Don’t HELP PREETI At Any Cost.
    No Matter whatever Happens, Let it Happen.
    Don’t HELP PREETI AND Nimmi.

  24. Khusia you saw Junior Shanti in Riya, but why don’t you think that Shanti is not wrong?
    when will you use your brains bewakoof?
    Preeti, mai bhi chahti thi ke tumhari Shaadi Mohit se ho. But you are so unfair to Riya. It is very easy to blame some else for your problems. Ab tumhara saath jo bhi hoga theek hi hoga, you deserve NANDU. Intezar hai uski parenst ki, to tumhari akal thikane lagi gi, stupid girl. what else can we expect from khusia daughter?
    Riya keep it up, fight for your right and give your donkey saas some brians aur chorna mat us budtameez daadi ko. teach her a good lesson so she can never trouble anyone more.
    And i like it when you say MAALIK!!! outstanding.

  25. MERE ANGNE MEIN Music Director PLEASE Purana(Pehla) Music Play KARO.
    Ab Naya Music ACHCHA NAHI HAI.
    SERIAL KA Music.

  26. Shanti got spa for her perfect enactment of the role given to her.. I dont support her but i am a big fan of the way she enacts her part. I mean she enrages us so much from her acting that we wish to murder her. This is the true talent of an actress.

  27. Spa awards winners lekar yhm show yrkkh show wale cold war horahi hai.kyuki sare awards ishita award bhi shagun milgaya.sns yrkkh show ko ek award bhi nahi mila sare awards raman aur ishita legaye.mam show ko sasur award milana ragav ko that’s super

  28. its in reel life she z a villain… but her (shanti devi ) acting iz awsme… so real acting she does… fab actrss she iz…

  29. Its the policy of star plus to give one award to the new show so that ppl will watch. Remember Navya series bakwaas but got best maa award. Nothing spl its just marketing. Else this serial is fit for nothing. Andheri nagari chauput raja.

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